Pokemon Court Chapter 781

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 781 chapter Pikachu? Too strong, floating astronomy
    The thunder of the lightning in the device not only scared Ash and others, but also terrified Terrance.

    But if there is Astonish degree, it is estimated that Rotom Pokédex is the highest. It is the closest to Pikachu. It is essentially an electric elf. Rotom Pokédex is also sensitive to the power of lightning. When Pikachu shoots a stabilizer, Rotom Pokédex expects it to be bad. Quickly evacuated next to the unit.

    However, it is still not too fast.

    The explosion directly took it to Whirlwind and slammed into the wall.

    "Pikachu !"

    When the change occurred, Ash's pupils shrank and quickly rushed forward, but Terrance grabbed him and said: "Pikachu is fine, don't go now, there is danger."

    Terrance's brow is locked and he feels the strongest. Among several people, he first discovered Pikachu's abnormality.

    Although there was an explosion, Pikachu was still conscious. At this time, it was holding the Light Ball in front of the pain, sitting on the ground, slightly Struggle…

    It can be seen that Pikachu's Contest Condition is very bad at this time, and he is already in the exhausted Contest Condition. At this time, the power of thunder and lightning is very violent. Terrance does not know how Pikachu persists. At the same time, he feels the body is coming. The stinging, Pikachu clenched her teeth and wanted to stand up, but the body did not listen.


    Ash's body paused, but he still looked nervously at the explosion.

    At this time, Xiao Gang and Misty also ran to Ash, staring in the direction of Pikachu.

    No one had thought that Pikachu would have taken a stabilizing device and put himself at risk.

    "You must have been hurt by the violent current in the past. I know that you are not afraid, but Pikachu does not seem to have given up."

    Terrance pulled Ash and slowly opened it. As the smoke dissipated, everyone saw Pikachu holding Light Ball and fighting against the violent current inside and outside the body.

    “Pikachu's Contest Condition is very bad and the physical strength should be exhausted.”After seeing Pikachu, Xiao Gang anxiously said: "I will continue this way, I am afraid…"

    "Yeah, let Pikachu stop!!"The Schwarz researcher also nervous that his Pikachu had been stuck for 30 seconds with the aid of the device, but this Pikachu has been protected from the device, and now it is more than 30 seconds away. In this way, he is very afraid. This Pikachu is in danger.

    "Ash, believe me."Without paying attention to others, Terrance put his hand on Ash's shoulder and looked at Ash, seriously.

    At this time, everyone did not know why Terrance was so confident. Only Terrance himself felt an unusual place, Pikachu.

    Now Pikachu is comprehending tricks.

    Terrance sees it.

    It is a Reversal move.

    For the sake of Celebi, four years after Terrance crossed, during the teaching of Ash and Pikachu, he witnessed how Pikachu awakened Reversal.

    This trick is the turnaround tool for Ash when Pikachu faces a desperate situation in every battle. Pikachu has always mastered this move, but because there is no intentional training, it has not been well explored.

    Now, because of the integration of Light Ball, Pikachu is caught in the exhausted Contest Condition, which is using the Reversal trick.

    Under the Contest Condition, not only does Pikachu's "Reversal" trick have a great effect, but also the explosive power of Reversal can help Pikachu successfully integrate Light Ball and suppress the violent thunder. What about force? !

    Terrance's breathing was silent, and he was sweating himself. He concentrated more than Ash and others. His Calm Mind method was running fast, paying close attention to Pikachu's Contest Condition.

    Since he suggested that Ash continue to wait, he would take responsibility for Pikachu.

    Therefore, at this time, for Pikachu's attention, Terrance mobilized 200% of the spirit. Once Pikachu had an abnormality, Terrance would take extraordinary measures to rescue Pikachu.

    After listening to Terrance's persuasion, Ash stopped his teeth and looked at Pikachu with Misty and Xiaogang.

    The Schwarz researcher, shocked the Pikachu's willpower, did not understand why its Contest Condition suddenly reversed.

    As for Rotom Pokédex, after looking out of the wall, I was crying and looking at the interrupted data record, knowing that this time was all in vain.

    a secondTwo secondsThree secondsAfter Terrance blocked, Pikachu continued to insist that Ash didn't have a second break at the same time, always puffing for Pikachu, and after that lasted for 13s, finally –

    The change is coming again!

    A huge amount of lightning broke out from Pikachu. When several Ash people were worried, the researchers of Terrance and Schwarz showed a happy expression and shouted excitedly: "Success!!"

    This is, Pikachu is releasing excess power from the body, using Thunderbolt tricks! !

    Pickup truckHill

    The power of thunder and lightning is everywhere. Pikachu vents his explosive power. At this time, Pikachu has been in a dark mood and can only hear the call of Ash faintly, but he also understands that he has succeeded.

    Successfully harnessed the power of the violent thunder, completely integrated Light Ball!

    "It turns out that Reversal, let it die, and use the limits to force yourself to complete the Contest's nirvana?"

    Looking at the big hole that broke the lab electricity, standing in the place of Pikachu, Terrance suddenly seemed to find the direction.

    He should have thought of it long ago!

    The fire of life originated from Ho-Oh, Entei mastered, Moltres mastered…

    They all have one thing in common!

    Entei is the legendary life of the Ho-Oh flame after the death of the unknown elf.

    Moltres, the Legendary Pokémon that controls the fire, is said to have entered the lava of the Volcano mouth and burned the body to heal the wound.

    "These elves, of course, have some nirvana rebirth, and the taste of rebirth."

    How can you understand the meaning of life without approaching death?

    How can the fire of life as the legendary elf be easily grasped by ordinary Pokémon?

    Recognizing this, Terrance suddenly realized.

    Even knowing the composition of the fire of life, you can manipulate this flame, it is also very difficult, Assist Pikachu and Light Ball fusion process, Terrance finally thought through, thanks to the trick of Reversal.

    At this moment, after hearing the words "successful", Ash rushed up to hug Pikachu, asked about the injury, and then cheered Celebrate.

    “Ha!AAThe Schwarz researcher, also excited to watch this scene, succeeded?

    However, looking at the almost destroyed experimental device and Laboratory, he began to hurt the eggs, which are all public facilities, relying on this Pikachu's electric system is so strong.

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