Pokemon Court Chapter 784

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 784 Terrance vsBlaine, floating astronomy
    Magmar, the explosion of Pokémon, the evolution of the duck-billed dragon!

    Even if it's a fairy, you can guess Magmar's Attribute. People like Terrance know the basics of Magmar.

    Rime table

    At this point, Magmar stood at the playing field, staring at the Altaria in the air, and raised a Taunt flame toward the Spit below.

    As for Altaria, Magmar's behavior was chosen to ignore, waiting for Terrance's order.

    "You must attack first."Blaine Road.

    "Then I will be welcome."Terrance nodded: "Altaria, first give each other a face-to-face ceremony."

    Terrance's words, Altaria's two claws condense a blue-violet light, a fierce dragon-shaped wave is formed, and the claws are biting in the direction of Magmar!

    Dragon Pulse!

    “It’s a good place!!”Seeing this move, Blaine's eyes lit up, serious, and loudly ordered: "Fire Punch !!"

    In the face of the fierce Dragon Pulse, Magmar shouted, his right foot retreating, doing the Stockpile posture, while holding his right fist, his eyes staring at the extremely fast Dragon Pulse.

    The next moment, Magmar broke out a heat wave in the right fist, swept a hot flame, and the temperature was so high that the Dragon Pulse, which had not yet arrived, began to blur, as strong as Altaria, and felt the trick of the Fire Punch.

    A violent flame!

    Terrance's eyes gaze, and as Magmar's right fist slams, a red flash bursts out, and the flames are like the explosives Normal, which burns the Dragon Pulse all the way through the entire Dragon Pulse.

    “As the old owner of Kanto, Blaine’s strength is well-deserved and is a well-deserved top Trainer.”Terrance's heart glimpsed and became more and more excited. At this time, after one round, the two elves had already found their own opportunities to attack.

    After burning the Dragon Pulse, Magmar's double fists waved, and the flames filled in the air were shot out, with bursting features, such as the same group of flame bombs, this hand Flame Burst, very skillful!

    At the same time, Altaria Dragon Claw condensed and smashed several fireballs in an instant, but the hot smoke bursting in the flames, wrapped in Altaria, burned its body.

    “Hid the Lava Plume in the bursting Flame Burst and show it in the form of Fire Punch, it’s really difficult…”

    Terrance immediately issued a new order, and Altaria completed the Purify of Refresh, dispelling the burning power, and quickly re-energizing the power, self-contained for the fierce Contest Condition condensed by the blue-violet flame. !

    During the dragon god's dive, Altaria released a huge murderous, Lock On the Magmar with murderous, almost let the other side have nowhere to escape.

    "Magmar, using Flare Blitz!"Blaine shouted.

    Unlike Altaria's dragon flame, which was simulated by dragon energy, Flamar's Flare Blitz makes the flames wrapped around it a more hot, violent flame than magma. At this moment, Magmar's Flame Body is perfectly integrated with the fire. The flames are even stronger, and it seems that the entire site is burned to Normal.

    Under the flames, Blaine and Terrance watched the two elves collide, and the blue-violet dragon and the fiery red dragons smothered each other. A strong wave broke out from the center of the field. Terrance and Blaine couldn't help but step back and cover the heat wave with their arms.

    This collision made Blaine surprised. After the flames dissipated, Magmar was holding Ray Yan, slamming Altaria's neck, Thunder Punch and Fire Punch's combination, Ray and inflammation, perfect for Terrance's Arcanine. Skills come out in another form.

    To Blaine's surprise, Terrance's Altaria was able to react. After the collision, the huge Dragon Claw Pound was used to reach Magmar's body. Both elves suffered a quick response from the other side, but it looked obvious to Altaria. Fall into the wind.

    Under the stimulation of current and flame, Altaria, who is a dragon and a flying system, was licked by the neck and suffered serious injuries.

    Dragon Claw, in addition to the initial one, has lost most of its power and lacks stamina.

    "Young people, it is over."Although I was amazed at the strength of Terrance, Blaine laughed and looked at Altaria, which was restricted by Magmar. It was quite proud. Even though Terrance showed the power to surprise him, the other party was too tender.

    "It seems that I am still too naive."Terrance shook his head slightly and smiled.

    He wanted to look at the powerful Trainer with a pure dragon system, but it seems to be a failure.

    Just fighting with the dragon masters and Blaine masters, Terrance feels powerless. After the failure, Terrance is not discouraged. Compared to Altaria's natural dragon talent, it is even more powerful, even if it is not. Mega Evolution, can also fight! !

    “What do you mean?”Blaine glanced at the Terrance, who gradually laughed, and slammed into the battlefield.

    Although Magmar caught Altaria's neck, Altaria clearly retains a clear sense of consciousness, and her willpower is incredible. Seeing this scene, Blaine suddenly feels bad.

    "Under Fairy's imprint, my Pokémons won't lose their fighting spirit as long as I don't lose my fighting spirit."The right hand slowly placed in the heart, and Terrance raised his head, and his heart slowed down.

    In the next moment, Altaria has a dazzling light, which is far more dazzling than the flame of the duck-billed fire dragon. This light, under the control of Altaria, broke out! !

    Altaria's today's Fairy Type is far beyond the Dragon Type, and its strength close to the championship is all thanks to the power of Fairy Type!

    After Altaria exuded Dazzling Gleam, the intense light hit the Magmar and made Blaine stand out.

    At the same time, feeling the strength of the neck is relaxed, Altaria took a shot with Dragon Claw and beat Magmar completely with Dazzling Gleam.

    "Magmar, big word burst!"Blaine shouted immediately.

    "Altaria, Moonblast!"

    The ferocious big flame condenses, and Magmar pushes it out, and Assist reacts, Magmar quickly retreats, looking for a chance to breathe.

    Altaria here, using Fairy energy to condense the moon, Assist the power of the moon to launch a strong blow! ! The light beam that haunts the moon, quickly goes to the oncoming Fire Blast!


    Under the collision of two tricks, the center of the big character burst was quickly penetrated. The whole big character burst lost its energy structure and exploded, and Moonblast continued to move toward Magmar. In the face of this powerful trick, Blaine frowned. Magmar used the Fire Punch to pinch the remaining Moonblast, but at this time, the venue Sky has been arranged with a Light Screen dome…

    When Blaine was shocked, countless rays reflected from a series of Light Screens, turning into a Fairy light to cover the field, and the indiscriminate attack made Magmar had nowhere to escape, only to wave the Fire Punch.

    But after seven seconds, Magmar didn't survive the Fairy bombing. He was half-finished in Ground and fell down powerlessly.

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