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Pokemon Court Chapter 775

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 775th chapter Giovanni shooting moon, floating astronomy
    Of course, it is also a very terrible attack to let the ice moon fall under the ice and let the ice moon with huge energy fall. Otherwise, the efficiency is too low and it is not in line with Terrance's aesthetic.

    Looking at the ice moon, Terrance was delighted and opened his mouth: "Enough."

    Now, the ice moon is nearing the limit. If it continues, the ice moon will not be able to withstand it. The explosion will come. At that time, it is estimated that Mt will be put. Chimney's hills are flat, this is not what Terrance wants to see.

    If you put Mt. Chimney's hills are flat, even if Altaria's mother doesn't find herself desperately, she doesn't want to go…

    "Rotom Pokédex, is it calculated?"After a while, Terrance began to ask about the main things.

    Over there, Rotom Pokédex is still calculating madly, but it seems that there is already a result. After hearing the inquiry, he immediately flew over and made a complicated picture of a lot of dense numbers.

    These are some special formulas that are derived from a discipline unique to the Elven world and rely on the magical creature of Pokémon.

    Looking closely, Terrance frowned, although the ice moon can withstand the huge Fairy energy, which can be ten or even dozens of times the energy of the ice moon itself, but it is still very restrictive.

    The Ice Moon is the best carrier of the Moonblast, but with more and more Fairy energy pouring in, Terrance is worried that the Ice Moon will not stand.

    The stability of the ice moon depends on its shaper, the strength of Ninetales.

    However, the strength of Ninetales is getting harder to improve as it goes later, although it is not difficult to enter the Elite level, but even so, it is not as fast as the members of the Fairy Legion.

    Light is this Mt. Chimney Altaria and the 16 untrained Cutiefly have already brought the ice moon to the limit. After the evolution of Kirlia and the mutation of Carbink, the strength of Ninetales is even better, but the ice can withstand a stronger power. Recruit?

    Not to mention, the Fairy Legion will have the possibility of expanding in the future.

    Aware of this, Terrance, who was pleased to be able to carry huge energy, was once again worried.

    "What to do now?"

    Thinking about it, Terrance sat down on the ground, holding his head and thinking more about Calm Mind.

    But let alone, thanks to Terrance's experience with many of the best players, Terrance quickly thought of a solution.

    Very low way.

    Since a carrier has not enough ice, then two.

    The earth has the myth of ten suns. His Terrance can also make ten moons. At that time, even if Rival wants to play, it is estimated that he does not know which one to play.

    As for the story of Giovanni's shooting moon and Steven's shooting moon in the future, it is not what Terrance considered.

    “Ninetales, shape another ice month.”

    However, Terrance took a shot on the forehead and regretted it. Without thinking of the brain, it really didn't work. Ninetales soon sent a distressed mood.

    Ninetales' energy control skills are clearly not yet at this point.

    If Ninetales doesn't have to be distracted to control the huge Fairy energy in the current icemoon, it can still meet Terrance's requirements. However, the ice moon it controls is as dangerous as a nuclear bomb. Ninetales can't be distracted. .

    The message from Ninetales made Terrance shrug. Also, Ninetales was not a Pokémon known for its computational power. Although it was smart, maintaining the existing Contest Condition was already very powerful.

    It is the same as Icemoon, so that Ninetales will continue to shape the ice mirror.

    Thinking of this, Terrance had a new idea after smashing his head. Since Ninetales can't, let other Pokémon come.

    Considering it, Terrance blinked and re-appeared the floating bubble Poké Ball, releasing the floating bubble: "Floating bubbles, trouble you, first shaping the ice mirror, Kirlia, you use Psychic to help float bubbles shape."



    The two elves nodded, and soon, the ice mirror was completed. Under the ice moon, countless heavy ice mirrors floated in the air in an irregular order. It was spectacular, because of the spiritual connection, Ninetales and Altaria soon Knowing the intent of Terrance, it began to mobilize the energy in the ice moon to release a trace.


    A strand of energy condensed Fairy light drawn from the ice moon quickly hit the ice mirror.

    Through the support of Fairy Aura and the reflection of the ice moon, the speed of this Fairy light is extremely fast, and Terrance is pleasantly surprised that the ice mirror has even reflected the light of this Fairy light, making it more powerful. a trace…


    Terrance has a glimpse of it, maybe, a round of icemoon is good, then, with a huge number of ice mirrors to assist the icemoon!

    Although the ice mirror is not as strong as the ice blast, it is small in size, easy to shape, simple to control, and the use of the reflective nature of the ice mirror can increase the mobility of Fairy's light!

    The principle is to arrange the field of ice mirrors, by adjusting the angle of the ice mirror, not to waste every Fairy light, and finally…

    Which is the bet!

    At the thought of this possibility, Terrance immediately became overjoyed.

    The ice mirror reflects the light, which is a special skill for the Kalos Region Elite candidate, but the other party apparently did not dig like Terrance.

    According to the ice mirror's Ability, Terrance quickly thought of two other tricks, Light Screen and Reflect.

    Reflecting light with Light Screen and Reflect is the usual skill of Kalos champion Diantha.

    These Kalos Trainer seems to be very happy with this kind of gameplay. After thinking about it, Terrance recognized the practical value of this skill. Both have merits. Terrance is the ice moon developed on their skills.

    "Try the Light Screen and Reflect!"

    Ice Mirror, Light Screen, and Reflect, since all three methods can reflect light, there must be one that works best. Terrance thought of this and decided to continue mining.

    He quickly ordered the floating bubble to stop releasing the ice mirror, and then let Kirlia use the move himself.

    First Light Screen, then Reflect!

    At the moment, the ice moon has its limits. Terrance wants to create more carriers. Ice mirror, Light Screen and Reflect are all good reflection carriers.

    But if you want to focus on which one to build your own Fairy Domain, it depends on which of the three experimental effects is more significant!

    For Kirlia, the control of Light Screen and Reflect is a piece of cake. After watching the ice mirror, Kirlia himself began to shape the new carrier, and Terrance and Rotom Pokédex looked forward to it.

    The huge amount of energy left in the Assist Ice Moon, Terrance has let Kirlia use Light Screen, Reflect to absorb and reflect the light of Fairy, and finally compared with the ice mirror, the calculated result is exactly what Terrance thinks!

    The three principles of different tricks, the absorption and reflection effects of Fairy's light are also different!

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