Pokemon Court Chapter 790

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the second change of the body 790th Carbink, floating astronomy
    For the first time, Carwink's absorbed Fairy energy reflected in the form of pink light on the body, and that time, letting Terrance realize that Carbink could further mutate into Diancie.

    And this second change is the change that Rockin's tricks Carbink showed!

    Holding a stone made by Carbink, Terrance frowned and called Rotom Pokédex to observe.

    “The structure of the stone has changed a lot, and the external force that causes the structural change of the stone may be Fairy energy.”

    After the Rotom Pokédex has been tested, head towards Terrance.

    "I guess, this stone is the same as Carbink's own change, but it is also a little pink."Terrance Road.

    "Jie Mi…"Carbink's incomprehensible opening.

    "It should be that you will gradually master the ability to make diamonds."Terrance judges that Diancie's exclusive nirvana, Diamond Storm, is an attack that uses diamonds to create damage, and Carbink's two changes have brought it closer to Diancie.

    After such a long period of hard work, Carbink finally turned to Diancie from both the body and the trick, which made Terrance look forward to it.

    It seems that the day from the sudden mutation of Carbink is not far off.

    "Jie Mi! ~" After making judgments by Terrance and Rotom Pokédex, Carbink also happily turned around and felt that his efforts these days were not in vain.

    Right now, Altaria has mastered the fire of life, and Carbink has made a second change. It can be said that this harvest has not been small for more than a month. Terrance considered and decided to bid farewell to Blaine.

    In a room at Cinnabar Road, Blaine made a cup of hot tea and talked to him about Breeder's experience before the departure of Terrance.

    "Unfortunately, your Altaria does not have a Fire Type, or the power of life will be stronger."Blaine regrets the opening, and then said: "But without the Fire Type, you have the fire of life. Your Altaria is more like the Fire Type than the Fire Type."

    “The Attribute is originally artificially defined. There are still few examples of Attribute changes in the Elf. There are too many factors.”Terrance smiled and shook his head, not only the transition from Normal to Fairy, but also the academia that found Attribute changes due to environmental differences.

    The Alola form is the most popular research point for Attribute to change this academic issue.

    It makes sense Since you are leaving, I will not retain it. ”Blaine Road.

    Moltres has not returned yet, Blaine is more helpless, or else Moltres can teach the fire of life in advance, and when Terrance leaves, he will have to wait for a long time.

    Huishu nodded and thanked Blaine for the hospitality of these days.

    Leaving the Cinnabar Road, Terrance plans to go to the Golden City, where Kanto's Grand Festival will be held.

    He has already won five ribbon medals through Vulpix, and this time the Grand Festival is a winner, and Terrance is certainly a must.

    After the battle of Hoenn's Contest, Kanto's Grand Festival is coming, and Terrance will continue his journey.

    Cinnabar Island Harbor, after purchasing the SS Ticket to Fuchsia City, Terrance frowned, and if there was nothing, there was someone sneaking around to track themselves…

    This feeling was not the first time it appeared, it existed about a week ago, but even Kirlia scanned it with Confusion and found nothing. Terrance has nothing to offer.

    "Whether you are not being tracked, you will know when you get on the boat."

    Terrance smiled a little, didn't care too much, and planned to eat a delicious meal before leaving. Cinnabar Island is also a tourist attraction, with many flavors of food. Terrance stayed in this month and liked a meal, even if it was eaten. It’s been a little tired for a month, and it’s a bit sad to leave Terrance suddenly.

    After coming to this restaurant, Terrance called Waiter to order, but before he could sit on his butt, the two men came together and looked at him with some surprises.


    When he heard the sound, Terrance raised his head and saw two familiar women, quickly recalling.

    "I remember that you two are…The challenger of the former Cinnabar pavilion, right. ”

    Terrance's Altaria incorporates the critical phase of the fire of life, and the two challengers enter the Cinnabar pavilion and see the entire process of Altaria's independent evolution and the completion of the fire of life.

    On the second day after the fire of life was completed, Terrance did not see the two people challenge again in order to organize the data. I didn’t see the two challenge again. At this point, the two found him and made Terrance somewhat puzzled. He should be with each other. No intersection is right.

    "Yes, I am Xuezi, she is my sister, called Wuzi."As a sister, the pale blue ponytail girl Snow Curious said: "I am also a Trainer. Was the elf before Altaria?"

    "And what about the flame?"The mist also showed a curious expression.

    Upon hearing the inquiries of the two men, Terrance reluctantly drank a free boiled water and said: "It is indeed Altaria. As for the others, there is no comment."

    Naturally, he couldn't take the initiative to promote the autonomous Mega Evolution and the fire of life, so the two strangers wondered that Terrance was not interested in answering it, but what surprised Terrance was…The two quickly transferred the topic.

    这是Terrance saw the check placed on the table, revealing a weird smile.

    "Kanto Bank's check."

    “Correct.”Xuezi nodded hard. "We both want to hire a powerful Trainer to help you. If you are paid, you will be satisfied."

    "Tell me."Terrance Road.

    "We know the location of Never-Melt Ice, which is a long time, and our goal is to get that."The snow opens.

    "Never-Melt Ice ?"Terrance stunned, this is a special treasure that enhances the power of the ice system. Terrance also collects when studying the snowy weather, but it is basically man-made, but there is no vintage.

    Like the natural Never-Melt Ice, light has been collected, and the field is rare.

    "Yes, that Never-Melt Ice is dominated by some of the most powerful ice genies, but if you use the flames of your Altaria, you should be able to deal with them."Wuzi Road.

    The invitation of the two, Terrance did not accept, he is not short of money for the time being, but it is a little meaning to Never-Melt Ice, so the two sides must not cooperate.

    "Sorry, I am not interested."As the meal arrived, Terrance finally smiled and rejected the two.

    Snow and the mist saw Terrance, who had eaten the meal without saying anything. They looked at each other and shook their heads helplessly.

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