Pokemon Court Chapter 772

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the new task of the 772th chapter of the body, the astronomy
    Cutiefly, bee sting Pokémon, bug and Fairy Type.

    Cutiefly is a Pokémon with large wings and a very small body. Its body is mainly yellow, while its face and tail are white. It has very slender legs and a pair of big eyes. On the big eyes, Cutiefly also It has spots like squares.

    Secondly, Cutiefly has two transparent feathers on the head that resembles the antenna, which is used to sense the outside air field, and its white wings are also painted with brown circles.

    “Is this Cutiefly?”

    On the way to the Naplu Road Museum, Troie had already heard Terrance say this elf, and now when he saw it, he immediately showed a surprise expression.

    Sure enough, Beedrill is much more lovely.

    Fortunately, Troie's Beedrill didn't know his thoughts, otherwise he would have to cry in Poké Ball.

    When Terrance came in, these Cutiefly first felt the existence of Terrance and flew over.

    Among several people, Terrance is like a blooming flower in the grass, and it immediately attracts the attention of the Cutiefly.

    Terrance, with Fairy's imprint, has a natural affinity for the Fairy Elf. Even if she has never seen Terrance, it does not prevent these Cutiefly from giving birth to Terrance. It quickly flies around Terrance and seems to be dancing for Terrance.

    After a slight smile, Terrance reached out and one of the clever Cutiefly immediately flew to Terrance's finger and gently kissed Terrance's hand.

    Seeing the cute performance of Cutiefly, Terrance smiled and said hello to them, then cared about their closeness.

    At this moment, Terrance used his special abilities to achieve telepathy with these Cutiefly.

    When Terrance asked them if they were not used to Hoenn, the little Cutieflys discussed it momentarily, and the things they discussed were immediately known to Terrance because of the role of the Fairy mark.

    “Is it a bit dry to feel where I live…”

    "There are too few flowers in the pavilion…"

    After the opening of Terrance, these Cutiefly glimps together, and the lovely big eyes stared at Terrance, and they groaned.

    Seeing the unexpected expressions of Cutiefly, Terrance smiled: "I can explain it to me in the future. Don't worry, I will give you a better place to live after a while, there are many flower fields, I I think you must like it."

    In nature, Cutiefly grows by collecting nectar and pollen, and flowers and other places are naturally more suitable for them to inhabit the backyard of Fallabor Gym.

    After hearing the promise of Terrance, these Cutiefly immediately fluttered cheerfully.

    "Terrance Big Brother, you…Can you understand what they are saying? ”

    Tyga saw the communication between Terrance and Cutiefly, surprised.

    Troie, who was on the side, was also very surprised. If Trainer could understand the Pokémon's intentions that he had long accepted, it was the past, but Terrance and Cutiefly met for the first time.

    "If you want to be a good Trainer, you have to understand Pokémon's mood. This is just the foundation."Terrance coughed and said.

    When the words fell, Tyga and Troie immediately took the light out of their eyes and kept Terrance's teachings in mind.

    Looking at this batch of Cutiefly, Terrance counted the number.

    A total of 16 are special Cutiefly that have inherited the "baton" move.

    It was for the "baton" trick that it took so long for these Cutiefly Breeders to get up.

    16 Cutiefly, saying that there are not many, say a lot, and it is not difficult to get these Cutiefly Breeder, but it will take some time.

    "Right, Brother Terrance, these Cutiefly wanted to run out of the pavilion yesterday, but they stopped right away. You ask what is going on."

    Suddenly think of yesterday's strange things, Tyga suggested.

    "Want to run out?"At the glance, Terrance didn't ask Cutiefly for the first time, but guessed it.

    "Compared to the Pokémon in Hoenn, the special ability of Cutiefly is similar to Ralts…"

    "Maybe it is attracted by the fluctuations in the gas field that came from outside."

    Looking at the successive Cutieflys, Terrance smiled and it turned out to be the case.

    Cutiefly is able to perceive the gas fields of humans, Pokémon and plants, and can look for flowers through the color and light of the air field, collect nectar and pollen, and in academia, there is a saying that the emotional air field of the creature is said to be very similar to the air field when the flowers are full, so the Cutiefly will also be close to the mood of exultation or great sorrow of people and Pokémon.

    The reaction of Cutiefly may have been affected by the gas field. After explaining both Tyga and Troie, the two immediately nodded.

    "So, since it’s hard to go home, everyone will come out."

    After a while, Terrance took out the Poké Ball he carried and released Altaria.

    “Troie, you also let Beedrill know the elves in the pavilion.”

    "Alright!"Troie heard the words and quickly released his own Beedrill.

    In the back garden of Fallabor Gym, with the participation of Pokémon in Terrance and Beedrill in Troie, it was immediately lively.



    At the same time, Kanto Region, the Rockets headquarters.

    Giovanni looked black and looked at the information from the investigation. According to the special icemoon and Fairy light, the Rockets also used the undercover in Alliance, and soon investigated the key figures of the key person who had stirred up the prison island. Come out.

    "It turned out to be this little devil."

    When the Totem gas field first appeared, the Rockets paid attention to Terrance, but because of the critical period of Mewtwo development, the Rockets did not pay much attention to Terrance.

    Now, as Terrance re-enters Giovanni's gaze, just thinking about it, Giovanni opens: "It turned out to be Wicktor's apprentice, the owner of the museum, oh, no wonder it would get in."

    Giovanni’s secretary, a real bird, said: “The Giovanni boss, this person wants to…”

    "It is not meaningful."Giovanni shook his head and then his eyes flashed: "With his ability to show up on the prison island, it should have been noticed by Alliance. Such a Trainer Alliance will certainly not be willing to let him be a master."

    "what do you mean?"

    "Cinnabar Island Blaine, Mahogany Town Pryce, Petalburg City Norman, Sootopolis City Juan, Opelucid City Drayden, Anistar city O Lympia and so on these pavilions trainer because of their outstanding strength and alliance has a deep interest involved, although not in Ren elite Four, but they are only a bad reputation, perhaps this Terrance now influence has not been these people, But the potential he has shown is undoubtedly worthy of alliance's rallying. ”Giovanni said.

    "Recently because of the prison island incident, our Rockets can't be too aggressive, or our partners will have headaches, so this Terrance, I want to get in touch before making a decision."

    CONTACT Is it going to draw? ”The real bird was surprised.

    "It’s not pulling, not everyone has to use it for the Rockets, and not everyone must be an enemy."Giovanni tapped the edge of the chair with his fingers.

    If the real bird has realized: "How should I contact?"

    "Well, I think about it, yes, I remember James, Jessie, Meowth. They haven't been performing tasks recently, so let's give them three treatments."Giovanni pondered, said.

    "Give those three guys??"The real bird does not understand the opening.

    She is very bad about James, Jessie, and Meowth! !

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