Pokemon Court Chapter 767

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 767th chapter of the late Fairy light! Floating astronomy
    What happened?

    All Alliance search officers and the Rocket Corps stopped the confrontation and looked at the sinister ice of the Fary light in Soaring in the sky! !

    Seeing the giant moon that seemed to be sculpted by frost, they felt ridiculous in their hearts.

    At this time, Agatha did not consider the value of the battle. Giovanni visited the prison island and showed the strength of the inferior champion. This is a great variable. From then on, Alliance will have to re-evaluate the threat of Giovanni, but There is also an unexpected variable in the Alliance aspect.

    Although Agatha was initially reluctant to believe that this unexpected variable could change the situation, she had to gamble once at the most critical moment.


    Prior to this, the commander in the battleship, through the reconnaissance system, looked at the slowly sinking island, revealing a dignified expression.

    Through the reconnaissance system, it can be clearly seen that the foundation of the prison island is being destroyed, and the two huge forces are constantly involved. The island has not been seriously hampered for a short time, but the energy core has long been riddled with holes, but it is forced by the cause of frost solidification. Not destroyed later.

    When the battle situation on the island was chaotic, the warship reconnaissance system also found the helicopter that started to take off.

    Dozens of silver helicopters, like the thorns of the dance, slammed into the hearts of the Alliance’s commanders.

    "Can you determine which helicopter the hostage is on?"

    "Report, can't be sure!"

    At this time, the staff of the command centers of the various warships racked their brains and tried their best to stare at the helicopter on the three-dimensional optical screen.

    The Rockets are cleverly distributed, so that they can't determine which helicopter is a pure combatant through the reconnaissance system. Which is a hostage escort helicopter, so even if they want to rely on the remaining strength to rescue, they have no way.

    Lu Xun shot, can only be a stunned snake, unable to carry out effective action.

    And rashly, they are also afraid of hurting the hostages. At the same time, the Rockets Corps there will certainly not sit and watch them intercept, the battle will be further upgraded, and the situation will be uncontrollable.

    And just as all the commanders looked at the optical screen and the helicopter took off, and there was no way to show a bitter expression, the situation was amazed and the ice was shining! !


    “What do you mean?”

    On a helicopter, old scholars and girls understood the gibberish that was spoken from the members of the Rockets.

    "I mean, you still have salvation."

    The astronomical smile of the chart, under the unbelievable eyes of the two, changed back to the real body of Mismagius, at the same time, a figure appeared in front of the two.

    This is a young man wearing an Alliance combat uniform. Unlike other search officers, this young man is very young, and there is another strange temperament in him. It is like a young man's ambition.

    Under Saffron's short brown hair, the young man looked calm. After looking at the old man and the girl in front of him, he immediately turned around and left without saying anything. He and Mismagius quickly went on to carry out the next step, Snatch, a helicopter.

    A few hours ago, before the Alliance launched the general attack, Terrance, who was riding Altaria to the prison island, was intercepted. By chance, Terrance saw Agatha Elite again.

    This time the prison island action, Terrance did not intervene, Agatha Elite did not want Terrance to step into it, even if Terrance is good, but his identity is not suitable for the front.

    In desperation, Terrance had to pull up the banner of Interpol and cut the entrance to the internal spy of Mismagius, convinced Agatha Elite and obtained a support qualification.

    The communication between Agatha Elite and Terrance was only known to both of them. The outsiders didn't know. Agatha Elite didn't know what role Terrance could do. She didn't have much hope until Terrance was shocked.

    Behind the scenes, watching the entire battle, Terrance built a perfect system of association with Kirlia through the Fairy mark, allowing him to perceive everything on the island through the presence of Kirlia!

    This is a similarity to Latios and Latias, but Terrance can see more from Kirlia than their perspective!

    Even the picture that Kirlia scanned with Psychic can be clearly passed to Terrance.

    During the melee, Mismagius carefully avoided everything through the unique illusion, because the situation was tense, and there was no deliberate observation. Even the members of the Rocket Corps did not find a spy, the Alliance side, but did not know the existence of the opposite. A friendly army.

    Next, Giovanni confronted Lorelei, and Mismagius and Kirlia worked together to lay out Confusion coordinates for all the Rockets members responsible for the hostages, clearly defining the distribution of all hostages.

    And just as all the helicopters were about to take off, Terrance took the shot, Altaria completed the autonomous Mega Evolution in the air, a huge gas field enveloped half of the island, Fairy Aura, crashed!

    At the same time, the floating bubble and the Ninetales work together to construct a giant ice moon, while in the Fairy Aura, the perfect connection system between Terrance, Mega Altaria, Ninetales and Kirlia with Fairy's mark, makes everything clear. .

    So, there is this scene, in the Soaring in the sky, a giant icemoon appears, bursting out more than a dozen beams of Fairy, coming from Soaring in the sky at an extremely fast speed, no one notices, no People pay attention, no one can react and resist!

    Within the crystal icemoon, the streamer flickering, Fairy shines, Fairy Aura and Ninetales, and the floating bubble control, the ice moon becomes the absorber, enhancer and launcher of Fairy's power! !

    The light of the Fairy reflected by Dazzling Gleam by Mega Altaria, Ninetales, Kirlia, and Carbink translates directly into a pair of Lock On rays, hitting dozens of hostage-equipped helicopters, creating confusion.

    At the same time, Terrance's helicopter became a center, with Gallade, Kirlia, and Mismagius, invading other chaotic helicopters through Confusion coordinates, through the Mega Gallade to the fascinating Teleport moves and the illusion of Mimasagis. After a few moments of rescue, Terrance rescued all the hostages!

    "Master, Master, I am going out for you."Terrance was bleeding, and if the Rockets knew that they had destroyed their good things, they estimated that they had to endure the endless Revenge.

    At the same time, Terrance was relieved, because the Wicktor master was really in the prison island, and the other party was secretly escorted by Beautifly.

    And in the course of Terrance, a series of squadrons, countless people are watching Soaring in the sky.

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