Pokemon Court Chapter 789

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 789th chapter of the flame orb, floating astronomy
    And these elves with higher life levels have a name in the Trainer mouth, that is, the legendary elf, the magical elf!

    Terrance's Altaria is not a chance to be valued by Xerneas. It is endowed with a huge life energy and a skill to control life energy. It is also a delusion to want to fuse a fire like a fire of life.

    In the face of Blaine's compliment, Terrance was speechless. At this moment, Blaine turned and looked at the two female Trainers: "You are challengers, I am very sorry, you see the venue has been damaged like this. It seems that the pavilion can only be postponed until tomorrow."

    "Oh, right, forgot to introduce myself, I am the owner of the Cinnabar Road Museum, Blaine."Blaine smiled and said to the two people: "And what happened here today, can you please don't say it?"

    "No problem, we must keep secrets and die!"The two sisters were all the same, and they quickly climbed up, blushing at Terrance, seemingly to put this young and handsome Trainer face into their minds.



    After the challenger left, Terrance looked at Blaine, and he could see that Blaine should have something to talk to.

    “Terrance, do you know why I built the pavilion in the Volcano on Cinnabar Island?”Blaine Road.

    "Is it to train the fire system Pokémon with Volcano?"Terrance Road.

    "Of course there is also this reason."Blaine smiled and looked at the magma underneath: "But it's not the main reason."

    "What is it because?"

    "Because this is the habitat of my strongest partner, I stay here, just to wait for it, that Moltres is not my Pokémon, but a friend I gave when I was young, although my Rapidash, Arcanine, Magmar They are also very strong, but they are still a little worse than the strength of the Moltres, haha."Blaine smiled and said something that surprised Terrance. The Volcano was inhabited by Moltres.

    "Amazing, right? That Moltres now strong outrageous, of course, there are old husband I breeder credit, haha, I have participated in Indigo Plateau Conference, saw the quartz flame, has also given birth to the idea of breeder the fire of life, but decades have passed, Including my Pokémon, including Moltres still unable to skillfully control the energy of life, to the Indigo Plateau Conference flame owner of that level, this is my regret to this day. ”Blaine is sorry.

    "When I was young, I was also unable to challenge the position of the champion because of this regret."

    One time I remembered the story of the young age, Blaine was very emotional. After he finished, he looked at Terrance: "Can you do me a favor?"

    "What?"At the glimpse of Terrance, if Blaine wants to ask about the control techniques of life energy, then he can't do anything about it. Xerneas's teaching of Altaria is similar to the form of inheritance. Terrance wants Altaria to teach Allen that the revolutionary Mega Evolution is not successful. Not to mention the more difficult skills of integrating the fire of life.

    "After Altaria's fire of life is stronger, find an opportunity to let Altaria fight my Moltres once."Blaine is serious.

    Blaine didn't ask for the rudeness of learning life-energy control skills. Although he didn't know that Terrance would refuse to teach, this method is undoubtedly precious. Terrance has no reason to tell him, so Blaine just wants to tie Moltres and himself. Knot.

    Since you can't grasp the fire of life, you can defeat it!

    "I can fight against the mighty Pokémon, of course I can't ask for it."The Terrance Express, Blaine's Moltres, sounds like a tough Rival.

    "Haha, that's good."Blaine laughed and patted Terrance's shoulder and said, "Let me help you, come out, duck-billed dragon!!"

    Blaine fell, and under the lava, a duck-billed fire dragon flew out. After Terrance saw it, there was no accident.

    During this month, Terrance already knew about Blaine Breeder's two Magmars and three duck-billed dragons, including Breeder for the challenger and Blaine as the main force for Breeder. The duck-billed dragon that only flies up is the one that deals with the challenger.

    At this time, the duck-billed fire dragon is holding a treasured ball of heat. After seeing this orb, Terrance looks awkward.

    "This is a flame orb. It has absorbed enough flame energy in the magma. It is one of the treasures of my Last Resort. You are welcome. You can use this orb to help your Altaria practice the flame energy. If I didn't guess wrong. If he had mastered the flames, it would only be upgraded in this month?"

    "It's really nothing to you."Terrance smiled and looked at the flame bead. He could feel the huge energy in this orb. If there is such a bead assist, Altaria's flame practice will be clearer. Even if he leaves Volcano, he will not lose efficiency. way.

    This flame bead, buried in Volcano for a long time, clearly contains a huge amount of fire energy, even if Altaria wants to digest it, it will take a while.

    "This is a treasure."Terrance shook his head, this flaming orb, and did not know how long Blaine had been in Volcano, one year, two years, or ten years? Terrance didn't know, so he didn't dare to accept it easily, afraid of owing people.

    "This is a treasure."Blaine smiled and shouted a few words, and two duck-billed dragons flew up, each holding two orbs, almost stunned Terrance.

    "Blaine seniors, how many flames are you hiding in Volcano…"Terrance was defeated and said.

    "These are my accumulation, their own breeder elves, as present send people, are good things, with volcano help, to create a rich energy of flame beads Easy, these years, I last Resort a lot, do not have the burden of the heart, I just hope you can let Altaria as soon as possible to grasp the fire of life, so that the power of the flame to let it and moltres to enjoy a fight, it is also self-selfishness. ”Blaine Road.

    Terrance silenced and then decisively said: "If that's the case, thank you."

    If you go to find such treasures, it is certainly not so easy. After thinking over and over again, Terrance took it. After passing the Orb, Blaine laughed. "Come on, don't waste the potential of Altaria."

    After Altaria completed the fire of life skills, Terrance did not leave the Cinnabar pavilion directly, but stayed for a few more days, trying to consolidate the fire skills of life.

    In these few days, Blaine's reception of Terrance was obviously enthusiastic. Compared to a Fairy master, a Trainer who had mastered the fire of life made Blaine more interested.

    However, a few days later, Terrance was surprised to discover the new changes in Carbink, which is the second time it has changed.

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