Pokemon Court Chapter 771

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 771th chapter wow, a lot of Cutiefly! Floating astronomy
    Hoenn Region, Naplu Road Museum.

    Because of the rapid development of the Naplu Road Museum in the past two years, many companies want to acquire some of the properties of the Naplu Road Museum and invest.

    For example, in the past few months, the residents of Naplu Road faced a problem, whether to sell their farmland.

    After asking about Terrance's comments, residents of Naplu Road and Terrance set up a special project to transform the farmland into a huge garden for sightseeing.

    This idea was not the result of Terrance's outcry, but the idea of combining the needs of his own needs and the desire to seek benefits for the residents of the Napru Hall.

    Residents of the Naplu Road Hall are responsible for the elves and flowers, and are ready to transform the Fallarbor farmland into an ornamental area that can be used with the Fallarbor Forest Scenic Area for long-term profitability.

    Terrance naturally does not hang on to the residents, the profitable part, he intends to distribute with the residents reasonably, and strive to make everyone earn, so that not only residents of Naplu Dao can get more benefits than farming and land sales. Terrance is also a bigger beneficiary.

    Aside from the benefits of the visitor, the good thing about Terrance is that he can Assist the entire Nepru pavilion to raise the genie Cutiefly.

    Cutiefly, the elf is a key point in Terrance's plan to build a garden.

    The value of the ordinary garden is certainly not great, but if it is a garden where the Cutiefly perches, it is very special.

    Cutiefly feeds on nectar and pollen. After eating, it can release special fluctuations that make the flower Growth more beautiful and make the flower more beautiful. Terrance consulted Alola's information, where the Cutiefly inhabited, the flowers are very beautiful, even if it is Terrance's vision is also very ornamental.

    Presumably, such a flower will definitely attract people.

    In addition, the sweetness produced by Cutiefly is still the top spice, and the Breeder of Cutiefly has the Fairy Aura of Altaria. It is very simple if they live in the Napru Hall, and it is almost a matter of evolution. After evolution, Ribombee The resulting Pollen Puff is an extra income, so Terrance will assume that the garden is not profitable.

    Moreover, Terrance is more concerned about Ribombee's large Breeder.

    Ribombee is a fairy of the Fairy and Bug Type. If Ribombee can also become a group form like the one that has been formed by the Beautifly wing of the Fallarbor forest, isn't it an extra force?

    And, as long as it is a Fairy Elf, you can fit into Terrance's Fairy Legion.

    You know, every Ribombee can use Dazzling Gleam, and even through the special Breeder method, you can master Moonblast. That is to say, the power of these Ribombee can be perfectly integrated into the icemoon tactics built by Terrance with Mega Altaria and Ninetales.

    The core tactic of Terrance is that it can perfectly fuse all the Fairy energy from different places into a force and create great destructive power. This concept is similar to the aerodynamic bomb of a certain plane.

    Of course, Ribombee's Breeder also has a long way to go. After all, the first batch of Cutiefly has just arrived at the Naplu Hall…

    These Cutiefly, it was Terence's special Cutiefly of the Aether Foundation's Zaobo Breeder long ago.



    Outside the Naplu Road Museum, when Terrance and Troie walked into the Napru Road Hall, they were immediately attracted by the huge garden.

    "Is it already done?"

    But seeing the roughly shaped garden, Terrance glimpsed, and the flowers were clearly transplanted and not yet open.

    "It seems that Kathrine has not been transformed yet…"Terrance smiled and Kathrine had a Vileplume, and her Vileplume could be easily planted with Grassy Terrain.

    The same example is also Venusaur. Venusaur's special ability is more exaggerated. It can be manipulated naturally, so that flowers or trees can bloom, and roots and branches can be attacked. In fact, some powerful Venusaur can also make Bulbasaur The seeds on the back grow to make it evolve.

    The world of the elves is quite developed because of the grassy elves, the water elves, and the Ground elves.

    It can be said that a senior Trainer specializing in grass farming can become a person, can not eat and drink, developed sooner or later, of course, the premise is the senior grass Trainer, just casually conquered a few grassy elves Semi-trailer Trainer, who wants to ripen plants for profit, is undoubtedly a dream.

    "Let's go, first go to Fallabor Gym."Terrance to Troie.

    After coming to Hoenn, Master Wicktor left alone. Terrance wanted to invite the other person to the Naplu Road Hall, but was rejected by Wicktor Master.

    Although very helpless, Terrance couldn't change the idea of Wicktor's master. He could only let the other party go, and Terrance found himself too worried. Wicktor is also a top Breeder master. He has a good reputation and he should not need him. A junior enlightened.

    Fallabor Gym.

    After entering the pavilion with Troie, Terrance saw the Tyga being cleaned and smiled and said hello.

    "Hey, I said little Tyga, how do you stay in the Fallabor Gym today?"

    As the voice and words of the gates of the pavilion were pushed into the ears, the chubby Tyga ears trembled and he raised his head in surprise.

    "Terrance Big Brother."

    Tyga came to joy and said: "The school is on vacation, so I recently helped in the pavilion."

    As Tyga grew up, this little guy also had his own goal of becoming a famous chef and top Trainer like celebrity chef Siebold.

    Of course, Terrance fully supported the other's dreams, and soon arranged a Western-style chef school called New West to let Tyga learn.

    Who is this…?Tyga saw a strange expression when he saw Tronie, who was still Arnold's point behind Terrance. "Is it a challenger?"

    "No, he is a new apprentice in the pavilion, called Troie."Terrance pulled over Troie, said.

    "Troie, from here on, here is your other home, you will grow up here, become stronger, play your own fame, know?"

    ‘Yes!’When Troie came in, he was surprised to see the Bullapor Gym, which is obviously in the style of Bug Type. At this time, he couldn’t help but feel excited.

    Terrance smiled and looked at Tyga. "Don't clean up. Do you know where the Cutiefly was sent before?" Take me to see it. ”

    "It seems to be in the back garden of the pavilion."Tyga thought about it, said.

    After that, Tyga walked towards the back garden with Terrance and Troie, where the elves of the Olde Green House children played here, the elves of Kathrine, and the little bugs in the pavilion were playing here.

    Of course, there are also those newcomers who see this group of small and cute little Cutiefly like a bee, and Terrance suddenly looks forward to look.

    Push the title: The pirate's sword magic general This is a story of the hero Alliance invaded the One Piece. The protagonist is the man who brought Resurrection A in the hero Alliance, the Dark Sword Demon, strong and invincible! The current skill is the old version of the sword magic, will encounter many heroes from the hero Alliance in the One Piece world.

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