Pokemon Court Chapter 792

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 792th chapter "Fairy's Uprising", floating astronomy
    Terrance and Ash, Xiaogang, Misty did not disturb the Cinnabar Road Museum for too long.

    After leaving the Cinnabar Hall, Ash is also planning to leave.

    In fact, through the battle between the world's Earl Dervish tree and Cinnabar Island, Ash has probably understood the gap between himself and the top Trainer.

    Terrance's easy-going Legendary Pokémon really envied him. Now that the Silver Conference is approaching, Ash is determined to implement the training program that Xiao Gang has developed, and he will not give up.

    "Terrance Big Brother, let's leave first."

    The next day.

    Ash They bid farewell to Terrance and have already planned to go to Silver Town to prepare for the Silver Conference, which is about a month away from the Silver Conference.

    "Well, come on, and if you are interested, after the Silver Conference is over, you can travel to Hoenn Region. I can be very welcome."

    Before the departure of Ash, Terrance did not forget to swear, and in the heart of Ash, he reinforces the impression that he will travel to Hoenn Region.

    Perfect.Ash heard the invitation and nodded with joy.

    However, Terrance is behind, and Xiaogang next to it is eccentric. This conversation, how to sound it, has already determined that Ash can't win the Silver Conference Champion…

    Forget it……Maybe I think too much.

    Ash's departure from Terrance is very concerned. First, the Silver Conference will open soon. Ash's next itinerary may be related to the appearance of Groudon and Kyogre and even Rayquaza. Second, Ash's side may also appear to be seen by Terrance at any time. Jigglypuff.

    Somewhere on the island of Cinnabar.

    Rias was listening to Terrance's instructions and nodded.

    "The next thing, you go to the Johto Region Region, the route will follow Ash behind them, and second, prepare one or two 'soundproof' Ability's elves, which will be used in the future after encountering Jigglypuff."

    "If you can meet Jigglypuff on this road, you don't have to be discouraged if you can't, then there is an opportunity."

    Terrance took over the Elf Idol Idol planning, naturally to this project full responsibility, he has read RIAs collation of the business plan, in this project idol group initially expected the number of members is 5, is still 2, because the top 3 members of the voice qualifications are all top, the latter 2 members Terrance Also do not want to let RIAs perfunctory, but also look for the top voice qualification of the elves.

    It was a long-term plan, and Terrance was not too impatient. Everything was going to let Rias follow the original plan.

    As for the part he wants to intervene, the more detailed now is also urgent, he has to work with Rotom Pokédex from a long-term plan.

    It was only two days since Terrance returned to Hoenn. His stay in Kanto was long enough, and there was still a lot of things waiting for Terrance to handle it.



    Time is fleeting.

    Terrance quickly returned to the Hoenn Region, and what surprised him was that he might have noticed the movement of the Hoenn Alliance, or was secretly planning a major event, during which the activities of the Lava team and the water fleet suddenly decreased.

    Compared to the busy two months, the task of combating the lava team and the water fleet was reduced, and Terrance began to regain his gaze back to his own job.

    His position is the popularization of the basic knowledge of the Hoenn Region. The Hoenn Region has a complete education system in this respect. Terrance has just taken office and does not need to make any major reforms to maintain the original education system. He only Some special work is required.

    For example, after returning this time, he received a task to popularize the knowledge of the Fairy department.

    As the only Fairy master of the world, the first Fairy Elite of the Elf Alliance, Terrance's identity is somewhat special and has great publicity value. After receiving this task, Terrance naturally did not refuse. This task is even for him. No problem.

    At present, in the academic world, the Trainer field, the Breeder family, the Fairy department is too fragmented, and there are all kinds of arguments. Even a "Dazzling Gleam" move has no less than three different analysis. .

    Even the Attribute division of some elves is still being debated by some scholars.

    The Hoenn Alliance means that Terrance can write a book about Fairy's knowledge to shape Terrance into a representative of the Fairy department, which is good for both Terrance and Hoenn Alliance.

    So, after returning to Hoenn, Terrance immediately collected all the Fairy data from the world, and then rearranged it with the information recorded by Rotom Pokédex.

    This work was handed over to Terrance alone. It can be said that it was a big project. It took a long time to be a long-term task, but no one thought that Terrance was quick and quick.

    He is a cheaper.

    Rotom Pokédex documents the comprehensive knowledge of the Fairy department from a few years later.

    At that time, the Fairy system was clear and incorporated into the Elf Pokédex, which can be said to have been completely finished.

    What Terrance needs to do now is to incorporate some knowledge of the partial door and his own insights. After that, he can easily complete an encyclopedia about the Fairy department.

    After half a month.

    Terrance has already completed this book.

    It includes 50 Fairy Elfs or detailed or rough data, as well as more than 10 Fairy styles.

    In addition, there are some information about Fairy's plants, ores and even rare treasures.

    60% of them were sorted out by Terrance through the currently known data, which removed some false remarks and then streamlined numerous times. Of course, he himself also joined many conclusions that have not been studied yet. More importantly, In this book, Terrance has also added a lot of private goods, which is his own experience.

    Terrance studied Fairy for so long and had his own unique insights into the Fairy department. Although the high-end knowledge of Fairy's energy essence cannot be written in, the tips hidden in this book are quite enough to make many Breeder Fairy departments. The Elf's Trainer is suddenly open.

    However, these little tricks Terrance is not very straightforward, or it is hidden deep, and it takes a literary person to use his own brains. It is not a fool's strategy. If you want to enjoy it, it is impossible.

    If someone can sum up the Fairy method of the Fairy Elf from this book and become his own knowledge, it can only show that he is a good talent. It is suitable to become a Trainer specializing in Fairy. Terrance is just a guide. The role.

    After completing this book, Terrance didn't come out for the first time, and it took about half a month to get the book out.

    The title of the book was named by Terrance as "The Fairy of Fairy."

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