Pokemon Court Chapter 779

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the beginning of the fusion of the body of the 779th chapter, floating astronomy
    Nibi, in the Laboratory where the Schwarz researcher is located.

    Terrance arrived here earlier than Ash, but soon, Ash and his party rushed.

    According to the coordinates given by Terrance, there was Xiaogang, a native of Nibi, who led the way. The Ash trio quickly found the Laboratory.

    It's here!Xiao Gang took a look at the map and took a breath, then turned to Ash and Misty.

    "What are you waiting for, let's go in."Ash quickly stepped forward and couldn't wait to press the doorbell.


    As the bell rang, the door was opened shortly after, and the Schwarz researcher with a messy head but a spirited look came out with a smile: "You should be the guest invited by the Terrance researcher? Please come in. ”

    I greeted the Ash trio, and the Schwarz researcher looked at Xiaogang in the trio and suddenly "snapped".

    "you are not……"

    “Hello, I am Rainer Xiaogang, the former pavilion of the Nibi Road Museum. I am now traveling with them.”

    Xiao Gang laughed, as the Taoist Trainer, he used to attend some activities in the city of Nibi. Although it is not as famous as Terrance in the Naplu Road Hall, some people living in the city of Nibi can see that he will feel familiar or very normal.

    "It turned out to be the trainer of the Nebbi pavilion, I said."The Schwarz researcher suddenly realized that after taking a forehead, he continued to greet him with enthusiasm. He did not pay attention to the younger sister of the Cerulean Museum.

    In the Laboratory, Terrance saw a few people led by the Schwarz researcher and smiled up: "Ash, Misty, Xiaogang, you are finally here."

    After seeing Terrance, Ash was obviously a glimpse, but he quickly remembered Light Ball and quickly asked: "Terrance Big Brother, when did you start the challenge?"

    "Children, don't worry."

    At this time, the Schwarz researcher brought the tea, and he smiled at the three people, especially Ash.

    When he saw Ash and Pikachu on his shoulder, he knew that Ash was the protagonist of the experiment. According to the experience of Schwarz researcher Pokémon, the Pikachu Breeder on Ash's shoulder was really good.

    But even if Breeder is good, Schwarz researchers still don't know what special Pikachu is compared to other Pikachus, and don't understand where Terrance's confidence comes from.

    Thank you.

    Misty, Xiaogang, and Ash took the tea, thank you.

    After taking the tea, the Ash trio sat down and took a break. After that, Terrance slowly opened his mouth: "Ash, before I start, I will tell you a few things to note."

    "Alright!"Ash nodded.

    "Pikachu, you listen carefully."Terrance continued.

    Pickup truckPikachu also nodded.

    "Light Ball is a special item that I accidentally got in the Kalos Region. It is essentially a bead filled with special electrical. The mechanism of strengthening is different from the Chargémon process of the normal electric system Pokémon."

    "Your Pikachu may have had the experience of enhancing the power of electric power through the way of Charge, but Light Ball is much more advanced than Charge."

    Terrance said, Ash and Xiaogang both listened carefully.

    "Light Ball contains special electrical, fusion properties, and Pikachu electrical energy can be fused into a new electrical energy, this new electrical energy has a special role, can form a violent stimulation of the body's vitality of the lightning force, that is, if Pikachu Master the power of this thunderbolt, then it can stimulate vitality through lightning, directly in the fight to improve physical fitness, this enhancement mechanism is far more comprehensive than charge, and the intensity of Ascension is greater! ”

    Terrance is very popular, Pikachu, Xiaogang, Misy, they all understand this mechanism.

    As for Ash, seeing his face look vague, Terrance doesn't know if the other person understands it…

    "In short, it will be better."Ash suddenly said.

    "Well, then I will explain why this is a challenge, because in the process of merging Light Ball, the violent power of lightning generated by Pikachu is very heavy. If Pikachu can't control this lightning. The power, the willpower will not work, then the integration will fail."

    "Reassured, Pikachu it must do."Ash stood up and clenched his fist confidently, but the next moment he was punched by Misty.

    "Mr. Terrance, don't ignore this idiot. Can you hurt Pikachu if the fusion fails?"Asked Misty.

    "If the safety measures are done adequately, there will be no danger."Terrance shook his head.

    At this point, Terrance is fully explained.


    At the same time, Pikachu looked at Ash, and both of them were confident in Trainer and Pokémon. Although they knew that the process of integrating Light Ball was very difficult, neither side showed a worried expression.

    "The spirit is good, then when do we start?"Schwarz researcher said.

    Terrance looked at Ash and Pikachu and saw their high-spirited appearance. He smiled and said: "You can't wait to see the Contest Condition of both of them. I will see it now."

    "Yes, we can start at any time!!"Ash Road.

    After Ash was ready, the Terrance and Schwarz researchers discussed each other.

    Finally, Terrance said: "That line, let's go to the lab first, and everyone can come together."

    In the laboratory of the Laboratory, all the equipment needed to integrate Light Ball was prepared. Terrance not only called Ash and Pikachu, but also invited Xiao Gang and Misty.

    Is it alrightXiao Gang asked.

    "It doesn't matter, it's just a simple integration. Success and failure shouldn't have much impact."The Schwarz researcher has experimented with it many times, so rest assured.

    In the lab, Terrance took out the prepared Light Ball and told Rotom Pokédex to record all the data.

    This integration process, regardless of failure or success, Rotom Pokédex has the responsibility to connect with the fusion device.

    During this period, in order to successfully integrate Light Ball, Schwarz researchers created a complex device that can stabilize the power of thunderous lightning. Unfortunately, even with this, his Pikachu could not be successfully integrated.

    The device is like a huge barbecue box…

    There is a tray underneath, and there is a thing like the telescopic palm on the cheek of Vice Grip Pikachu, which is used to stabilize the power of lightning.

    Secondly, there is also a recess for the mounting of the Light Ball on the pallet. Terrance can see that the installation cost Schwarz researchers a lot of thoughts, and now the other party can take it out for use by Ash and Pikachu, Terrance. Very grateful.

    "Pikachu, are you ready?"Asked Terrance.

    "Pikachu, come on!!"Ash picked up Pikachu and tried to cheer him up. Since there is no danger, Ash certainly hopes that Pikachu will successfully control the power of Light Ball.

    Pickup truckPikachu clenched his fists, nodded seriously, and then looked at the Ash, Misty, Xiaogang, Terrance, and Schwarz researchers, and finally, under the guidance of Schwarz researchers, entered a device like a barbecue box.

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