Pokemon Court Chapter 793

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 793th millennium? Never-Melt Ice! Floating astronomy
    "long time no see."

    Lorelei stroked Articuno's feathers and seemed happy to meet Articuno.

    Terrance stood quietly behind, guessing the relationship between Lorelei and Articuno.

    After a while, it seems that the conversation with Articuno is over, Lorelei turned back and said to Terrance: "It is actually my Teacher."

    "Teacher?"A glimpse of Terrance.

    “I was in the second year of becoming Trainer. I came to the Seafoam Islands training to challenge the Indigo Plateau Conference. I accidentally fell into this place. Articuno saved me. Not only that, but it also taught me a lot about using ice. Skills."Lorelei smiled and said.

    "The Lord Lorelei you came this time…"Terrance doubts.

    “Articuno has not been found in a short time, but the news has already been passed out. This place will be exposed sooner or later.”Lorelei revisited Articuno and said, "I am going to take it out of here and go to another place I can take care of."

    Lorelei fell, Articuno licked her body with her head, very close to Lorelei.

    "It turned out to be the case."Terrance nodded. "Is there a place for me to help?"

    Lorelei answered very simply: "Of course, please."


    Following the eyes of Lord Lorelei, Terrance discovered the giant ice body behind Articuno. The huge ice was surrounded by a faint glow, and the energy of ice and snow continued to flow. Oddly, this ice body did not emit the slightest Cold, it seems that the energy of ice and snow is locked tightly inside.

    "Never-Melt Ice ?"Terrance has a strange opening.

    The next moment, he couldn't believe it. The size of this Never-Melt Ice is too big, almost hundreds of times the Never-Melt Ice he acquired! !

    "Is this the 3,000-year-old Never-Melt Ice?"Terrance asked quickly.

    "No."Lorelei shook his head. "That's just a rumor. The history of Never-Melt Ice around Articuno has been around for 10,000 years and is a legacy of Theo era."

    “As for the other Never-Melt Ice in Seafoam Islands, the highest in the year is only a few hundred years.”

    Wannian…Never-Melt Ice of Theo era…

    Terrance's eyes straightened up and said: "That is to say, the formation of this Never-Melt Ice may still be before the formation of the species Mamoswine, 10,000 years…It has been described as a treasure alone. ”

    "Not so exaggerated."Lorelei smiled. "In fact, the vintage is not necessarily a good thing. The energy inside this Never-Melt Ice has actually consumed a lot."

    “Although Never-Melt Ice claims to be able to isolate all heat, it is so easy to be 100% isolated.”Lorelei said: "It's just that the energy is so slow that it can be neglected. If 10,000 years have passed, any Never-Melt Ice should be turned off."

    Upon hearing the explanation of Master Lorelei, Terrance understood something but suddenly felt that something was wrong: “If Never-Melt Ice still emits energy, isn't the longer the year, the lower the quality? Can this Never-Melt Ice keep this Contest Condition? ”

    “In fact, this Never-Melt Ice is special. The formation of Never-Melt Ice depends on the surrounding environment. Thousands of years ago, Seafoam Islands was a huge continent of ice. The environment here makes this Never-Melt Ice Even if it exudes energy, it still maintains this Contest Condition because absorption is greater than release…However, in the past hundred years, the continent of ice has become two small islands. The life of this Never-Melt Ice has finally reached its limit. Under the influence of the outside world, it now stores as much energy as you think. ”

    “The Seafoam Islands have many ice elves, the main reason is that this Never-Melt Ice has been emitting ice energy for hundreds of years, making it a place for ice elves to inhabit.”

    Terrance is stunned by Steven, but there are still some doubts: "But what can I do to help?"

    Lorelei asks: "I want to Assist the power of the light beam you released on Prison Island, destroying this Never-Melt Ice."

    "What?Terrance frowned and said, "Why destroy Never-Melt Ice?"

    Never-Melt Ice is difficult to form, and the ice energy inside it will quickly disappear after destroying the structure of the ice.

    "Remember what I told you before? Thousands of years ago, Seafoam Islands was a land of ice, which was the result of the proliferation of Never-Melt Ice and the ice elves, which turned the continent of ice into the current Seafoam Islands, the Lorelei.

    "This situation will continue. After a few decades, I am afraid that this beautiful Seafoam Islands will be completely submerged by the sea…But if you break this giant Never-Melt Ice, it will aggravate the fusion of ice energy and make the Seafoam Islands last longer. ”

    Looking at Articuno, Lorelei smiled and said: "This is also the agreement between me and Articuno at the time. After all, we are not willing to see such an ice system, the water system Pokémon's paradise disappears so quickly."

    "This reason…"Terrance hesitated and then smiled. In his opinion, a Seafoam Islands was worth more than this Never-Melt Ice. The Lorelei master wanted to sacrifice Never-Melt Ice to complete the Seafoam Islands. He couldn't understand it.

    "Well, I will help you."

    Although I can't understand it, it doesn't prevent Terrance from helping me. One Elite Four volunteered to help, and it was too unreasonable to refuse.

    "You will be willing to help, and it is really difficult for my Pokémon to destroy this Never-Melt Ice."Lorelei laughed, whether it's a water trick or an ice trick, it didn't cause much damage to Never-Melt Ice, let alone this hard Wanne Never-Melt Ice. Lorelei once wanted to ask other top Trainers to help, but Articuno was still here, the timing was not suitable. Right now, she has decided to take Articuno, and the news of Never-Melt Ice is completely exposed, so Lorelei is determined to Never-Melt Ice in exchange for the life of Seafoam Islands.

    Slowly walking to Never-Melt Ice, Lorelei reached out and touched it quietly, a little sad.

    For Lorelei, whether it is Seafoam Islands or this Never-Melt Ice, she has deep feelings. However, compared to her own personal feelings, she and Articuno hope that the Seafoam Islands will exist for a longer time, so that this ice elf paradise can be saved.

    "Lorelei Master…"Looking at the master of Lorelei, Terrance was silent. Lord Lorelei did not choose to take Never-Melt Ice, but to integrate it with Seafoam Islands. This action was just not understood by Terrance, but now she and her true feelings of Articuno are revealed. Terrance suddenly understood.

    After a while, Lorelei came back and smiled. "Thank you, little Fairy, but I don't know if I can successfully destroy Never-Melt Ice. If it can't be destroyed, it will be a big joke."

    "Little Fairy?"Terrance is full of black lines, this title…

    "Do not worry, I am still very confident about the power of my own nirvana."

    "That's best."Lorelei looked at Ninetales and hesitated, saying: "The moment of the destruction of Never-Melt Ice will give off a powerful ice energy. If it can be successfully destroyed, both of us must quickly retreat to prevent injury, but… …You can let Ninetales stay for a while. ”

    "What?"A glimpse of Terrance.

    "Bathing Never-Melt Ice's first burst of ice energy can make the ice Pokémon's affinity for energy stronger. My Pokémon is not suitable for this, but your Ninetales seems to be in the growth stage. Look."

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