Pokemon Court Chapter 785

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 785th chapter of the difficult environment, floating astronomy

    Blaine couldn't believe his eyes, even if it had the elements of a light enemy, but lost to a younger generation, it still made Blaine somewhat unacceptable.

    "Come back, Altaria."

    After Magmar lost his sense of battle, Terrance took out the Poké Ball, took Altaria back, and looked at Blaine.

    According to the agreement of the two, after he won the battle, he can stay at the Cinnabar Road Hall and use the Volcano for special training in the hall.

    After a battle, Terrance's clothes were soaked with sweat and his face was suffocated. When he looked at Blaine, who also took Magmar back, Blaine suddenly smiled: "I haven't played such a wonderful battle for a long time. Presumably you must not be a nameless person in Hoenn."

    Terrance didn't know how to answer, and simply waited for the other person to speak.

    "Well, since you won, leave you at the Cinnabar Road Hall, but I don't care where I live and what I eat."Blaine shook his head helplessly.

    Thank you very much.I knew that Blaine wouldn't regret it. After getting permission from the other party, Terrance was delighted to speak.

    In this way, the purpose of Terrance is reached, and before the Grand Festival, this is a great special training place.



    After accidentally losing to Terrance, Blaine didn't take care of Terrance, letting Terrance use Volcano. Obviously the old man still had a Grudge on his own loss.

    Although not a careful person, but lost to such a younger generation, Blaine is still very confused, this doubt, until he investigated Terrance's identity information before dispersing.

    It didn't matter. After checking it, Blaine smiled. The owner of the Fallabor Gym was quite similar to him in terms of identity. In addition, Terrance had the experience of defeating the top Trainer. It was Hoenn Region. The top figures of the younger generation.

    The confrontation between the old generation and the new generation is also a hot topic in the Trainer field. With the rise of one new star, these old Trainers are not convinced.

    The times are progressing, and the new generation of Trainers are growing in a more special way.

    But the most painful thing is that Blaine also found Terrance's ability to harness the Mega Evolution. After discovering this, Blaine looked up and looked at the sky. The emotional opponent did not make the best effort to overcome his main force from beginning to end.

    "It seems that the flames of the new era have burned."

    In a room in the Cinnabar Road Hall, Blaine looked at the scene inside the Cinnabar Road Hall and shook her head. She was dissatisfied and clearly occupied the top position in the contemporary Trainer, but Terrance's desperate training method was still I was shocked to Blaine.

    It can be clearly seen in the picture. Not only are Terrance's elves training, but Terrance is also standing barefoot on the hot battlefield and performing physical exercises.

    Terrance's exercise method is very special. From the action point of view, it seems like a systematic Fighting technique, but it is performed by Terrance, but it is a strange feeling.

    This is because he has just been exposed to this Fighting technique.

    “Is this part of Fighting that Bruno masters practice…”

    In conjunction with the special breathing method, feeling the heat flow in the body, Terrance sighed, using Ash's game ranking as a gamble to win the Fighting master from Bruno. Terrance got it from Master Bruno a few days ago.

    However, after getting Fighting, he has not had the opportunity to practice. This time in Volcano, Terrance can find an opportunity.

    The surrounding high temperature environment created a pressure on him to get started with stress. Compared to the Fighting technique originally taught by Joan Teacher, Bruno master gave him a significantly higher level of Fighting.

    Thanks to Terrance's good foundation, he quickly got started with this Fighting technique, and the movement gradually became more and more sensible. After practicing for a few hours, although Terrance did not feel any change, he already Attractively attracted by this Fighting technique.

    After all, Fighting is not a secret of the gods. If you want to be effective, it will take a few months and a few decades. This depends on talent.

    However, with the Bruno Master, it is said that it is the ability of the real KO to defeat the Fighting Elf. Even if the casted Fighting is sent, Terrance should feel strong.

    After training, Terrance sat down and practiced the Calm Mind method to relieve fatigue. Whether it was Calm Mind or Fighting, it was something that ordinary people couldn't get. Terrance was lucky and both had it.

    But unfortunately, he is destined to play the full power of these two things. Calm Mind has not been able to form Confusion until he has cultivated it, not to mention the level of Psychic masters like Sabrina and Olympia.

    The Fighting technique, in Terrance, can only play a role in physical fitness. To achieve the achievements of Master Bruno, according to Master Bruno, it is not feasible to play the foundation from a small age.

    Of course, Terrance is not greedy. Right now, the Fighting and Calm Mind methods are enough. The positioning of these things is very clear. From the beginning, it was not toward Confusion and the real PK elves. Everything, everything. Like the Fairy Mark, it is to help his Trainer.

    Around Terrance, Kirlia floats Calm Mind; Ninetales controls the cold, constantly playing with the hot air from the Volcano magma, and exercising his own control of energy.

    Pupitar and Carbink are even more fierce.

    Both guys are in the magma, and the power of Assist magma polishes the body!

    Carbink was born in a deep underground high temperature and high pressure environment. At the moment, Assist magma force, which madly tempered its own body strength.

    The same is true for Pupitar. Like Carbink, it is the Rock-based Pokémon. It also has good resistance to magma. Assist magma to exercise, so that its body is strengthening all the time.

    However, the consequences of this are also very serious, Carbink is okay, but Pupitar, every time it comes out is a serious burn, if not Altiya's fresh power and Heal Bell, and Kirlia's Heal Pulse, Pupitar can be miserable.

    In addition to Kirlia, Ninetales, Carbink, and Pupitar, Altaria is more cruel.

    Pupitar and Carbink are only on the surface of the magma, and Assist moves forward and backward, while Altaria is completely in the magma and has not been there for a long time.

    This crazy move made Blaine, who occasionally watched Terrance training, be shocked.

    His Duckbill Fire Dragon and Magmar dare to train like this because their Flame body's Ability and its own Attribute and body structure make it adaptable to magma, Altaria…

    Blaine really worried that the magma would not burn the beautiful feathers of Altaria.

    Terrance certainly has his own plans. Although Altaria is very strong, its resistance to fire is not necessarily the same as that of ordinary duck-billed dragons. Just like Golem, who is stronger, can also swim without Magikarp.

    Altaria dared to exaggerate the reason for entering the magma because it was wrapped tightly with a slight ray of light. Under Safeguard's move, Altaria completely isolated the damage of the magma to the body, only Assisted the high temperature environment to feel the flame. Force, training Flamethrower, big characters and other moves.

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