Pokemon Court Chapter 793

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 793th runner-up Ash, floating astronomy
    The book "Fairy's Uprising" was completed, but it was only spread on a small scale. After a group of scholars, Breeder, and Trainer considered it to be the most complete Fairy system in the world, the Hoenn Alliance immediately had a wide-scale promotion.

    change No need to. ”

    In the face of an expert in the Hoenn Alliance responsible for the matter, Terrance unexpectedly said: "There is not much core knowledge involved in this."

    The techniques written in this book, Terrance is still measured.

    "Yes, it is true, but it involves some quick skills, and if it is widely circulated, it may be used by some speculative slippery, or it will create a bad ethos among rookie Trainer, and I can understand Terrance Elite's idea of allowing fairy to develop rapidly, But everything needs to be gradual, and there are too many techniques involved in this book that are not suitable for a wide range of promotions. ”

    "If it is widely promoted, even if this knowledge requires a second understanding, it is inevitable that some links will be mistaken. After all, the network is developed, and the information has not been completely confidential, and will be exposed sooner or later."

    The official said bitterly, the practice of adding a lot of private goods to a basic book like Terrance is really a conscience, but…This kind of practice is indeed not suitable for large-scale promotion.

    ‘En?’Terrance thought for a moment and didn't force it. Although the hidden tricks inside him were nothing to him, not even worth mentioning, but for the grassroots Trainer, it was a chance.

    If you fully understand this Fairy's Ups and Downs and add enough resources, it's okay to become an elite Trainer specializing in Fairy, and the elite Trainer can reach the top of the Region Conference. Trainer.

    The promotion of such books, even if it is produced by Elite, is enough to make Terrance a sight for many people, because it has already harmed some people's interests.

    Advanced knowledge monopoly is also a way to save money, and Terrance is ill-considered.

    In addition, there are other places that Terrance has not considered.

    "Also, the resources of the exclusive Fairy system are limited. If a complete Fairy-based Elf Breeder method is widely circulated, it will lead to numerous Trainer follow-ups and then cause market collapse."Terrance thought about it and said, "I will modify the "Fairy's Uprising"."

    "Working hard for you."

    Regarding the revision of Fairy's Ups and Downs, it was a lot easier than finishing. Terrance only took less than three days to complete the work. At the same time, let Terrance care that the Silver Conference in Johto Region Region has It is nearing the end.

    During this time, Terrance has been paying attention to the situation there. As the top 8 of the Indigo Plateau Conference, Ash also showed great strength in the Silver Conference. He entered the top 8 in one breath and arrived here. Ash Only gradually began to struggle.

    After entering the top 8, Rival's strength is obviously stronger than Ash's, but with Pikachu's explosion, Ash is in the finals.

    PeriodsPikachu is not only a double kill, three kills…

    That was closeHowever, in the finals, Pikachu was too expensive because of the previous battles. The Contest Condition in the final was not very good. He didn't play all the strength, and Ash quickly lost, so that the Conference Champion four elves. The record of losing combat capability became the runner-up of this session of Silver Conference.

    "Ash's Rival is very strong, plus he doesn't use the power of the waveguide. It's good to get this."When the voice of Bai Cheng was heard in the communication equipment, Terrance thought about it and said, "Is you not letting him use the waveguide?"

    "Yes, his foundation is so bad, although he taught him the waveguide, but I do not want him to rely too much on the waveguide in this kind of competition, this is not a good habit, when he becomes a alone trainer, and then use the waveguide force is not too late, so he can also more perfect use of the force of the waveguide, not to lose my reputation ……”

    "The last sentence is the point."Terrance is helpless, saying: "Is there any follow-up to the information about the power of the waveguide you gave me, and the progress on my side is still not much improvement."

    Over the past month or so, Terrance has received a deeper wave of information from Bai Cheng.

    When he got it, he immediately imported Rotom Pokédex, but during the fusion Fighting process, it didn't integrate as quickly as Terrance imagined.

    "No, Mr. Yalang’s knowledge of the waveguides left on the rods and gloves of the brave have been digested by seven or eight hundred eight. I know that I have told you all, even if I have a deeper application method, I can’t figure out it in a short time. You can use it first."

    Got itTerrance sighs, although the progress of Rotom Pokédex is not good, but compared to the first fusion, at least let Terrance see the hope of successful integration. If the time is longer, there may be a turnaround. It seems that it still has to Wait.

    With the introduction of the simplified version of Fairy's Ups and Downs, Terrance didn't pay much attention to the sales, but at this point, Terrance was upset by the fact that he followed Rias and others behind Ash and others. And did not find traces of Jigglypuff.

    Seeing that Ash is leaving the Johto Region, Terrance has no choice but to give up, and Jigglypuff should still appear.



    "Hey, the next step, the itinerary has been determined. During this period, if the lava team and the water fleet do not make too much noise, I should be able to relax for a while."

    In addition to a lecture on the Fairy department that was completed in the end of a month with Professor Birch, Terrance did not have much arrangements for this month.

    He intends to take Togepi and Froakie to the ancient pyramids for a while, to find opportunities for evolution, and if possible, he intends to conquer a super-ancient pyramid with a top-quality sounding elf.

    In addition to Jigglypuff, the Idol group is still a member. Terrance has encountered several elves in the ultra-ancient pyramids, but there is no in-depth observation. It is not too late to see.

    At present, the main players in the Terrance team still maintain training, but in the top-level field, they are doing more training to maintain the Contest Condition, because no matter how hard they train, it is difficult to have a big time unless there is an organic edge in a short time. The improvement.

    Only Beautifly, which blends with the unique golden energy of the world's Earl Dervish tree, has a lot of skills to re-develop…

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