Pokemon Court Chapter 778

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 778th chapter invites Ash, floating astronomy
    What can I do?

    Terrance coughed and didn't pick up a bit, so it could only be turned on.

    However, as soon as the communicator was connected, there was a shout of dissatisfaction.

    "Captain, what exactly does it mean, we both did nothing, how is the mission over?"

    At the end of the communicator, Jenny Lan, this situation is just like playing a game. Just filling up the money, putting in a fight to prepare for it, the game suddenly stopped.

    The mood of Joy Ling and Jenny Lan can be said to be very bad. In their imagination, the so-called difficult task should be more complicated than this. After all, this task, in addition to showing their basic skills, they feel that they have nothing yet. Do it, it feels a bit anticlimactic.

    For these two incomparably Interpol Rookie, this feeling is very uncomfortable.

    Terrance’s complaints about the two of them were quite helpless. I haven’t seen anyone who is too simple to work. Once I cough again, he can only explain:

    "No, on the contrary, the two of you have helped me a lot."

    In return, Terrance has already handed it over to Interpol, and he believes that the two should receive it soon or have received it.

    Terrance fell, silence over there, Jenny Lan's voice came again, but was quickly stopped by Terrance.

    "Well, I can understand your feelings, but for me, you have really helped me a lot, although the task may be somewhat different from what you imagined, but really, I am very grateful to you."

    "If there is a chance next time, I hope we can continue to cooperate."

    Terrance scratched his head, but when the words came out, I didn't know if I wanted to understand it or what it was. It seemed to slowly accept Terrance's statement.

    But Terrance always feels a bit wrong, he…Seems to hear cheers from the communicator?

    "Well, Mr. Terrance, if you have the opportunity to cooperate next time, don't forget the two of us."


    Seeing the other party's satisfaction, Terrance breathed a sigh of relief. As for the opportunity to cooperate next time, Terrance didn't know if there was any, but in the end, he promised it right.

    To solve this trouble, Terrance began to go to the Elf Center to leave a message to Ash and others. After several people arrived at a wizard center, Terrance could contact several people.

    Terrance waited for less than a day in the Elf Center, and Ash dialed back, indicating that Ash and his group had arrived at the Elf Center on an island and received a message from Terrance.

    "Terrance Big Brother?"

    After receiving a message from Terrance, Ash was very surprised. After the callback, he immediately said his position at the Indigo Plateau Conference.

    "Well, the top 8, I already know, congratulations."At the end of the video, Terrance laughed and raised another question to Ash: "Back, Ash, you still can't remember what I said, if you enter the top 8 of the Indigo Plateau Conference, you will be given a special Present."

    "Special Present…of course I remember! ! ! ”When I heard this, Ash first thought about it. After a while, his eyes lit up.

    "You must have forgotten…I reminded me after I reminded me. ”Terrance thought of it, but spoke up: "So you want to know, what is this special Present?"

    "Of course I want!!"Ash was excited immediately.

    "Light Ball, a prop that resembles a bead, have you heard of it?"Asked Terrance.

    Over there, Ash sneaked a sneak peek at the nearby Misty and Xiaogang.

    "Light Ball?"Xiaogang brows up and shakes his head.

    "I don't know what to do."Misty thought about it, said.

    Seeing that neither of his companions didn't know, Ash smiled and said, "Terrance Big Brother, what is Light Ball?"

    "Before that, Ash, I asked you a question, should your Pikachu not want to evolve?"Terrance didn't explain what Light Ball is, but about Ash and Pikachu.

    "Yes, Pikachu doesn't want to evolve, so I want it to be stronger in this way."Ash nodded.

    “Um?Although I don't deny that it can be strong without evolution, evolution is undoubtedly a shortcut. ”Terrance opening.

    Hearing this, Ash and Xiao Gang and Misty have no way to refute them. In fact, almost all Trainers recognize this concept.

    Even if there is an example, it is not enough to explain the problem.

    But soon, Terrance turned his head: "You and Pikachu want to be stronger. If you don't evolve, you have to work hard, and I want to give you a special Present, which is the same for Pikachu." A stronger approach."

    “The strength of Pikachu is not as strong as using Thunder Stone!!”

    Ash, Xiaogang, Misty and the trio were still wondering what Terrance was trying to do, but when the words were spoken, Ash and others finally understood, especially Ash, who suddenly looked up.

    “Can Light Ball enhance the strength of Pikachu?”

    Although he respects Pokémon's choices, in essence, Ash is still a Trainer who wants Pokémon to become stronger and pursue higher peaks. In order to get good results at the Indigo Plateau Conference, it is enough to find Bruno's big secret to seek strength. Reflects the strong Covet of Ash.

    Right now, Terrance said that he has a way to prevent Pikachu from evolving, and that it can be stronger, how could Ash still be able to stay.

    "Terrance Big Brother, is that true!"Ash asked again excitedly.

    Terrance saw Ash hooked up and smiled mysteriously: "It's not a strong way to be a challenge. Ash, are you and Pikachu willing to accept the challenge?"

    "I want to make Pikachu stronger through Light Ball, but it's hard."

    "Of course, Pikachu and I can definitely do any challenge!!"For the challenge, Ash has some inexplicable confidence.

    "Well, you should be in the Orange Islands now?"Terrance asked.

    "Yeah, we haven't left here on the inside of the Foundation, and now we want to challenge the Orange Alliance…"

    "Nybi City, I am waiting for you in the city of Nibi. This strong process needs the assistance of the Schwarz researcher in the city of Nibi. He is an expert in the research of the electric system Pokémon. If you and Pikachu can complete this challenge, I believe you must It's easy to get the Orange Alliance to win."Terrance Road.

    "Will you go to the city of Nibi?"

    Ash stunned and looked back at the two partners. Now that the traffic is so developed, it would take less than two days to return to the city of Nibi if it was in a hurry. After asking for advice from Xiao Gang and Misty, Ash quickly made a decision.

    In order to make Pikachu not evolve through evolution, this opportunity Ash does not want to miss it!

    "Good brother, Terrance, we immediately rushed back to the city of Nibi, you have to wait for me."Ash Road.

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