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Pokemon Court Chapter 792

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the text 792 Articuno, floating astronomy
    "Yes, I am interested in the year-old Never-Melt Ice."Terrance Road.

    "For your ice system Ninetales and floating bubbles?"Lorelei smiled and said, "You come with me."

    The behavior of Master Lorelei made Terrance feel unconscious. Does the other person know where Never-Melt Ice is?

    The caves of the Seafoam Islands are very characteristic. Many of the caves are related to each other. Terrance followed the Lorelei masters into the caves of the Seafoam Islands and suddenly became a bit stunned.

    "Lorelei Master, are you taking me in the maze…"

    Terrance's brows are tight, he has deliberately remembered the route, but the situation inside Seafoam Islands is too complicated, and it has made Terrance a bit stunned.

    Walking in such a complex ice cave, Terrance, who did not wear cold clothing in advance, has already felt that the chill is eroding the body.

    “Normally, it is impossible for outsiders to thoroughly detect the environment inside the Seafoam Islands.”Lorelei said: "In fact, Articuno did not leave the Seafoam Islands, but it was hidden deeper."

    “Do you know the location of Articuno?”Terrance was surprised by the opening.

    But the next moment, Terrance suddenly jumped in the heart, quickly patted the Poké Ball at the waist, and with two ice sweeps, a Golbat's wings were quickly frozen with a layer of frost and landed on the ground.

    The Pokémon, which emits frozen light, is the Ninetales of Terrance, and the Coloyster of Lorelei. The master of Lorelei reacts faster than Terrance. When the big mouth bat wants to launch an attack, the ice has blocked its action.

    Looking at the big mouth bat on the Ground, Terrance was puzzled and looked at the gap in the ice.

    “Be careful, Zubat and Golbat in the ice cave are not afraid of the cold, they like to hide in the gap Assist temperature concealed and then hunt food.”Lorelei reminded that while looking at Terrance's Ninetales unexpectedly, she deliberately did not remind, but did not expect Terrance's reactionary consciousness to be so outstanding.

    "Don't be afraid of the cold Golbat?"Terrance watched the frost on his wings go fast, and Golbat, who had escaped, accidentally opened his mouth.

    "Having lived in the ice for a long time has made Golbat possess this skill. They are not only afraid of the cold, but also have strong Bide and aggressiveness. How do you conquer one?"

    Forget itTerrance shook his head. "Let's say, Master Lorelei, go back to the topic…"

    "嘘~" Lorelei made a quiet gesture and smiled. At the same time, after a quick silence, Terrance's ears swayed and immediately heard the harsh sound of the sound. It seems that Golbat just called his companion.

    "Cloyster, Supersonic."After discovering a large number of Golbat attacks, Lorelei was not in a hurry.

    The next moment, Cloyster opened the shell, and a strange sound wave was emitted before the strange face. It spread directly along the ice wall. After a while, the dense Supersonic sound disappeared.

    FormidableTerrance looked at Cloyster and didn't expect it to have this ability.

    Simulating Golbat's Supersonic, it is a shameless way to send a special signal to interfere with each other as a companion…But it is better than going through a battle.

    Expelled Golbat, Lorelei said: "Go, I will take you to Articuno."

    Lorelei's words, Terrance's eyes lit up, and the other person knew the location of Articuno.

    Quickly keeping up with Lorelei's footsteps, Terrance wanted to see what the other side was playing and led him in, certainly not to make himself look at Articuno and Never-Melt Ice.

    "The next channel is dangerous."After a while, Lorelei turned back to Terrance and Ninetales.

    At this depth, Terrance, they can't see other people, and now there are three mouths in front of them. Lorelei didn't think about it and walked straight toward the middle.

    "Cloyster, freezing light."

    Standing in front of the cornice, Lorelei decisively.


    As the ice light is emitted, a broken sound is heard under the mouth of the mouth. It seems that countless ice layers are madly collapsed, making the mouth behind the mouth suddenly mysterious and strange.

    "Is the front empty?"Terrance and Ninetales went up.

    Lorelei nodded. "There is no way ahead. As for the bottom, it leads to the lowest level of the Seafoam Islands. The ice layer on this side is very thin because of the terrain. It will definitely collapse when you step on it, so I set up an ice ladder."

    After that, Lorelei once again signaled that Terrance was pressing, and he and Coloyster took the lead on the ice ladder.

    "Reliable…"Terrance took a look, some doubts, but fortunately Ninetales has Psychic, at least not to worry about the danger of falling.

    The lower the temperature, the lower the temperature. After the master of Lorelei, Terrance took a nap. He looked at Lorelei. The other party was wearing a short skirt. It was really amazing. Not only was the Bruno master better than himself, even the Lorelei master. Is also a martial arts master?

    Stepping on the ice ladder made by Cloyster, the two men and two elves turned a few bends and came to a mysterious ice trail.

    A little bit dizzy…Terrance Road.

    From the entrance to here, even if he walked it personally, he now forgot the route. The environment inside is too similar, which makes it difficult to distinguish the route by memory.

    "Through this ice path, it should be in the habitat of Articuno."Lorelei pointed to the curved path ahead and said.

    "Articuno…"Terrance and Ninetales looked at each other and saw the legendary elves of the ice system soon, which made them look forward to it.

    "Let's go."Lorelei finally said a word.

    The two have been walking down the path, and after a while they were blocked in front of a layer of ice.

    “This is what Articuno uses to hide the habitat, followed by a cave.”Lorelei said, after she finished, she let Coloyster cut a hole and walked straight in. Terrance glanced at it, followed by Ninetales.

    Whistling ~~~


    As soon as he entered, Terrance stopped suddenly and quickly with his arm against the violent cold wind, so that the ice slag did not hit the face, and through the gap between the fingers, Terrance finally saw Articuno.

    The crown of three dark blue prismatic feathers, the long, flag-like tail, and the wing, which is said to be composed of ice, is a large bird elf that is ice blue, and seems to treat them as 闯Enter.

    Terrance also remembers that Altaria had carved Articuno's ice sculptures in the Contest competition, but compared to the ice sculptures, it is obviously more lively and more controversial.


    Terrance, who just wanted to fight back, saw Lorelei slowly go forward and touched Articuno's feathers with his hands. The corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch. Did they know?

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