Pokemon Court Chapter 774

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 774th chapter of the icemoon limit, floating astronomy
    The next day.

    Terrance went to Mt before leaving. Chimney

    Altaria flew there yesterday and hasn't returned yet. Terrance knows it is going to see her mother.

    After communicating with Altaria through the Fairy mark this morning, Terrance asked it to rush back there, because he was also ready to go there.

    With a little preparation, Terrance took sixteen Cutiefly towards Mt. Chimney went to the top of the mountain.

    Nothing big, just Terrance is ready to be in Mt. Do an experiment on the top of Chimney and try to see where the limits of the ice moon are.

    Ninetales' ability to absorb light and reflect light through the special icemoon created by Snowfall Ability, Extrasensory, and Snow Heaven.

    This ability can assist Ninetales' Aurora Beam, frozen light, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Aurora Veil and other five moves. It can be said that the actual value is extraordinary.

    Of course, the ice month is just a form, mainly to match the Moonblast trick, so that it can exert a stronger power.

    If Ninetales thinks, it can also be shaped into a one-sided ice mirror to reflect light.

    However, in the group battle, the shape of the ice moon is more suitable as a carrier.

    Ninetales' special icemoon, coupled with Mega Altaria's Fairy Aura, can effectively strengthen the ice moon's ability to adjust the Fairy energy, so that the ice can absorb Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast tricks from different elves.

    What Terrance intends to experiment with is where the load limit of the ice moon is.

    That is to say, the ice moon shaped by Ninetales can carry the strong Fairy energy.

    Therefore, Terrance will call 16 Cutiefly together.

    "Follow me."Terrance is climbing Mt. When Chimney was facing, there were more than a dozen Cutiefly roads.

    despair! !

    despair! !

    Stepping on the gravel and walking on the rugged mountain road, Terrance smiled. This dangerous mountain road climbed up and was very pediatric for him.

    After leading the Cutiefly for a while, Terrance came to a mountain where there was some faint fog, but the fog was not very strong, and it could not stop the sight of humans and Pokémon.

    At the top of the mountain, Terrance deliberately slowed down a bit, and the heart called Altaria. After a moment, a scorn came from the depths of the fog.


    Terrance shouted, and Altaria flew here very quickly. After seeing Altaria, the Cutieflys posted past and were more excited than before.

    If the Fairy mark is just to make the Cutiefly feel good about Terrance, and get closer to Terrance.

    Then Altaria's Fairy Aura is as attractive to the Cutiefly as it is to drugs…

    Seeing this scene, Terrance messed up his hair, but after he had no choice, he took out the Poké Ball at the waist and put Carbink, Kirlia, and Ninetales out.

    Plus Altaria and sixteen Cutiefly, a total of twenty Fairy-based elves.

    Quickly communicated with these Pokémons. After talking about the following precautions, Terrance also called Rotom Pokédex. This guy immediately flew out of the Terrance backpack and was ready to do a big job.

    To calculate the limits of the ice moon, Terrance has to rely on the computing power of Rotom Pokédex.

    It can be said that Rotom Pokédex has been transformed into a small computer by Terrance, and it is powerful!

    After finding a suitable location, Terrance and Pokémon are ready, but at this time, Mt. Chimney came flying again in the depths.

    After seeing this figure, Terrance looked at Altaria and flew to Mt. Chimney's Totem Altaria, the mother of Terrance's Altaria, did not care much about Terrance.

    "Good morning, Altaria, do you want to watch a special show?"

    Towards Mt. After Chimney Altaria screamed, Terrance made an invitation and explained it. What surprised Terrance was that Altaria's mother looked very interested and even wanted to join it.

    After a slight smile, Terrance nodded and asked its children to explain the following precautions.

    "With Altaria's mother, that's the way, 21 can only use Fairy's tricks…"It’s also good to hear in Terrance’s heart.

    After a little command again, Terrance looked at the elves and finally spoke.

    “Get Started!"

    With the slamming of the Terrance, the deep blue pupils of Ninetales flashed and a chill came.

    In the Soaring in the sky, Icirrus slowly floated, and then slowly, following the changes in the airflow, the snow and ice gathered in Soaring in the sky, solidified into a ball, flying in the snow, and soon a giant The prototype of the ice moon was shaped.

    Then, Ninetales used Extrasensory to begin to sculpt this giant icemoon, almost in an instant, the ice moon radiated a crystal clear light, very dazzling.

    Right now.Terrance took the opportunity to remind the Pokémons and Rotom Pokédex. The next moment, Altaria, who had completed the autonomous Mega Evolution, took the lead. Under the support of Fairy Aura, it first released Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, and then Lucas of these tricks. In an instant, it was swallowed up by the ice moon.

    Subsequently, Kirlia, Carbink, Ninetales, Mt. Chimney Altaria also played Moonblast and Dazzling Gleam, and pinned Fairy's Lucas to this giant ice moon.

    Soon, due to the absorption of many Pokémon's Fairy energy, the ice month began to be more enchanting, but through the perception of Ninetales, Terrance can clearly judge that the ice month has not reached the limit.

    Looking at the ice moon in Soaring in the sky, Terrance called the Cutiefly, these small elves, also one by one, Dazzling Gleam, although they are still very weak, can pass Fairy Aura Blessing, each Dazzling Gleam also contains quite a powerful force.

    Although Cutiefly are weak, the effect of Fairy Aura's bonus is even more remarkable. In this way, sixteen Cutiefly, one by one, release Dazzling Gleam one after another, and at the same time, the giant icemoon has become even more amazing. The change.

    Originally like a snowy silver ice moon, at this moment, gradually thickened with pink, similar to the color of Fairy energy.

    "Blood moon?"Terrance shook his head, which is obviously not the spectacle of the normal moon, but the ice moon, which contains too much Fairy energy, although the ice moon is a very good Fairy energy carrier, with the inflation of Fairy energy, the ice moon It is necessary to be dominated by Fairy Energy.

    It can be said that if you continue, this ice month will become a round of Fairy's month, which will explode at any time.

    At the moment, the ice moon contains a very terrifying power, released in the form of scattered Fairy light, or released in the form of an attack, which requires the subsequent use of Altaria and Ninetales.

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