Pokemon Court Chapter 773

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 773th chapter is ready to return to Kanto, floating astronomy
    In the near future, the James, Jessie, and Meowth trio not only destroyed the huge Pokémon amusement park, one of the Rockets' economic sources, but also destroyed the Changyi Daoguan, which caused the Rockets to lose a bright base. At this time, the Rockets, There are already many people who are dissatisfied with these three guys.

    What is shocking is that Giovanni’s boss didn’t even take them a thousand, but even the Punishment didn’t do much.

    "The three of them are not Normal. You can check out their performance records during the exam. If you have comprehensive ability, even some of the highest Executives are not as good as them. If they are not too stupid, they can already be promoted by their ability."Giovanni speaks.

    "This time, even give them the opportunity to make up for it."

    YesReal bird road.

    Giovanni's determination has been fixed, the real bird is very helpless, can't understand why Giovanni boss likes the three idiots.

    Even if the ability is good, but the trio's bad ability is also sound, the real bird suspects that the loss caused by the trio to the Rockets will catch up with the loss of the prison island sooner or later.

    Of course, Giovanni also loves and hates the trio. He has never seen a Rocket member who can use the inferior materials to hand out the rocket in a short time. The ability to light makes the value of the trio Some Executives are bigger.

    Giovanni very much hopes that these three guys will have a good snack, so that they can do things for him, but because these three guys have done too many stupid things, the more important things Giovanni still dare not give them three treatments, now only I can give them some hands-on tasks that are not very influential.

    At this time, James, Jessie, and Meowth have followed Ash back to Pallet Town.

    On this day, the trio received special instructions from the headquarters, and they were connected to the video after a shock.

    "Giovanni boss, I miss you so much."Meowth immediately rushed to see the figure in the video.

    "Idiot, you block the picture."Giovanni was annoyed over there.

    "Bastard, move away."Jessie grabbed Meowth's tail and turned a few laps to get out of the distance.

    "That, Giovanni boss, what are you going to do?"James looked at the picture with excitement, as if he saw Giovanni bosses entrusting them with important tasks…

    After that, they passed the show and successfully completed the mission to get Giovanni's trust, promoted and made a fortune, and embarked on the peak of life, a great feeling.

    "In view of the fact that you have done too many stupid things before, there is an opportunity for you to make up for it. Only success, no failure."Giovanni looked serious.

    "Yes, we promise to complete the mission!"James, Jessie, and Meowth, who ran back again, solemnly said.

    "Well, I look forward to your performance, don't let me down, then the real bird will send you mission-related information."Giovanni nodded.

    ThatMeowth still wants to say something, but the picture suddenly darkens and the call ends. Meowth suddenly becomes frustrated.

    "Real bird?"At the same time, Jessie glanced at her teeth and said, "How is this dead woman?!"

    "Well, you two don't complain, look at it, the new mission is coming."James is excited to say that they have not performed the tasks of the headquarters for a long time. They have been in free action for a long time, and Pikachu can't catch them, and they can be idle.

    When I heard James, Jessie and Meowth came together again and eagerly asked what the new mission was.

    Oh…James looked at it carefully.

    "It seems to be a step-by-step task. At present, there is only the first stage. Let us contact one person and gain his trust…"

    "Who is it?"Meowth wonders, what a strange task?


    Looking at it, James suddenly yelled and scared Jessie next to him.

    "Bastard, suddenly screaming."Jessie's brow appeared a big tic-tac, and he slammed his fist and slammed on James' head.

    YesYesDon't worry, look at it yourself. ”James looked wondered.

    The characters on the attached pictures are strangers to them. After all, Terrance saved them in Lampur before.

    As for the meeting in New Island, the three people were impressed because Mewtwo cleared the memory of the trio, so their impression of Terrance was still at the time of Bluepool.

    "The Trainer that has frozen the water?"Meowth suddenly made a nap, although it was a savior, but remembering the strength of the other side, still feels terrible.

    "Hmph!"James indulged, not knowing what Giovanni had asked them to contact Terrance. For a time, he suddenly hesitated.

    "I said James, you know this is called Terrance. Can we accomplish this task with ease?"Jessie suddenly patted James's shoulder and excitedly laughed.

    ThisJames swayed, irritated and scratched his hair.

    But then, James made up his mind that if it was just a simple contact with the mission, it could be executed, but if it would hurt Terrance, then even if he didn't get promoted for a while, he would secretly destroy the mission…

    In this way, James, Jessie, and Meowth, each with a different purpose, began to investigate the information of Terrance for different purposes.



    The Hoenn Region, Naplu Road Museum, has been two days since Terrance returned.

    After returning to Fallabor Gym, Altaria bathed Cutey Aura once, which made them all powerful. They not only realized Fairy's kiss, Dazzling Gleam, but also enhanced the power of Fairy Wind.

    After I was free, Terrance immediately thought of the fire of life. It had been delayed for a long time. It was time to go further. After thinking about it, Terrance connected the Telephone of the Professor Oak Laboratory and asked if Ash was not there.

    ASH It’s a shame that you are playing, they are helping me, and it seems to be on the way to the Orange Islands. ”There is the Professional Oak Road over there.

    "Is it going to the Orange Isles so soon…"Terrance smacked his forehead, and Ash couldn't take it for a moment, just two days before the end of the Indigo Plateau Conference.

    "Well, Professor Oak, I know, thank you."Terrance nodded.

    After a few words from each other, the conversation between the two was interrupted and Terrance began to meditate.

    Since the Ash trio has already set off for the Orange Isles, it should not return to Pallet Town in a short time. Terrance remembers that Ash is going to challenge the Orange Alliance. If this is the case, then I will return to Kanto first.

    In addition to inviting Ash and Pikachu to participate in the electric bead fusion program, paving the way for the fire of life. He is also preparing to discuss with Bruno Master the practice of Fighting. This gambling is not forgotten by Terrance, but Terrance is also flustered. He forgot to ask if he would become the same as Bruno if he practiced Fighting. Muscle man, if it will change, Terrance does not want to practice.

    In addition, the Grand Festival in Kanto Region will be held in two months. Terrance also plans to participate. After all, the five ribbon medals can't be collected in vain. If you don't participate in the Grand Festival, you will get an honor. It is a waste of medals. It is.

    There is one more, put it tomorrow…

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