Pokemon Court Chapter 776

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 776 Fairy Domain, Mirror Ice Crystal, Astronomy
    The actual combat value is sorted from large to small, respectively, where Light Screen is larger than ice mirror and larger than Reflect.

    “It seems that I can try to shape the field of my Fairy Legion with Ice Moon and Light Screen.”

    At this moment, the Terrance brain made up a picture. Around the Fairy Aura, Light Screen encircled a huge special space. In the special space, a round of ice hangs the sky.

    In this field, Terrance's Fairy Legion is invincible and sweeps everything. What Terrance points to is a Fairy light, incomparable to Contest.

    And, because Fairy's light is given mobility, it can not only attack, but also defend, interfere, and in short, it is very powerful.

    "Not bad."Just as the Terrance brain filled the Fairy Domain, which consisted of Light Screen and Ice Moon, suddenly, the toes had a headache and let him react.

    "Jie Mi!!"

    Carbink suddenly ran over and seemed to want to remind Terrance and its existence.

    "Yeah, Carbink can also use Light Screen, and even use the talent on the Light Screen, even more than Kirlia!"

    Thoughts, Terrance just wanted to ask for Carbink, but the little guy suddenly shook his head and released a special move.

    Looking at this move, which is similar to the Light Screen and Reflect forms, Terrance stunned.

    Magic Coat ?

    "You want to say, can you try the magic mirror?"After a glimpse of Terrance, he showed a strange expression, why did he not think of it!

    Carbink thought of a trick that Terrance didn't think of, Magic Coat!

    Magic Coat, this is a special trick that invalidates the part of the change that the opponent is aiming at, and bounces back to the user of the move.

    This trick can also be expressed in the form of a mirror.

    Magic mirror, this name is another name of Magic Coat, except that Magic Coat is a move and magic mirror is Ability. There is a difference between the two, but the difference is not big.

    Carbink's reminder, let Terrance quickly praise Carbink after a glimpse, if the magic mirror as the carrier of Fairy's light? What will happen?

    In the face of the self-confident Carbink, Terrance nodded and gave it a chance to show.

    The next moment, Carbink condenses the Magic Coat moves and creates a magic mirror!

    Terrance quickly to Altaria and Ninetales after ordering, the two released a scale and before the same fairy light, the next moment, the light of the fairy into the Magic Mirror, followed by Carbink control of the Magic Mirror, the light reflected out, See that instantaneous ejection to the fairy light, Terrance frown, to the naked eye, still do not see what clues, so he asked about Rotom Pokédex.

    And how was it?

    In the mood of expectation, Terrance asked, but looking at Rotom Pokédex's crazy calculation of the Contest Condition, let Terrance glance.

    This…According to the absorption efficiency, reflection efficiency to calculate, if the actual value of Reflect is 1, then the ice mirror is 1.2, Light Screen is 1.3, this magic mirror, can be said to be 1.5 Rotto! ! ”After the calculation was completed, Rotom Pokédex was shocked.

    "And, in terms of absorption efficiency and reflection efficiency, the magic mirror is perfect than any of the above carriers, it is it!"

    "Is it it?!"After Terrance confirmed it and got the approval of Rotom Pokédex, he instantly showed a happy expression.

    The magic mirror made by Magic Coat is so efficient in absorbing and reflecting Fairy energy that Terrance didn't think of it. In the face of this result, Terrance smiled and couldn't wait to pick up Carbink.

    "The magic mirror and the ice crystal month? Interesting, Rotom Pokédex, let's try it out and see if we can create a Fairy Domain for combat. ”Terrance suggested that this idea has been in the mind of Terrance since then.

    At the moment, after discovering the power of the magic mirror, Terrance is looking forward to it.

    "Rotto that sounds very interesting."Rotom Pokédex was excited after meditation.

    According to Ice Moon, Magic Mirror, Rotom Pokédex quickly built a domain template…

    However, this template still needs Terrance. They will improve it through practice and practice in the future.

    Determining the idea of Fairy Domain, Terrance looked forward to explaining this idea with Pokémon at the same time.

    At the same time, the useless ice moon was dissipated by Ninetales, and the light of Fairy inside it was directly launched into the sky, turning into a dazzling beam of light, going straight into the sky, this Light of Ruin, in Mt. The summit of Chimney lasted for an hour and then slowly dispersed…



    At Mt. Chimney stayed for a while, and Terrance was reluctant to return to the Napru Hall with the Pokémons.

    However, just one hour of discussion of the Fairy Domain with each other made Terrance and Pokémon very excited about this idea.

    What is most embarrassing to Terrance is that Altaria’s mother wants to join the Fairy Domain build process…

    Terrance doesn't know if Altaria is in love with Altaria's Fairy Aura, or is really interested in Fairy Domain, but…

    Mother and female soldiers, go into battle?

    Although Terrance feels weird, I am also looking forward to it. Altaria is not bad, as Mt. Chimney's boss, the combat power is absolutely embarrassing, the ordinary Trainer is difficult to deal with.

    From this point of view, Terrance can't buy a loss.

    And, Terrance's Altaria's Fairy is a trick, but it's all taught.

    As a self-awareness of Fairy's Altaria mother, how can Fairy's talent and strength be weak? If strength and talent are poor, Wicktor Masters can't possibly stare at it.

    It feels a bit strange, Terrance can't say it myself, maybe because the identity problem is a bit rusty, but considering that it allows Altaria to have more time to reunite, Terrance is also very happy to see this scene, Pokémon are happy , Terrance is happy.

    In this way, after several discussions, Mt. Chimney became the home base of Terrance's future practice, and for a long time, Terrance was estimated to be at Mt. Chimney ponders Fairy Domain and continues to perfect it.

    But before that, Terrance finally had to go to Kanto.

    Feeling that my Fairy Legion is growing, Terrance can't wait to complete the Fire of Life program in order to deal with Fairy's enemy "Steel type"!

    "Little Terrance, just finished training back?"

    As soon as he entered the Napru Hall, a grandmother smiled and waved his hand to look at Terrance and the Cutiefly behind him.

    "Yeah."After a smile and a response, Terrance met a number of residents of the Napru Road Hall who greeted him. Now, Terrance is walking in the small Napru Hall, which is basically greeted by everyone…

    Although it was a good thing, every time I returned to the Naplu Road Hall to reach the Fallabor Gym, Terrance was very tired.

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