Pokemon Court Chapter 777

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 777th Grudge is really big, floating astronomy
    After walking into the pavilion with a very tired set of Cutiefly, Terrance lazily stretched out, although the body was not tired, but this extension, the effect of his own spiritual suggestion is very good, after which, Terrance immediately felt a hundred times more spirit.

    "What are you doing?"

    Watching Terrance and Cutiefly seem to have come back from a war like a big battle, Kathrine just coming out of the battle room room with a suspicious expression.

    "Hey, Kathrine, sir, nothing, but what are you doing?"

    When Terrak was seen coming out of the battle room and was not following the challenger, Terrance asked curiously.

    "Oh, it’s not the apprentice you brought, just gave him the class."Kathrine shrugged and didn't confess his head. He said: "People are smart, but some are unstable, and sometimes they feel a bit silly."

    "Get used to it, overall it's a good Rookie."Terrance laughed, how could he deny his own vision.

    "So, I am a little troubled, Kathrine, this time is up to you to guide him, I will go to catch the flight later."

    "Are you going to train him as the heir to the pavilion?"Kathrine suddenly asked.

    "Hmph!"I don't know, see where he can grow up, and he is just 10 years old. Now it's still early. Even if you only train a good apprentice in the pavilion, it doesn't matter. After all, it is big to train apprentices in the pavilion. Part of the pavilion has to go through a step, this Troie, even if it is a start. ”

    Said Terrance Solaceon.

    "whatever…That's right, that few flower fields. ”Kathrine just wanted to leave, but suddenly she remembered the flower field and asked.

    "Hey, in short, please, I have already prepared the detailed plan, and I will give it to you."Terrance laughed.

    "Okay, there is nothing wrong, not right, there is one."Kathrine had no choice but to hold his forehead and felt that he had become a part-time job, just like Terrance's personal secretary.

    “After the development of the Fallarbor forest, the trial period of several months has passed. The operation is very stable. It is estimated that there will be no mistakes in the future. You have invested so much in mind, and when are you going to officially open the Fallarbor forest? As a scenic spot?"

    "Two months later, two months later, the day before the Fallarbor Conference, when a new batch of Cutiefly should arrive, the flower field is estimated to be completely formed, and our two scenic spots are open together!"

    Terrance decided: "Yes, before that, I have to send invitations, invite some people to visit and have some fun."

    The Huatian construction plan is much easier than the Fallarbor forest development plan. After two months of polishing, removing some unsuitable flowers and introducing some new flower combinations, it is estimated that they will be on the right track.

    Coupled with the arrival of the next batch and the last batch of Cutiefly, the development plan of the Naplu Road Museum is also generally completed!

    "Well, you can take your ideas."Kathrine nodded and waved his hand and said, "Then I will go home first, you remember not to miss the flight."

    "Do not worry."Terrance Road.

    After Kathrine left the pavilion, Terrance came to the door of the battlefield room and saw Troie there training with two Beedrills.

    One is only Troie's, one is Beedrill, which was only a few months by Terrance Breeder in the pavilion.

    Didn't bother Troie, and after a few glances, Terrance retired and went to his study. After arranging the trivialities of the Napru Road, Terrance began to sort out the items and had already set out to go to Kanto.

    Before leaving, Terrance also greeted the olde Green House and left a few main forces, then rushed to the Airport.

    This time, Terrance brought five elves, Altaria, Carbink, Ninetales, Kirlia, and Pupitar.

    Like Beautifly, Mismagius, Gallade, Arcanine, and floating bubbles, Terrance stayed at the Napru Hall.

    Because of the destruction of the Rockets' plan, Terrance had a flaw in his heart. Although Agatha Elite decided that Giovanni would not do anything like the enemy acquaintance Revenge, it was a defense, so Terrance left almost half of the main force. .

    As for his own safety, Altaria surpassed most of Elite's main force and even Trump Card's strength. Terrance thinks that self-protection is still no problem. After all, the Rockets can't be too Power Trip.



    A day later, Terrance arrived at Kanto Airport and he also contacted the Schwarz researcher.


    There, there is silence.

    After a long time, a figure like a zombie appeared on the video call.

    "Hey, I said…"Terrance's eyes leaped wildly, and it took so long for Schwarz researchers to change.

    "It turned out to be a researcher at Terrance, cough, you are doing things for Light Ball, haha, I told you, cough, I have been studying for a long time, and I have also accepted a few talented Pikachu, but ah."

    "Okay, Schwarz researcher…I probably understand what you want to say. You don't have to be sad, you can study this kind of thing. It is normal to have setbacks. ”Terrance comforted.

    "You can understand it…"

    Terrance shook his head helplessly and said: "Is it still because Pikachu can't stand the intense stimulation of Light Ball fusion?"

    “Correct.”The Schwarz researcher's eyes are bright, "So I recently studied Pikachu's special Breeder method, and I plan to start Breeder's strongest Pikachu from Pichu. In short, I must successfully integrate it once!!"

    "I see, yes, Schwarz researcher, I might come to you with a Pikachu and try to merge Light Ball. I will ask you for help."Terrance cut into the theme.

    "No problem, this is what I promised you before, but do you really want to try it?"Schwarz researcher Grudge said that before he did not study it in depth, he felt that it was possible to integrate successfully. However, as he studied it in depth, he became more and more aware that Light Ball, although very suitable for Pikachu, also made Pikachu very burdensome.

    Even if his new talented Pikachu is not able to integrate Light Ball, can Terrance bring it?

    The Schwarz researcher is worried about this, and he is afraid that Terrance will not gain anything.

    Now let’s see if it worksTerrance blinks and confirms the opening.

    The two talked to each other a few words and then hang up the phone.

    But before I waited, Terrance suddenly received a new message…

    A look at the message, Terrance is very incomparable, is Joy Ling and Jenny pure.

    Because the Wicktor master had been solved, Terrance contacted the handsome guy to dismiss both of them. Although the two men sent a message to explain, it seems that the two are very embarrassed about this matter…

    You know, Terrance has already thrown away the communication number that I contacted, but the other party is actually attached. I don't know where to investigate Terrance's own communication number…At this point, I came in again.

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