Pokemon Court Chapter 788

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the new chapter 788 chapter new legend, floating astronomy
    On the other hand, I don’t know when Terrance was hurting. Terrance didn’t expect it, because Fairy imprinted himself with Altaria’s soul. At this time, Altaria was hurt by the fire of life, and he could feel some fire. Overbearing, even through a living body can affect yourself!

    But despite the pain, Terrance did not dare to sloppy and continued to work with Altaria.

    At this point, the entire Cinnabar pavilion seems to be quiet, and the raging fire of life is getting more and more prosperous. Altaria has been doing its best to make it more violent. If the fire of life can really be controlled, it should be able to be used like Roost. Yes, Terrance and Altaria believe that this direction is correct.

    After a few seconds, I felt the heart slammed and burned. Terrance looked at the camera with amazement and saw that the fire of life on Altaria seemed to have reached a critical point, and then exploded even more!


    Numerous flames flew out, and the challengers who had been stunned were frightened and retreated. However, the fire of life that was completely erupted was too dense. They used it to avoid it and directly reached their bodies.

    Under this time, the two men quickly fell to the ground and rolled up. At the same time, they shouted for help, but they rolled and the two stopped suddenly. They realized that something was wrong and found that the fire was not hot.

    No hurt any more ……

    Terrance's doubtful reach out of the palm, the common pain felt from Altaria, has now disappeared, does this mean that…

    Looking at the ring covered by the flames, Terrance took a deep breath. The next moment, under the influence of Kirlia's Confusion, Terrance and several Pokémons returned to the top of the battlefield at Cinnabar.


    Looking at the Altaria, wrapped in flames, but without any painful look, Terrance instantly showed a happy color.

    Not only will it not be hurt, but the fire of life will burn before the healing of Altaria.

    "Did you make it……"

    Burst out of the maximum flame energy and life energy, let them through the fusion to create a steady stream of life fire, and then with the fire of life forced Altaria into a desperate situation, the desperate time, but also the fire of life the most intense time, this moment, the fire of life as if a qualitative change, but also this moment, Altaria The technique of successfully using roost to control the energy of life controls the fire of life.

    In desperate circumstances, the fire was reborn…

    At this moment, by observing the fire of life, Terrance concludes that this should be the product of the perfect integration of life energy and fire energy.

    That is, Entei's flame of life.

    At this time, Altaria is recovering with the flame of life. This fire of life is several times faster than the effect of Roost! !

    “Hehhuh”Terrance held his forehead and laughed. Under the command of Terrance, Altaria suddenly spit out a mighty pillar of fire in the magma!

    The next moment, the magma area was pierced through a large hole, and the flame of life eroded the magma around the hole all the time, until a few seconds later, the pierced hole was blocked by the re-flowing magma.

    "Yes, this power…"

    Terrance's gaze is surging. As Altaria's fire control ability increases, the fire of life will be stronger. Not only that, but the fire of life has another metamorphosis ability, that is, recovery! !

    Assist The flame of life restores the body, and the effect is far more violent than Synthesis, Roost, and self-recovery. Only this one will make the value of the flame of life to the extreme!

    "Not only can you attack, but you can also use it to recover. Now let's see…Fairy Aura, Mega Evolution, and the Fire of Life are all integrated. Altaria is like a new legend, I…Is this a new legend for Breeder? Although there is a lot of credit for Xerneas…"Terrance scratched his head and couldn't hide the joy in his heart. He really wanted to find a champion and go to see the real strength of Altaria who had mastered the fire of life! !

    However, Terrance also knows that he can't worry now. Altaria's mastery of the fire of life is not perfect. Although the fire of life is very high, it forms the basis of the fire of life. The fire energy, Altaria mastery has not reached the top level.

    Now its fire system energy mastery, or this month's Assist Volcano in the hard assault special training!

    But Terrance believes that when Altaria has a better grasp of the flames, he and Altaria will definitely have the strength of the Trump Card, which is truly a champion!

    Terrance believes that even if he does not use the fire of life, its perverted resilience alone will allow him to find a chance to win in the match with Diantha before –

    If, Diantha was doing all the power at the time.

    At this moment, Terrance feels refreshed. He feels that he is further away from the geniuses such as Steven and Cynthia. Altaria's combat power has been completely formed. The independent Mega Evolution, the fire of life, and the Fairy Aura system are added. Terrance believes that Altaria's Strength will become stronger and stronger over time, so strong that he can't even imagine it.

    "Haha, it’s a fire of life."

    At the same time, Blaine walked out from behind the door. He stared at Altaria and Terrance and said, "I didn't expect you to be a hidden fire master."

    "Fire Master? I can't be afraid. ”Terrance smiled and he was not proficient in the fire system.

    Even the Fairy department relies on the Fairy Domain, and Terrance's own accumulated knowledge is actually in the early years of various techniques, that is, coordination, which is also related to his Coordinator origin.

    "No, you can master this kind of flame, you can already be a master of fire."As a master of fire, Blaine naturally knows the power of life. He is very emotional. This rare and powerful flame is naturally very yearning, and there are many Trainers like him.

    Many Trainers who are proficient in the fire department want to have their own Pokémon master a special flame, for which they pay a very high price, but even if they work hard, the various flames formed by the day after tomorrow have no life fire level. Be high.

    After all, the premise of the fire of life is that most ordinary Pokémon can not skillfully control the energy of life, few of the few elves, while mobilizing the energy of life to perform some tricks, can be rigid, fixed mode of skill, like the hands and feet to control the energy of life, energy fusion, autonomous mega Evolution's advanced skills have always been the exclusive preserve of those elves with a higher level of life.

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