Pokemon Court Chapter 783

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 783 chapter Volcano practice, floating astronomy
    Cinnabar Island, also known as Cinnabar Island, is a large island in the south of the Kanto Region.

    On this island, there is a huge Volcano.

    Volcano is a very important location on the island, dividing the Cinnabar pavilion into two parts. Part of the pavilion is in Volcano, with one room extending over the lava and the other at the Volcano mouth.

    The location of the Cinnabar pavilion is very hidden, which has led many Trainers to challenge the location of the pavilion. For Rookie Trainer, it is very difficult to find the Cinnabar pavilion.

    However, today, one person directly boarded the Cinnabar Road Hall, with clear goals!

    The young, blond-colored youth slowly walked down the stairs and felt the burning sensation of the face, and he took a long breath.

    Under the hot springs, it should be magma. According to the survey, the battlefield of the Cinnabar Road Museum is built on top of the magma.

    Terrance has seen many architectural styles, such as the pavilions built in the mountains and the pavilions built on the water, but these architectural styles are not unique. However, he is built on Volcano. It is.

    After a while, Terrance reached below and saw the battlefield hanging above the magma, blinking.

    This is too dangerous. If the grass and Bug Type Pokémon fall, it will be finished.

    After watching it for a while, Terrance began to sweat, and it was too close to the magma, even if he could not stand his physique.

    "It's okay to be prepared."All the way down, Terrance was hot enough to take a bottle of drink decisively from the backpack.

    Squeezing hard, Terrance frowned, although the drink was cool when it was purchased, but now it has returned to normal temperature.

    In the face of such a disappointment, Terrance did not care, directly called Altaria, let it use the frozen light to quickly freeze the drink.

    After coming out of Poké Ball, Altaria stood in the ground. From the mouth, Spit Up, a cold air wrapped the drink. It was visible to the naked eye. The moisture in the drink was gradually formed into ice residue due to the cold, and the iced drink was felt. Terrance just wanted to unscrew the cap, but suddenly he raised his head in the next moment.

    "light is on?"

    "It seems that the owner of the pavilion is coming."

    Terrance smiled and looked at the opposite door. Sure enough, the next moment, a bald old gentleman came out.

    "Oh, it’s so late to find someone entering the pavilion, it’s really old."After Blaine opened the door and walked out, he shook his head helplessly.

    “I am the Trainer Blaine on the island of Cinnabar. Are you a challenger?”

    "Hello Mr. Blaine, I am not a challenger, I just want to borrow a library."Terrance shook his head and smiled.

    When the words fall, Blaine's brow is condensed. How does it sound like a slap in the face, borrowing a pavilion? What was that supposed to mean?

    "Let's borrow special training in Volcano?"

    Think a little, Blaine opens the door.

    "Yes."Terrance Road.

    Blaine is not the first time to encounter such a Trainer. In Volcano, it is indeed a good place for special training. Whether it is the ability to train the fire elves or the willpower of Pokémon, Volcano is a treasure place. Within Volcano, Blaine is also selfish and wants a better Breeder Pokémon.

    So it isBlaine smiled and the Trainer like Terrance was not the first one. It wasn't the last one. I still have a lot of Trainers running here every year and I hope to stay in the Cinnabar Road Hall for special training.


    These Trainers are no exceptions, all of them are driven out by Blaine!

    "Of course, I will not use Volcano for special training. I can pay a price. Whatever you ask for, if you can do it, you must do it."Terrance Road.

    Although there are other places that are more suitable for special training, none of the Cinnabar Island Volcano has a good effect. Considering it again and again, Terrance is determined to be cheeky to visit the Cinnabar Hall.

    "Ha ha ha ha!"Blaine shook his head and smiled. "Volcano has always been the ownerless. Although I built the pavilion here, it doesn't mean that I am the owner of Volcano. If I want to borrow the Cinnabar, I don't mean it. Yes, one condition."

    "Please speak."

    "Win me."Blaine Road.

    "Would you like to fight?"Terrance gave a slight glimpse. He thought that the other party would want something like rent and remuneration. The result turned out to be a match?

    "How, junior, can't you fight?"Blaine said: "There were several Trainers who wanted to borrow the Cinnabar pavilion for training, but no one can pass my test."

    "No, if it is a battle, I can't ask for it."Terrance is serious.

    "Good courage, well, but you better prepare Burn Heal before the war!"Blaine laughed, and for every Rival, he would remind him that this is absolute confidence in his strength.

    "You can rest assured."Terrance touched the head of Altaria next to him and said, "What is the rules of the game?"

    "A decisive victory."

    "No problem, then the elf I sent is it."

    At the command of Terrance, Altaria flew slowly, and at the same time, Terrance smiled and looked at Mr. Blaine.

    Although it is said that the fire master is too strong, Terrance believes that Altaria can still cope with it.

    After all, Altaria is his absolute Trump Card!

    "Forget me not introducing myself, I am from the Naplu Road Museum in Hoenn Region, called Terrance."

    "Great."Blaine nodded and glanced at Altaria with a smile on his face. "The magma in the magma, the hot flame that swims in the magma, what?"


    Terrance stunned and debuted: "Magcargo?"

    "No."Blaine replied loudly, "It's Magmar, come out!! Magmar! ! ”

    When Blaine yelled, his hands were high and his face had a hot smile. He seemed to be looking forward to Magmar's debut. The next moment, the magma rushed wildly, and there seemed to be a creature swimming in the interior. With the bang, Terrance boring Shrink.

    A smashing magma column broke out from underneath, and numerous magma smashed into the battlefield. It was extremely dangerous. With the pillar of fire, the hot white smoke flew around a red figure! !

    This is a flame that erupts upwards on the head and shoulders. There is a flame symbol on the abdomen. The whole body seems to be a Pokémon with a raging fire!

    From its appearance, the venue seemed to be even hotter, and even doubtful whether its body was even warmer than the magma below.

    "Magmar?"Terrance frowned and looked under the magma. Has the elf been practicing under the magma?

    It seems…Volcano has become the exclusive practice place for Blaine.

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