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Pokemon Court Chapter 791

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 791th chapter Never-Melt Ice, floating astronomy
    after day

    Cinnabar Island went to the waters of the city of Light Red, and Terrance, who was in Otaru, was suddenly awakened by Rotom Pokédex.

    "What is it?"

    Terrance blinked and said, "Is it the place?"

    "Not Rotto."Rotom Pokédex opened a page and said, "You still remember the two people yesterday."

    "You mean the two people who want to find Never-Melt Ice."Terrance asked: "What happened."

    "It seems that the news of Never-Melt Ice has been circulated on the Internet. Because of your conversation yesterday, I paid special attention to the network. I didn't expect to have a big harvest."

    Rotom Pokédex fell, and Terrance looked.

    This is a news, generally speaking, there is Explorer in the Seafoam Islands. Found a year-old Never-Melt Ice for at least 3,000 years. This news was only a small spread in the Explorer forum, but I don't know which Explorer team is ahead of schedule. For the sake of this, there was a big fight in Seafoam Islands.

    There is a powerful elf guarding Never-Melt Ice. The Explorer forum has long been announced, but there is still the Explorer team who didn't press Captivate and started.

    As for the result, the entire team is endangered and frozen by the powerful ice and snow. If it is not timely, these people may have died.


    Seeing the speculation in the news, Terrance's expression was a glimpse of the news of Moltres at Blaine, and now Articuno's news is coming, which is really interesting.

    Judging from the content of the news, this Articuno should be very strong. In this case, the combination of the Millennium Never-Melt Ice and Articuno, then the Seafoam Islands should be very lively.

    Terrance is uncertain, and the Never-Melt Ice has some helplessness. The news has been exposed. There will definitely be a lot of Trainers. It is definitely not so easy to get the Millennium Never-Melt Ice.

    “Ninetales has Fairy Aura to assist in the practice of Fairy energy, while ice energy…If you have Never-Melt Ice, not only can Ninetales be used, but floating bubbles can also be used. The Millennium Never-Melt Ice should be a lot of the energy that Blaine gives to my Flame Orb. ”Terrance touched his chin, the Millennium Never-Melt Ice, and it was much harder than the fear energy accumulated by Nightmare Island. It can be said that even a top-level Trainer who is good at ice can get a new level of strength in a short time.

    Rotom Pokédex seems to be seeing Terrance's mind, Captivate.

    "Terrance, do you want to check out Rotto."

    "I think you want to go to see the fun."Terrance said, "I am going to Fuchsia City soon. I originally wanted to go to the wild wilderness area and go straight to Saffron City…If you don't go to Seafoam Islands, you will continue to pay attention to the network and get off the boat before making a decision. ”

    "Received Rotto!!"Rotom Pokédex smiled.

    The ship soon arrived in Fuchsia City, the only wild outfield area in the Kanto Region. Terrance considered it and gave up the idea of going shopping now. Just upon arrival, he found a suitable place to ride Altaria. Going out to sea.

    There is still no news on the Internet that Never-Melt Ice was acquired, Articuno was defeated, which made Terrance hesitate, but the body still could not help but move.

    Rotom Pokédex wants to watch the fun, he wants to see…

    Shortly after Terrance had just flown away, the Rockets trio who arrived in Fuchsia City from Cinnabar Island stunned.

    After Jessie's quick Smelling Salts, a fist woke up to James, saying: "I blame you, I have to make a detailed plan. I have had so many opportunities in Nibi and Cinnabar Island. Now we are even People are lost!"

    "How can you blame me, you and Meowth agree, this is the task that Giovanni boss personally gave us, and has formulated dozens of strategies. This is not to do the job perfectly!"James argues.

    "Several dozens…"Meowth took the gold coin and didn't know why he believed James's ghost at the time. He had to make a detailed and close plan.

    Now the plan is perfect, but people are lost.

    "I don't care, James, you have to find a way."Jessie threw a wooden paddle and was angry.



    At the same time, it was a waste of a SS Ticket's Terrance, thinking about his chin.

    He knew in his heart that if Never-Melt Ice is guarded by Articuno, it should evolve into a more serious event.

    Such asCountless Trainers capture and conquer Articuno.

    Compared to the millennium Never-Melt Ice, Articuno is significantly more valuable in most Trainer eyes.

    Of course, if you choose Terrance, he definitely chooses Never-Melt Ice. A powerful legendary Pokémon can only make him interested in playing against it. As for the powerful elves, the Breeder's Terrance is more Enjoy the process of Breeder's powerful elves from scratch.

    The Seafoam Islands are two islands on the 20th waterway of the Kanto Region. These two islands are identical in appearance, like a pair of twins, hence the name Seafoam Islands.

    Altaria Flying is much faster than the ship, and soon Terrance will be in an area of Seafoam Islands.

    At this time Seafoam Islands…It can be described as a sea of people.

    When Terrance arrived, he pulled an uncle who was wearing a ski suit and asked about the situation. The other person gave an answer that made Terrance have some stomachache.

    "What? What bird is eager? Oh! You said Articuno and Never-Melt Ice, oh, Articuno seems to be running after the battle. Now you almost all of the Trainer have to dig the Seafoam Islands, not to mention Articuno, even other ice systems Pokémon. They are running out. ”

    “The bitterness has been bitter for people like us who want to ski quietly.”

    Sorry SorryTerrance smiled and quickly came to the sea, some helpless, that is to say…White is coming?

    Just as Terrance had a stomachache and looked at the sea, thinking about whether to go inside the Seafoam Islands, a mature woman with sunglasses and a mask patted him on the shoulder.

    “Is this not Fairy Elite?”

    When he heard the familiar voice and the name, Terrance rose and his mouth twitched and turned back: "Lorelei Master? How are you here? ”

    "There is also this title…Where am I Elite Four…"

    This man was the master of Lorelei who had a relationship with Terrance in the Battle of Prison Island. She was very well dressed, and even Terrance was almost unrecognized.

    “Don't you plan to challenge the Elite Four?”Lorelei snorted and grinned. She thought that after Agatha's suggestion, Terrance would apply for the Masters immediately. After all, almost all Trainers are very enthusiastic about the honors of Elite Four masters and champions.

    "Okay, don't say that."Lorelei saw Terrance's embarrassment and guessed his intention to come to Seafoam Islands. "You should come for Never-Melt Ice or Articuno."

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