Pokemon Court Chapter 782

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 782 leaves Nibi, floating astronomy
    Although Pikachu's own stable device made the fusion process full of surprises, but the final result is good.

    Afterwards, even the big Ash, recalling Pikachu's own picture of flying stable devices, was also a while.

    So now, he is forming a small team with Misty and Xiaogang, and teaches the bold Pikachu.

    "Pikapi…"Pikachu scratched his head in distress, and did not know how to explain it. He could only accept criticism with humility.

    "Well, Ash, isn't this successful, but Pikachu, why did you shoot the stabilizer? Is it a stabilizing device that hinders your integration with Light Ball? ”

    The Schwarz researcher held the Light Ball, which had changed into a waste bead, and wondered.

    Pickup truckPikachu shook his head and motioned that he didn't know, but there was a special feeling for it to do.


    “Fine.The Schwarz researcher shook his head helplessly, although there was a case of successful integration of Light Ball, but how did he feel more confused?


    At the same time, Ash was embarrassed to smirk and pointed at the surrounding: "Schwarz researcher, this, Pikachu has destroyed everything here, I am very sorry."

    "Haha!"Upon hearing this, Terrance laughed and said, "This is not for you. I will give it to the Laboratory."

    "Ah, how can this be done?"Ash was shocked.

    "But can you afford it?"Terrance smiled and said: "This public laboratory building material and some equipment are not the most advanced, but without hundreds of thousands of words, it is still impossible to restore the original."

    "a few……Hundreds of thousands! ! ”Ash's eyes came out and picked up his fingers and began counting.

    "No!The Schwarz researcher suddenly shouted: "I will take it, but Ash, can you let me record your Pikachu's physical changes, just need to stay for two days."

    "Hmph!"Ash did not understand what the Schwarz researcher meant.

    However, under the explanation of the Schwarz researcher, Ash and his team finally understood that it was probably the Schwarz researcher who would give Pikachu a comprehensive examination. This kind of thing is no stranger to Ash, and Professor Oak often gives his Pokémon.

    "If you can publish an experimental report on Light Ball, the Laboratory's Lost Elf Alliance Research Association will definitely reimburse it, and get another research grant."The Schwarz researcher confirmed.

    "Ash, the researcher of Terrance, this experiment is thanks to you. If you can have research funding, it will be all for you. However, Light Ball's experimental report, the name of the participants must add me one…"

    "What about this…"Terrance laughed and said, "You talk to Ash, Light Ball is my Present to Ash, and Pikachu is his Pokémon, so I won't be involved this time."

    Terrance's words made the Schwarz researcher notice a glimpse. He has never seen such a reputation as a researcher…

    Funding So what's thatAsh wondered.

    “It can be understood as a bonus for the researcher who has produced the research results.”Xiao Gang explained.

    "Yes, that's it. If I can publish the Light Ball's experimental report, I believe that the bonus for this number is still there."The Schwarz researcher smiled mysteriously and extended a few fingers.

    Could it be…Guess the meaning of this number, Ash suddenly lighted his eyes, suddenly smirked and said: "Well, I must cooperate, in order to travel…Eat a big meal…"

    As expected…

    Seeing the appearance of Schwarz researchers and Ash, Terrance shrugged his shoulders, one for the money, and the two hit it off…

    "Hahaha, Ash, you are better off here. I have a lot of food that Pikachu likes very much, and…"

    The Schwarz researcher and Ash, who looked at the passion, suddenly reacted and called Ash, saying: "Ash, don't you try Pikachu's current strength?"

    "If you combine Light Ball, Pikachu's strength may be a lot stronger."

    "Yes, let Pikachu take a break and come to a real battle. This kind of experimental report must be inseparable from the actual performance!!"

    “No problem!”Ash laughed, then to Misty and Xiao Gangdao: "Misty, Xiaogang, let's have fun in the city of Nibi, right, during this time, I will pay for all of them."

    "Are you a nouveau riche…"Misty smacked his forehead.

    "Ahhhh…"Xiaogang, when he heard this, imagined that he had taken Ash’s money to ask the big sister to eat, and then slowly drooled.

    The experimental report was completely refined in just two days and was published by the Schwarz researcher at the academic forum.

    Promoted by the Professional Oak, the combination of Light Ball and Pikachu shocked the academic world, but then there was no sound. After all, the integration conditions were too harsh, and the actual value of Pikachu's actual Breeder was not high.

    Even so, the Schwarz researcher received a large amount of research funding.

    The research funding, he all thrown to Ash, but under Ash's resignation, the two were reasonably allocated, of course, the two also wanted to give Terrance some, but was rejected by Terrance.

    After getting the money, Ash was very excited, but he didn't wait for him to be excited for too long. Delia, who didn't know where to hear the news, that is, Ash's mother took all the money away, and Mei gave it to Ash. Leave him to give him back when he grows up…

    "I said Ash, I knew it would be the result, laughing at me."After Delia took all the money from Ash, Misty grinned and smiled.

    "My big sister…"Xiaogang suddenly petrified.

    Well whatAsh's dissatisfaction, a face bitter, but the money was taken away by the mother, he has no way, now Ash can only use Pikachu strength to become stronger to comfort himself.

    On the fourth day of the successful integration of Light Ball, Terrance thoroughly digested the contents of this experimental report. He did not leave Nibi City, just to see the changes after Pikachu's integration of Light Ball, and to integrate the fire of life for himself. Make plans.

    Pikachu's strength growth is still acceptable, but Terrance sees that it is limited by Pikachu's current strength, that power has not been fully stimulated, hidden in Pikachu, and so that as Pikachu is stronger, Ash can play. The power of the limit.

    It was also this day that Terrance left the Ash group and the Schwarz researcher.

    Researchers at Schwarz want to continue research, Ash is going to challenge the Orange Alliance, and Terrance himself…

    Then prepare to go to the next purpose for another fusion attempt of the fire of life.

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