Pokemon Court Chapter 768

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 768 energy core exhausted, floating astronomy
    “What is it?”Lorelei glanced away and watched the giant ice moon floating in the air reflecting countless rays, showing a surprised expression. She was sure that this was definitely not her masterpiece of Pokémon.

    Giovanni, who was deadlocked with Agatha, looked at Soaring in the sky and was partially stunned.

    "I don't think Alliance will actually play the yin, who is it, do you cross?"

    Seeing Giovanni's expression, Agatha laughed and said, "It seems that there is something unexpected, Giovanni."

    At this point, Agatha was also very shocked, and the Lock On to the giant ice moon reflected the light of Fairy on the helicopter, which made her startled.

    The reason why Agatha laughed was because the communicator in the ear came the message that the hostages were all saved.

    In the sea area warship reconnaissance system, the commanders looked at the image of the ever-expanding ice moon, and they were stunned. The reconnaissance system clearly saw that it was a special Altaria, a Ninetales, and a floating bubble. s attack.

    The snow and ice Ninetales stands on the top of Mega Altaria. The two elves with similar colors seem to merge into one. When they are flying in the clouds, they show their ability to shock everyone on the spot.

    The light of the normal punishment that fell from the sky, although with great power, but the power control is extremely accurate, without a wide range of damage to the helicopter, reached a subtle point of convergence, which benefited from Fairy Aura's calculations.

    At this time, Giovanni's mood was very complicated, and at the same time looked at Soaring in the sky.

    The next moment, Giovanni's elves joined forces to condense Earth Power, creating a huge Rock body similar to the Continental Crush, like a comet falling backwards, slamming into the giant icemoon above the sky! !

    Upon seeing it, Agatha frowned and wanted to stop her elves, but when she saw the giant ice moon suddenly shining, the ghost stopped the command.

    “Are you going beyond Elite’s Rage?”

    Terrance murmured in the mouth, the huge Rock body with a diameter of several tens of meters, if you fall from the sky, the damage caused by the sky can be imagined, it is estimated that even destroying most of the town like the Naplu Daoguan is no longer a word. under.

    Even now, even if it is retrograde, it still shows the power of tyranny under the control of Giovanni's Elf Legion.

    At this time, Terrance also had a strong heart, and he immediately issued a command through the Fairy mark, ordering all the members to gather strength to counterattack!

    Terrance's Fairy Legion, for the first time!

    Mega Altaria, Carbink, Ninetales, Kirlia, four elves burst into the power of the huge Fairy, using Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam moves, countless Fairy powers like torrents Normal crazy into the ice moon, through the Fairy Aura addition, decomposition , 糅 has synthesized a powerful force.

    Between the giant rock masses, I saw the blue light in the eyes of the Ninetales. In the next second, the giant ice moon reflected a Mega beam! !

    The ice gas around the mega beam of light, full of fairy power, haunts the extreme energy and triggers numerous arc flashes, a light of Ruin that gathers the power of four of elves, along with an ice moon blend, enhanced reflection, and an auxiliary bonus of fairy Aura, There was already a very terrifying force and speed, and at this moment, soaring in the sky seemed to be illuminated.

    The giant rock mass blasted, and the Light of Ruin descended. Two powerful and horrible killings were instantly entangled together, and a terrifying trend broke out!


    When the two tricks collided together, the people on the island shrank and shrank and quickly covered their ears. At this moment, they felt that the whole person was stunned.

    At the same time, countless residual gravel flew up under two huge forces, and the scene was chaotic, like a scene of extinction!

    "Who is it!!!"

    Giovanni's deep gaze looks at Soaring in the sky, a round of confrontation that has made him aware that the unknown enemy is not crossing, but another master who specializes in an Attribute.

    "The island has completely collapsed!!"

    At this time, the land of the island, which was extracted with enormous energy, finally could not withstand the oppression, smashed, and disappeared, let Lorelei make up for it, and could not prevent the island from collapsing quickly.

    With the roar of the island, most people on the prison island showed fear.

    Giovanni saw it all, clenched his fists, and couldn't believe that he was stunned by anger and accelerated the destruction of the island in advance…

    "Damn–" looked at Agatha chillingly, Giovanni coldly said: "Congratulations, this time the game is for you to win, but the next time is not necessarily."

    "That depends on the skills of your Rockets."Agatha smiled.

    Terrance gave Agatha too many accidents, which made her somewhat unbelievable that it was the young Trainer she had learned from the game.

    "All the Rockets listened to the order and immediately evacuated the island and gave up the task."

    As the island began to collapse, Giovanni quickly calmed down and began commanding members of the Rocket Corps to evacuate.

    At this moment, Giovanni and Agatha, the Rockets and alliance, which side did not continue to fight, at this time everyone understood that unless there is an opportunity to take back the hostages, otherwise the game has largely ended, continue to expand the conflict, will only lead to the destruction of both sides of the army, This is a scene that the leaders of both sides, under reasonable circumstances, do not want to see.

    With the Giovanni Land Corps, the Lorelei Ice Water Corps slowed down the island's energy core during the depletion period, and both sides quickly evacuated.

    "Giovanni boss!!"An Executive looked at Giovanni and couldn't understand why the other party gave up those elites who had previously worked hard on Snatch.

    "Boarding."Giovanni faintly opened his mouth and looked back at the broken prison island. He said: "There is no way. If so, try to reduce the casualties of the Rockets."

    After that, Giovanni looked at the Alliance side and wanted to discover the mysterious Trainer, but still had no gain.

    Shortly after the Rockets and Alliance evacuated the island, the energy core of the prison island, where the power of ice water and Earth Power continued to function, was blown up, while the island was engulfed by a frenzied influx of seawater, and the remaining Earth power, ice water force exacerbated the island's destruction rate, As the entire island's energy core is completely depleted, the rapid collapse of the ecology has created a wise vast deep sea whirlpool.

    At the moment when the maelstrom appeared, the surrounding waters were suddenly turned upside down. At the same time, a storm gradually formed, and the vortex condensed together, completely turning this area into a dangerous restricted area!

    The disaster caused by the depletion of the energy core of the prison island has only lasted for a week to calm down.

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