Pokemon Court Chapter 786

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 786th chapter shocking scene, floating astronomy
    While practicing in the magma, Altaria is getting more and more mastery of the power of the flame.

    In just three days, its Flamethrower power caught up with the frozen light.

    After Flamethrower's power to catch up with the icy light, the efficiency of the Altaria Assist magma practice began to slow down. At the current speed, it would be impossible to catch up with its Dragon Type and Fairy Type rumors.

    But Volcano's role has reached this point, and it has already made Terrance satisfied.

    After all, this is just an ordinary Volcano. Terrance hasn't thought about its practice beyond the Bigmhtmare Island.

    The mastery of the power of the flame has always been Altaria's weakness, although for the fire of life Terrance has always let Altaria intend to exercise, but the time is short, has not been effective.

    Now, with the power of Assist Volcano, Altaria's flame falsification has finally caught up with the power of frozen light, becoming the first attacking means of Altaria in addition to Fairy Type and Dragon Type.

    Of course, Terrance believes that after the fusion of the power of the flame and the energy of life to form the fire of life, Altaria's rumor of the flame exceeds the Dragon Type's rumor!

    The fourth day.

    The temperature on the battlefield was not enough to quench the willpower of Kirlia, Ninetales and Terrance, and they began to move down.

    The power of Assist Carbink, a slate that traverses from the side wall, appears below the battlefield of the Cinnabar Road Hall. It is about two or three meters away from the venue. After coming to the Rock plane, you can realize that the heat wave is even more pressing.

    According to Rotom Pokédex's estimate, this position should already be the limit, not the limit of Ninetales and Kirlia, but the limit of Terrance.

    The location where Blaine set up the site was based on it. Now, moving down two to three meters, Terrance feels a lot of pressure.

    With Terrance's human physique, if you approach the magma down, he will never be able to hold it. Even now, it needs a lot of water and Ninetales occasionally cools to maintain Terrance's normal training.

    However, the pressure of Assist, Terrance's Fighting and Calm Mind practices have been amazing and the results are extraordinary.

    Kirlia's Calm Mind is also amazingly effective, and the progress of mental strength is fast.

    Ninetales, after fighting with the more difficult heat waves, has a more nuanced control over the energy of ice and snow.



    It should be here

    On the fifth day of Terrance's arrival at the Cinnabar Hall, he heard the first voice outside Volcano in addition to Blaine.

    From the top of the stairs leading to the battlefield, a teenager in shorts carefully walked down, he could feel the temperature inside, so he was afraid of accidentally falling into the magma when he walked.

    However, it is obvious that his worries are superfluous. After going down, the battlefield of the Cinnabar Road Hall is completely present in front of him. With the layout of the Cinnabar Road Hall, it is very difficult to fall into the magma as long as it is not dead.

    And to die, it is obviously the case of Terrance.

    “The original Cinnabar pavilion was built in Volcano, and it’s no wonder that it couldn’t be found for so long.”After the teenager in shorts shouted, he suddenly heard a movement, and he rushed forward and sneaked into the bottom of the game.

    This hope, he saw a shocking picture, this picture, running through his Trainer career, so that he can not forget for a long time.

    The teenager who wore shorts saw Terrance. He saw a human being trained in a position close to the Volcano magma. When he saw so many elves coming into the magma, the shorts juvenile stood directly in the same place.


    Feeling the heat wave from the face, he quickly retreated back, took a deep breath, patted the heart, still unbelievable.

    "No, can't it be my eyes?"

    On the second observation, he rubbed his eyes and wanted to look carefully. At this time, Terrance was also curious about the people above, and looked up again. This time, the two eyes looked together. This is this. For a moment, the shorts teenager slammed into the body and saw Terrance, as if the shorts teenager saw a beast that was bathed in the flame, giving him a strong sense of oppression.

    This is the aftereffect of Terrance's Fighting and Calm Mind method. Just after the training, his momentum has not completely dispersed.

    "It seems to be a challenger…Do you want to go up first, wait for the next battle to reach me, and the trick will fall and kill us. ”After looking at it, Terrance took his eyes back and got it. Don't take it anymore. There is Kirlia in it. It's definitely not dangerous to fall down on the slate. It's a big deal to use Confusion to turn the trick.

    Shortly after Terrance took his eyes back, the lights in the pavilion lit up, and Blaine, who was the owner of the museum, finally appeared. The shorts boy originally thought that the talent below was the Taoist Trainer, but when Blaine came out, he discovered that the Trainer had another person.

    Under the arrangement of Blaine, the pavilion race began immediately, but the shorts teenagers have been obsessed with the people below, training in Volcano, this heroic, deeply shocked the young Trainer.

    The end of the pavilion was very fast, and the shorts were obviously prepared. Only Blaine, who tested the challenger's strength, directly recognized the strength of the opponent through the battle and gave the pavilion Badge.

    When I took over Badge, the shorts teenager swallowed and said to the Blaine old man: "Sir Gym Leader, may I ask, the person below is…"

    "Oh ?" You said that he was just a Trainer who borrowed Volcano. ”Blaine laughed and said, "Is it very interesting."

    Within a few days after the shorts teenager left, the pavilion came again with a challenger…In the past month, the Cinnabar Hall has come a lot of challenges.

    Time flies, and it is clear that Terrance has been in the Cinnabar Road Hall for a month.

    This month, he practiced in Volcano in the morning and practiced in Volcano in the afternoon. Only at noon and evening, he went to Cinnabar Island to solve food and sleep. Of course, the harvest of Terrance this month is also very gratifying.

    During this period, Cinnabar Road Hall had a total of nine challengers, among which there were challenges to success and challenges to fail, but everyone saw Terrance under the hanging platform and was surprised.

    The 10th challenger who challenged the Cinnabar pavilion also saw Terrance, a combination of two female Trainers. It should look like a sister. Before the Blaine did not appear, the two saw the Terrance sitting below. Very surprised.

    But in the next moment, a more surprising scene happened. The pictures that were not seen by the previous nine challengers were just hit by these two women!

    It was an Altaria, which came out from the magma and bathed in flames, and screamed loudly, then in the air, it was dazzling!

    Altaria, ongoing Mega Evolution!

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