Pokemon Court Chapter 769

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 769th Fairy Elite, floating astronomy
    Shortly after the prison island was destroyed, on top of a warship, Lorelei looked at the sea in the distance.

    Fortunately, the size of the prison island is small, and the scene in front of it should be restored in a while, but from the picture in front, Lorelei thinks of a legend.

    Legend has it that in ancient times, the Orange Island had a large island group that was affected by the outside world and suffered destruction. During the process of destruction, the island group directly caused a very big disaster. During this period, countless water elves were forced to leave their homes. The god Lugia came forward to calm down the disaster, and the consequences were unimaginable.

    To know that if it is on the earth, an island can't afford to turn over the wind, but in the world of the elves, the Rock seems to contain magical energy, which makes the nature of the elf world incomprehensible.

    After Lorelei breathed a deep breath, she suddenly noticed that someone came to her side. She looked back and turned out to be Agatha Elite.

    "Agatha predecessors, what was the previous attack?"

    Recalling the light of Fairy from the ice island of Prison Island and the Light of Ruin that defeated Giovanni's blow, Lorelei showed a puzzled expression.

    This time the team has also hidden such a master?

    The last one to rout the huge rock mass of the light of Ruin, Lorelei see out, contains a very frightening energy fluctuations, and Lorelei no doubt, this is a complete set of core combination technology system, even if it is her, although the defense is not difficult, but want to cause the same lethal damage, It's hard to reach with her legion of Water or the Ice Legion.

    It can be said that the light of Fairy under the combination of Ice Moon and Fairy Aura is specially created for destruction.

    By the time the Terray Legion of Terrance is so large that it can even create the power of Giovanni.

    Two Mega tricks centered on Mega Altaria and Ninetales, named after Terrance for Fairy Light and Light of Ruin.

    Both are actually the same principle, but in different forms. The former is an attack launched by multiple light rays, and the latter is an attack that brings all the forces together.

    Depending on the type of attack, Terrance expects Fairy Light and Light of Ruin to show different effects, and Terrance is still developing.

    It can be said that this is the first appearance of Terrance's Fairy Legion. This appearance made both Lorelei and Agatha very surprised by his talents.

    "I don't know that he has made such tremendous progress in such a short period of time."

    “It seems that Fairy is about to have the first master.”

    Agatha was amazed.

    Who's he?Asked Lorelei.

    "Hoernn Region Fallabor Gym owner Terrance, you should be no stranger, you have also seen his iced blue Puerta video."Agatha Road.

    "It turned out to be him…"Lorelei a Zheng, she did see Terrance floating bubble frozen Blue Poole's sea video, that floating bubble control ice and snow in the Lorelei seems to be very good, has been close to her main elf strength, it is therefore, she has a lot of curiosity about Terrance, After all, few people breeder the elves of floating bubbles to this point.

    "I remember that he didn't specialize in a certain department, and even if he specialized, how did he become the master of the Fairy department as the owner of the Bug Type pavilion?"

    Lorelei doesn't understand the opening. It's a good idea to train the same Attribute elves in the Elite level. The same Attribute moves can be more easily blended. The Breeder concept is also very similar. It can quickly increase the Trainer's heritage, such as Lorelei's ice water. The Legion can Assist the entire team and instantly block an island.

    However, if there are six elves with different Attributes, although the strength is the same, it is absolutely impossible to create such a shocking effect.

    After all, Attributes are different tricks, and it will be very difficult to match them perfectly.

    Of course, there are exceptions. For example, the fire borrows from the wind and the ice borrows water. Lorelei is the representative of the ice-water combination Trainer, but this kind of Attribute is close to the Attribute.

    “Is the Fairy Master from the Bug Type Pavilion?”Agatha laughed after hearing Lorelei's doubts.

    At the same time, Soaring in the sky flew a black spot, and as the wind swelled, both Elites raised their heads.

    "he came."Agatha Road.

    It was Terrance who rode Altaria. After jumping off Altaria, he took out Poké Ball and took back Altaria, then to Agatha and Lorelei.

    "Master Agatha, Master Lorelei."Terrance greeted.

    Agatha smiled and said: "Really, I thought you need at least three years to reach this level. This performance really surprised my wife."

    "You are laughing at Agatha Master."Terrance 讪讪 opening, of course, if you follow the normal trajectory, he really needs at least two or three years to build a powerful Elf army, but who told him to get the magical power of Fairy Aura, Fairy imprint.

    This is similar to the power of Psychic, the power of the waveguide, with them, even if Terrance is a bit more stupid, becoming the top Trainer is only a matter of time.

    “Terrance owner, we have time to talk, I am very interested in the ice moon you constructed.”Lorelei is facing Terrance.

    As a master of ice, Lorelei can naturally see how the special ice moon is constructed. It is only through observation that Lorelei can be sure that she can easily construct the ice moon.

    However, she could gather a lot of Pokémon's moves and let her know very much.

    If the ice moon is constructed by an elf and only incorporates its own moves, this can still be understood in Lorelei's understanding, but the last Light of Ruin is obviously not the power of a single elf, Lorelei judges, ice. The month must have accumulated the energy of the Fairy system from the release of several elves.

    The mystery of this makes Lorelei very curious.

    However, Lorelei can't think of it. If the ice moon absorbs Ninetales' own move, it depends on the ice moon itself. The ability to absorb the condensed and strengthen other fairies is the special ability of Fairy Aura, so if she only studies the ice moon. It is never possible to achieve the effect of Terrance.

    "If there is a chance, I also hope to communicate with Lorelei Master."Terrance replied.

    Just then, Agatha spoke again, and she directly pointed out Terrance's concern: "You really got in. It seems that there are people on the prison island that you value?"

    "I have just reported that there are 54 registered persons on the prison island. One person is missing. It seems that you have been taken away."Agatha looked at Terrance with a sly look, showing a strange smile: "You don't worry about the Rockets' Revenge afterwards?"

    "Even if you don't show up, you can want to investigate the owner of the ice moon is you, it is easy for the Rockets, after all, the loopholes are still too much."

    Terrance’s heart glimpsed and his expression changed: “The soldiers will stop, and the water will cover the earth. I will be there. ”

    Agatha smiled and said: "I am interested, I really can't read you wrong, you can rest assured that Giovanni has a broad mind and should not be shot to your loved ones, but you personally, I am afraid to be concerned by Giovanni."

    "Must you know the strength of Giovanni, too? And this time he is in a hurry, you should not have done all your strength, are you not afraid? ”

    Looking at the calm expression of Terrance, Agatha once again showed a strange smile: "I said, is there any interest in becoming one of the Elite Four?"

    “The first Fairy Elite in history!”

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