Pokemon Court Chapter 794

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 794 Light of Ruin, launch! Floating astronomy
    “Is there such an advantage?”Terrance was the first to hear about it.

    "Well, this process is hard to come by."Lorelei nodded.

    At this time, the two men planned to start working on this Never-Melt Ice. Before that, Terrance let Ninetales take the lead to try the hardness of Never-Melt Ice, and the frozen light went down like a grain. The dust drifted into the sea, and even a little bit of it didn't rise.

    “Not only is the ice trick bad for the damage of Never-Melt Ice, you try it with other tricks.”Lorelei laughed.

    After a glimpse of Terrance, Ninetales used the Iron Tail. After the nine diffuse metallic lustrous tails were slapped at one point, the giant Never-Melt Ice still left no trace.

    InterestingThe Terrance channel, also known as Ninetales, used Moonblast, and the result is of course the same.

    "The existence history of Wannian makes it hard and hard. Even if my Elf Legion is fully attacked, it can only leave a shallow trace. It will take almost a few seconds, and it will be restored."Lorelei shook his head.

    "The ice system has the least damage to Never-Melt Ice, and that's no way."Terrance contemplates: "Steel, Fighting, Fire, Rock and other Attribute attacks are logically the best, and Fairy is not the first choice."

    "It is true, but the strength of the individual is destroyed by one attack. The effect is not necessarily a one-time, more powerful attack. After all, Never-Melt Ice has a special structure and has a unique recovery system for storing ice energy."

    "I try my best."Terrance Road.

    Lorelei is fascinated by his team combination skills, with Ninetales and Altaria as the core, to maximize the concentration of Fairy energy into a single attack, which is impossible for other top powers.


    At this time, Articuno screamed and signaled it to break.

    "Because of the insurance, you and I will fall back before the destruction. The ice energy that broke out in Never-Melt Ice can be withstood by the ice-like elves, and others are hard to resist."After Articuno finished, Lorelei said.

    UnderstandAt the same time, Terrance answered the two figures from the Poké Ball hanging from his waist. At the same time, the Poké Ball hanging around his neck also shot a figure, Altaria!

    Altaria, Carbink, Kirlia, plus the Ninetales around him, is that Terrance is now able to release all the fairies of the Fairy system.

    "Unfortunately, if you give me time to prepare, the chances will be even greater."In the heart of Terrance, the sixteen Cutieflys are also a powerful force. In the core team system of Ninetales and Altaria, the individual strength is hardly considered. Consider the total amount, so the more the elves, the better.

    Of course, the strength of the elf individual is not a bad thing. The power of the Dazzling Gleam released by Mega Altaria, even if the number of sixteen Cutiefly is doubled, it is too late.

    "Only these elves…"Lorelei accidentally saw the appearance of three elves, Altaria.

    Just looking at Kirlia's evolution, you know that these elves are Terrance's team that has not yet formed Breeder.

    "This time I was in a hurry and didn't bring enough elves. Let's try it first."Terrance, don't look at the small number, through the reinforcement of Fairy Aura, Ninetales, Carbink, Kirlia's Fairy system is very strong, Terrance has great confidence.

    However, Terrance also feels that this Fairy team is a bit of a small family. If you want to challenge Elite honors, count them as Carbink, and the main force of the shots is only fourteen…Even the two teams did not get together.

    In those fierce competitions, it is often the case that the main injury is too late to participate in the next game.

    Even games like the Indigo Plateau Conference and the Evergrande Conference can be seriously injured and require long-term treatment, not to mention more advanced events.

    It was too short for Terrance to decide the Breeder Fairy team. He didn't accept more Pokémon after all, but Terrance was not discouraged. For him, conquering more elves is just a matter of thought. The key is to meet yourself. The appetite of the elves is more difficult. In short, Terrance intends to end the Grand Festival and then consider the matter of conquering the new elves.

    "Okay, give it a try."Lorelei nodded.

    Pulling Terrance was a temporary rush. It was her mistake to not give Terrance enough preparation time, but because Articuno and Never-Melt Ice were exposed, the time left for her was really small, and Lorelei was helpless.

    "Master Lorelei, you should step back a bit."Terrance blocked the front of Lorelei and extended his arms. "I will assist them first. It shouldn't be a big problem."

    "Alright!"Lorelei nodded and retreated to the distance.

    Then, Terrance looked at the giant Never-Melt Ice and took a deep breath. He had already communicated with several elves in the bottom of his heart. They all know what to do next!

    Compared to the Vulpix period, today's Ninetales has made it easy to shape the ice moon.

    Blizzard whistling, a round of the moon like an ice mirror appeared in front of a few elves.

    Since this time the target is a dead object, it is not necessary to hang the ice moon in the air. After finding a good angle, the ice moon stands directly at Never-Melt Ice, as if a muzzle is aimed at Never-Melt Ice. .

    "Appeared, this ice month."

    Lorelei's eyes stayed on the ice moon and it was amazing. From the process of shaping the ice moon, she could clearly understand every skill, but it is reasonable to say that it should not be so simple.

    Because of this icemoon alone, it is impossible to absorb the tricks released by multiple Fairy spirits.

    But the next moment, Lorelei wakes up, along with Altaria's autonomous Mega Evolution, her brow wrinkles, and some surprised to see the magical atmosphere that comes out of Mega Altaria.

    What happenedWhether it's the autonomous Mega Evolution or Fairy Aura, even her top powerhouse is very novel.

    The combination of the gas field and the ice moon seems to have changed the ice moon. This is a gas field close to the color of Fairy energy, which makes Lorelei unable to touch the mind, but she understands that this is the core of Terrance's team combination skills. Where.

    "Mysterious guy…"

    Terrance, the young Trainer, started to make Lorelei curious.

    "Get started!"At the same time, with the low drink of Terrance, Carbink, Altaria, Kirlia, and Ninetales began to release Moonblast, and Dazzling Gleam! !

    Moonblast directly acts on the giant ice moon, making the ice moon bright and dazzling. As for the Dazzling Gleam, it is more like the nutrients that are continuously absorbed into the ice moon, strengthening the effect of Moonblast.

    At this dazzling moment, Terrance and Lorelei held their breath, and the next moment, the Light of Ruin, which was compressed to the extreme, turned into a thick bottle of water and reflected from the ice moon! !

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