Pokemon Court Chapter 770

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 770th chapter of the dust settled, floating astronomy
    “Fairy Elite?”

    Agatha fell, and Terrance looked at her old man in a weird look.

    “Overview of several Regions, there hasn’t been a top-level Trainer specializing in Fairy Type in the Elite Four Group. Don’t you want to be the first person in Fairy Domain?”

    "Moreover, in the process of challenging elite Four position, you can play against the countless strong, in becoming elite Four, you can enjoy the special cultivation from the alliance, can enjoy a number of experience strength of the treasure, can be in the very short strength again stronger, face Giovanni , don't you feel nervous, and you're not interested in climbing the trainer of the peak? ”

    "Although your strength is really good in the younger generation, but a few guys than the Ferry, Cynthia, Steven, Wallace…"

    Agatha didn't finish, and smiled and stared at Terrance.


    Terrance whispered in his heart, and Agatha Elite wanted to set him up.

    However, this idea Terrance has long been born by himself, and he is reconsidered again by Bruno and Agatha.

    After seeing Lorelei's Elf Corps consisting of Water Type and Ice Type elves, Agatha's Elf Legion consisting of Ghost Type and Poison Type, Terrance was deeply aware of the strengths of these incumbent Elites.

    Sure enough, at this level, few people are soft persimmons, and the hidden heritage behind them and the strength of the bright side are simply different.

    Not to mention Giovanni's dozens of elves, the Sandstorm Corps, the Land Legion, and several individual elite Mega elves.

    When he saw the details of these top masters, Terrance almost suffocated, and he was still too tender.

    "Oh?"After listening to Agatha's words, Lorelei didn't think that Agatha was so optimistic about Terrance that even the secrets of the special experience provided by Alliance after Elite were spoken.

    Terrance was silent for a while and said: "I will think about it, and, this time, I will retire first."

    "Would you like to leave? Also, we will help you with this matter, and you will continue to climb in the Trainer field. I look forward to seeing you in the Elite field before I retire. ”

    Agatha waved her hand and smiled.

    "It sounds quite interesting."Lorelei also saw a lot of Rookie in the Masters of Terrance, Kanto Region and Johto Region Region, but compared with those Rookie and Terrance, Lorelei still felt that the Trainer was more hopeful to board the Elite Hall.

    Moreover, the unprecedented Fairy Elite is enough to make anyone interested.

    After bidding farewell to the two Elites, Terrance quickly got rid of the whirlpool of events that seemed to be a headache, and rushed to the Gallade and Wicktor masters.



    after day

    Vermilion City.

    Terrance looked at the reticing Wicktor master and snorted.

    "Master, things are gone, don't forget to forget."

    In the face of the elders, Terrance did not know what to say.

    But he can also understand the current mood of Wicktor Master: As a Master, he has cooperated with illegal organizations. After that, he was restricted from personal freedom. He was rescued by his disciples. Is there anything more humiliating than this?

    Master Wicktor is in this mood at this time, do not know how to face Terrance, how to explain this matter.

    "perhaps you're right."

    After a long time, Master Wicktor sighed and thought of his desire to let Terrance concentrate on entering the Breeder and academic circles and shook his head.

    If you have enough self-protection, you will not be imprisoned for participating in the manufacturing process of Mewtwo.

    As one of the three important researchers who created Mewtwo, Master Wicktor got too much secret in the Rockets, and the creation process of Mewtwo was also known to Wicktor Masters. This is why the Rockets refused to let go of the Wicktor Masters. the reason.

    Even for a while, the Wicktor masters were considering accepting the Rockets' requirements and becoming a Rocket researcher. If Terrance is not in time, I am afraid that I really have to step into the dark.

    At the thought of this, Master Wicktor began to sigh again.

    "No, Master, I can understand your feelings. After all, for our researchers, the unknown existence is really attractive."Terrance said: "In the ultimate field of the problems I have studied, I think any researcher will be crazy about it."

    The Mew gene, known as the origin of the elf, is not as attractive as a master of genetics. The Mew gene, even for a person who is ignorant of genetics, can inspire his strong curiosity, not to mention the Wicktor master. Kind of character.

    "Well, these old things can still be understood by my old man, Terrance, I want to take a break."Master Wicktor smashed his head and finished the production of Mewtwo. He has no regrets.

    Compared to the creation of Mewtwo, Wicktor believes that the genetic concept that he was still exploring before is rubbish!

    What genetic tricks, genetic hereditary awakening gene agents, are garbage.

    Because the two levels of value are too wide, after the creation of Mewtwo, and experienced the imprisonment of the Rockets, Wicktor master began to be uninteresting in research.

    "Alright!"Terrance tipped his head and looked at the old Wicktor master, who didn't know what to say.

    "Master, let's go back to Hoenn."Lifting the master of Wicktor, Terrance spoke.

    At the same time, Master Wicktor was deeply impressed, and felt more and more that he didn't have an eye in the first place. All the investment was worth it. Terrance was willing to pay him a huge price to come to the prison island and save him under the hands of Giovanni. This makes the Wicktor master think that the disciple of Terrance is a worthy object.

    Good child.After being promoted by Terrance, Master Wicktor silently recited it.



    Indigo Plateau.

    As the finals ended, the Indigo Plateau Conference was completely over. After the closing ceremony, Troie received the message from Terrance.

    Terrance was missing for two days, and Troie was puzzled for a long time. After the semi-final, the most exciting game of the finals, Terrance didn't even come, and Troie wondered for a long time.

    So after receiving the message from Terrance, Troie immediately reported the results of the game.

    "Ash this guy…Did Jason win the quarterfinals? ”After Terrance got the news, he laughed. Although Ash lost and stopped at the quarterfinals, it was a very good result for Ash, who had just traveled for a year.

    Ash entered the quarter-finals and also represented his and the Bruno master's gambling win.

    At the same time, however, Terrance was also stunned. He promised Ash. If he entered the quarterfinals, he gave Ash a mysterious Present.

    There is one more, but it is too late.

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