Pokemon Court Chapter 780

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 780 exploded, hehe! Floating astronomy
    In the device that stabilizes the power of lightning, Pikachu gently stands on the tray and begins to look around.

    However, this black space does not make Pikachu feel a little uneasy.

    Pickup truckLooking at the slow-moving Schwarz researcher, Pikachu asked carefully, and seemed to want a second guarantee.

    "First relax, now it's okay, the pain is behind."According to several experimental experiences, Schwarz researchers comforted Pikachu with two sentences and then manually fixed the palm-like protrusions on both sides to Pikachu's cheek.

    "Okay, it’s fixed."

    After he detected it, he nodded. At this time, Terrance also passed Light Ball and took Light Ball. The Schwarz researcher gently stuffed the small electric ball filled with electrical energy into the tray.

    "Is it really ok, how can I have a bad feeling…"Misty hands clasped together and nervous.

    “Don’t worry, Schwarz researchers and Terrance say there’s no danger.”Xiao Gang looked at Ash, who was standing in front of Pikachu, and continued to Misty: "Look at Ash, he is very convinced of Pikachu."

    "I hope so…"Misty is helpless.

    When everything was ready, Terrance nodded to Rotom Pokédex.

    The next moment, Rotom Pokédex flew over and connected the body to the device, collecting the existing data.

    "I said Terrance Researcher, you Rotom Pokédex is really a good assistant, how is it modified? If you have time, I must also accept a Rotom."

    Seeing the magic of Rotom Pokédex, Schwarz researchers once again marveled at the opening. As a researcher studying electric elves, he never thought that the spirits Pokédex and Rotom could be combined. This is a genius idea.

    Terrance smiled and his Rotom Pokédex was donated by others, and Schwarz researchers knew that they could envy the other.

    He estimated that when Light Ball research is thorough, Schwarz researchers will probably come to study Rotom.

    Compared with human assistants, there is such an assistant assisted by Pokémon and electronic equipment, experimenting with it, and communicating with Pokémon can get more accurate information.

    "Ready to get started."

    After a while, the Schwarz researcher sighed and tried to do it. At the same time, Terrance blinked and stared at Rotom Pokédex.

    The electrical energy in Light Ball blends with Pikachu's lightning energy, and the fusion of life energy and flame energy creates a particularly violent force!

    How to control this violent power has always been a headache for Terrance.

    If you can't control it, it's impossible for Altaria to combine ordinary flames into a fire of life. Right now, Terrance wants to find some inspiration from the fusion process of Light Ball.

    The main job of Rotom Pokédex is to observe and record the energy changes during the fusion of Pikachu and Light Ball.

    After the Schwarz researcher turned on the switch, Pikachu did not need to mobilize the power of the Light Ball. The device assisted Pikachu in extracting and integrating electrical energy.

    Waiting for the back, this device can also suppress the power of violent lightning. It can be said that with this device, the danger of integration will be minimized.

    Because the previous experiments led to the injury of his own Pikachu, the Schwarz researcher took a lot of effort to develop the device. Now, under the operation of the device, the electrical energy in the Light Ball slowly rushes out and begins to linger around Pikachu. .

    Pickup truck

    Feeling the sensation of the body, Pikachu frowned and found that things were not simple.

    Sure enough, the next moment, under traction, Pikachu's own thunder and lightning energy emerged, and the electrical energy was intertwined, and the madness of the outside began to stimulate Pikachu's body.

    Electrical energy swept Pikachu's own thunderbolt energy, quickly invading Pikachu's body, and Pikachu gradually showed a painful expression.

    The expression of Schwarz researchers has not changed. It is the process at first. The power of violent lightning will become more and more powerful with the invasion of electrical energy. It is still nothing to be painful now. Any electric elf should be able to Hold on to it.

    Sure enough, just after the initial pain, Pikachu quickly recovered, but then it felt it, and the power of thunder in the body began to storm over time.

    This feeling is different from the experience of the Charges on that few times. Pikachu does not dare to sloppy, concentrates on willpower and wants to regain control of the power of lightning in the body.

    "9 seconds."

    According to Terrance's mind, according to Schwarz's researcher, his Pikachu's longest insistence was completely stunned for half a minute. With reference to contrast, Terrance was particularly concerned about the time that Ash's Pikachu could persist.

    "Pikachu, come on!"Ash saw that Pikachu had not had any serious problems and continued to fight.

    Spirit flash

    Pickup truckSkins

    While enduring a growing body burden, Pikachu, who wants to harness the power of thunder and lightning, began to sweat.

    As time went by, it had been stuck for 20 seconds. At this time, the Schwarz researcher's device also played a supporting role, absorbing the power of lightning that was too violent and poured out of Pikachu's body.

    "24 seconds…"Researcher Schwarz snorted and swallowed, and this Pikachu insisted on surpassing his own Pikachu.


    Fusion of electric beads is not longer than who insists on it, but can not control the power of violent lightning that is gradually resulting from integration! !

    At this point, Pikachu's expression was incomparable. When she saw Pikachu's expression, Ash could feel the pain of Pikachu, but he didn't know how to help Pikachu through the storm.

    28 SecondsTerrance is in the dark.

    In 28 seconds, Pikachu seemed to be unable to hold on, and the body began to sway, seemingly unable to stand still, and soon lost consciousness.

    When the Pikachu Contest Condition slipped to a low point, the researchers of Terrance and Schwarz sank and failed.

    But at this moment, as Ash shouted, Pikachu suddenly opened the stabilizer on his cheek with his hand. It almost caused Schwarz's researcher to jump out of his heart and be alive and scared.

    "Power off, turn off the power, or Pikachu is dangerous!!"

    The crowd was shocked. Before the start, Schwarz researchers had repeatedly asked, they must not remove the device, or they would be dangerous, but no one expected that Pikachu himself slaps the device that stabilizes the violent thunder.

    No one had time to turn off the power, and when the device fell off, the power of the violent thunder in Pikachu’s body re-emerged…

    Then, with a bang, a dazzling flash came from the device, and the sudden explosion was heard near the entire Laboratory.

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