Pokemon Court Chapter 787

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 787 chapter tyrannical flame of life! Floating astronomy
    For these two challengers, they are no strangers to the evolution process.

    However, the two are Trainers in the Kanto Region, but they are not familiar with Altaria.

    Right now, we see the Altaria Mega Evolution, which they think is an ordinary evolution.

    After Altaria flew out of the magma, the two were a glimpse. After seeing the light of evolution on Altaria, the two became even more embarrassed.

    They couldn’t think of it. Why did it happen when it entered the pavilion?

    At the same time, Terrance stopped Calm Mind, opened his eyes and slowly stood up and looked at Soaring in the sky. This is the fusion of Altaria's eighteenth attempt to the fire of life.

    By feeling Altaria's Contest Condition, Terrance knows that this is crucial.

    The first seventeen times are all for the foundation and paving the way for this time. Without the previous seventeen attempts, Altaria will not accumulate enough experience!

    In the past month, Altaria's flame power has been quite powerful. In addition to trying to fuse the fire of life, absorbing flame energy has always been its main practice direction.

    These seventeen fusion attempts also made Altaria more familiar with the point at which the power of life and the power of fire fit together.

    The power of the flame is stronger than the energy of life, no; the energy of life is stronger than the power of the flame; nor is it possible for only two energy sources to reach a relatively stable point of convergence?

    Of course, after encountering this point of convergence, it is not necessarily a good thing. Terrance has experienced it for a long time. The violent power that erupted after the integration of the two energies has always been beyond the control of Altaria.

    Inspired by Pikachu's fusion beads, Terrance intends to let Altaria try to integrate the fire of life in desperation, adding two preconditions for Altaria.

    "All things have waveguides, and all life, also has the energy of life, life energy is the fundamental of a creature, is the essence of their vitality, Ho-oh can use the energy of life to resurrect life, Xerneas has the ability to give life, Entei can use the fire of life to help people recover health, moltres The fire of life without temperature, this kind of all, is to explain the use of life energy. ”

    “Altaria doesn’t have the 'Reversal’ trick to make Pikachu reverse the adversity, but it has a 'Roost' trick.”Terrance's heart.

    At this time, Terrance also noticed that just two people came in, but it didn't matter.

    Altaria has been looking for a suitable opportunity. At the moment, Altaria has found the best opportunity. Terrance is not terminated by outsiders.

    When Altaria flew out of the magma, it was already burned by the flames. In order to find a feeling, it did not protect itself with Safeguard before.

    When the feeling is found, it immediately flies out, starts with the pillar of fire, and starts the Mega Evolution in the air, taking the lead in mobilizing the life energy to complete the sublimation of life, and transforming itself into a more advanced form, that is…

    Mega Altaria.

    When the ribbon-like tail feathers and cotton fluff dance with the heat waves, Mega Altaria is like a flame monarch Normal standing in the air!

    "What is that, Moltres?!!"The two challengers who entered the Cinnabar pavilion were very surprised.

    As for the feeling of the pavilion at the rear, the Blaine, which was observed by the camera to see the change in the hall, was shocked by the chin.

    Altaria's more fluffy feathers, as if burned with a flame, Normal, at the moment of completing the Mega Evolution, Mega Altaria mobilized the more powerful life force in the body, and the enormous flame power accumulated this month.

    After the two energy bursts together, a violent flame immediately rose up, lingering in Altaria, not only in this way, but also erupted from all parts of its body, making its entire body seem to be swept by the flame vortex. .

    "Alateria's Flare Blitz?"Blaine didn't bother to meet the challenger at this time, and he kept looking at the screen and didn't want to leave Altaria.

    Blaine doesn't even have to know, this is of course not a Flare Blitz trick, this flame, completely out of Altaria's control, where is the attack trick, it is obvious that Altaria is playing with fire.

    As a master of fire, Blaine, he is also confused about the Contest Condition of Altaria. He always knows that Terrance is training the Altaria in the Assist Volcano. Although Altaria's flame mastery has improved rapidly this month, It seems to be very immature in Blaine's eyes, but at this time…

    This raging flame, even across the screen, Blaine can feel the intensity of the flame. As a fan of fire, Blaine knows the various forms of the flame, the flame in front of him, he saw at the opening of the Indigo Plateau Conference. I have seen it when I tried to conquer Entei at a young age!

    The flame of life.

    "This guy has been trying to cultivate a flame that contains life."Blaine was shocked and he found himself looking down on Terrance's ambitions.

    The fire of life is an area that he has never touched.

    When it came out of the magma, Altaria's consciousness and body were actually burned to the limit, and only Terrance knew how long it had been stagnant in the magma this time.

    In order to find that feeling, Altaria forced itself to a desperate situation. Even with the life energy to sublimate his life level, after the Mega Evolution, the Contest Condition has not fully recovered.

    Although the negative effects were eliminated, the fire of the raging fire broke out, and the original fire damage and the raging fire of life broke out again, ruthlessly burning Altaria's body.

    "Look at you, Altaria."Terrance, Carbink, Kirlia, Ninetales, Pupitar, and a few Pokémons looked at Altaria and looked serious.

    Like Altaria, the Flying Normal, this time, I didn't try to master this violent power as I did before. Instead, I took another path, slowly landed in the ring, began to spread my wings, and began to use Roost's skills to mobilize this violent fire of life. ! !

    Since you can't control the most violent fire of life at first, start with its gentle side!


    This moment, the raging fire of life more violent burning up the altaria consciousness and body, even with the body strength of altaria, it also seems to be extremely loss, but Altaria eyes are very bright, because it feels the power from Terrance, through Fairy The role of imprint, Terrance all the times in the auxiliary altaria, let it smelling Salts, let it cheer up!

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