Pokemon Court Chapter 795

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the mutation opportunity of the arrival of Chapter 795, Astronomy

    Just as Lorelei looked at Never-Melt Ice seriously, thinking that this road seemed to be silent, when the Light of Ruin with great horror was about to hit Never-Melt Ice, Light of Ruin suddenly disappeared into the air.

    Lorelei looked closely, it didn't disappear, but on the Light of Ruin's attack route, there was a Fairy Aura diffuse prismatic mirror!

    The mirror is almost transparent, and when Light of Ruin hits it, it sinks into nothingness, causing no fluctuations, but as Light of Ruin continues to enter, the mirror trembles fiercely, and a crack appears on it.

    Right now.

    Terrance squeezed a handful of sweat, and in order to better destroy the effect, he guided Carbink and Altaria's new skills here. Carbink, who was condensed in his expression, quickly gave up control of the magic mirror and let it collapse. Broken, after all, the magic mirror can't withstand more Light of Ruin.

    Although the enhancement effect of the magic mirror has not been maximized, the purpose of Terrance has been achieved.

    Under the secondary action of the magic mirror and Fairy Aura, these Fairy energies are quickly shaped into an arrow shape, which is endowed with incredible penetration! !

    When it was seen that the plan worked, Terrance laughed.

    In the case of this attack, Terrance had plenty of time to play tricks. At this time, Light of Ruin had a strong penetrating power, Terrance didn't believe it, and couldn't break a piece of Never-Melt Ice.

    After the arrow-shaped Light of Ruin reflected from the magic mirror, the time in the cave seemed to stop Normal, and the atmosphere was quite depressed.

    Fairy's light flashed in the eyes of Lorelei and Terrance, and both of them sighed at the same time, how could there be such a beautiful Attribute.

    This light…

    The people present, Pokémon's thoughts were fixed here, and between the speeds, Light of Ruin has been nailed to Never-Melt Ice!


    Along with the silence, a broken voice came out, and Lorelei and Terrance's face quickly appeared to be happy.


    The arrow-shaped Light of Ruin was inserted directly into the Never-Melt Ice body, and the cracks spread under the eyes of the two.

    "Good power."Lorelei was shocked, she had no way of defending this Never-Melt Ice, but Terrance was easily destroyed here.

    Compared to Lorelei's surprise, Terrance was also surprised by the defense of this Never-Melt Ice. Terrance was very conceited. The damage of Fairy's light was absolutely terrifying, but it was this horrible blow. This Never-Melt Ice didn't even have Directly broken completely.

    “It’s a rare treasure, Never-Melt Ice!”

    The cracks continue to spread.

    Just as the two thought that they were going to succeed, Terrance was going to be farther away, and the accident suddenly gave birth.

    Never-Melt Ice quickly burst into an ice energy inside. This ice energy did not emanate, but made up for the breakage of Never-Melt Ice. Seeing this scene, Lorelei quickly opened the door: "Articuno , Coloyster, destroy it in one breath!"

    "Let me do so!"Terrance's gaze flashed, when a horrible flame spit out from the mouth of Altaria, not far from him. At this time, in order to stop the self-repair of Never-Melt Ice, Mega Altaria offered a fire of life with violent power. .

    The flame uses life energy as fuel, and it erupts with terrible temperature and killing. It instantly invades into the crack of Never-Melt Ice. At this moment, the fire of life cultivated by Altaria once broke out its horrible power. , proved his tyranny by suppressing Never-Melt Ice.


    Seeing the mysterious flame erupted by Altaria, Lorelei's pupils shrank. As an ice master, she deeply felt the threat of the flame to the frost.


    Can suppress Never-Melt Ice, although it is in the crack, the danger of ice, but it is not just a normal flame can be done, the huge ice energy, enough to freeze all flames.

    The fire of life collided with the ice energy that made up the crack, but at this moment, Never-Melt Ice suddenly trembled.

    in this situation…

    Terrance and Lorelei frowned at the same time, which was not what they expected.

    After observing Never-Melt Ice for a while, Lorelei suddenly stunned and hurriedly shouted: "Crash!"

    This escape, letting Terrance not find his mind for a while, but waiting for him to react, it is already late.

    It all happened in a second or two. The time was too short to make him unable to act. The fire of life invaded Never-Melt Ice, as if touching the taboo Normal, Never-Melt Ice. The smashing of the coat of Never-Melt Ice completely broke out and formed an energy storm!

    The speed of the explosion…Very terrible!

    Lorelei They have calculated the speed at which the ice energy is dissipated after the destruction of the Never-Melt Ice, although it will be very fast, but not so violent.

    The speed that they expected as the spring water did not appear. Instead, the inner ice energy of the Never-Melt Ice was spread like a tsunami and Hurricane Normal! !

    Before the ice energy had flown out, Terrance felt the chill and found that when the internal energy of Never-Melt Ice ran away, Terrance was almost stunned.

    At the same time that the Command Wizard retreated, Terrance just wanted to turn his head. However, the ice energy storm was too horrible and too fast, and it was too late for them to evacuate.

    On this occasion, Kirlia Confusion attached to Terrance and threw him to Lorelei. The slowest Carbink stopped and madly set up a Light Screen to block the ice energy. Spread here.

    Altaria broke out with a powerful fire of life, and Ninetales wanted to stop this energy Hurricane with the power of ice.

    The Lorelei, which responded, promptly shouted out all the elves and fully supported the Pokémons of Terrance.

    hurts a little…

    When Terrance coughed and was thrown out, he immediately felt a touch of softness. It turned out that Lorelei helped Terrance.

    "Terrance, are you okay?"

    Upon hearing the voice of Master Lorelei, Terrance reacted violently and quickly looked inside. Fortunately, the energy storm that broke out in Never-Melt Ice was completely blocked.

    “Unfortunately, your Ninetales lost a good chance to bathe in ice energy.”Lorelei regrets shaking his head: "I made a mistake."

    The kind of energy storm is no longer suitable for bathing. If you go to bathe, it is life.

    "Compared to that, they are safe…"Terrance quickly communicated several Pokémons through the Fairy mark, and fortunately, all responded, which gave Terrance a sigh of relief.

    Just that…Carbink's response volatility was significantly weaker, which made Terrance nervous again.

    "Retracting Pokémon, we will withdraw first. Although the plan is successful but there are some discrepancies, this cave will definitely collapse."The Lorelei Expressway, then wait for the ice energy to naturally blend into the island.

    Terrance nodded and once again signaled the elves to retreat, but when Terrance saw Carbink controlled by Kirelia with Confusion, he suddenly panicked.

    Even Lorelei, his face changed, and he did not expect that Carbink, which was at the forefront, would be so miserable…

    At this time, Carbink has been frozen. Terrance looks at it carefully. There is also a Light Screen inside the ice sculpture. It seems that Carbink has created Light Screen space to protect himself from being directly frozen. After leaving the cave, Terrance is busy. Let Altaria be responsible for thawing and treating Carbink and reconfirming whether it can communicate with Carbink.

    Carbink, who came out of the ice, obviously had a lingering fear. The first time he disliked his short legs, but between the crisis, Carbink had a deeper understanding of the defensive moves!

    "Terrance, thank you very much this time, and…I am sorry that I almost got into danger. ”Lorelei apologized, and my heart has decided to compensate for Terrance. After all, Terrance's Ninetales lost the opportunity to bathe in ice energy, and they can say that it is nothing to gain.

    "I was rash, I didn't think that Altaria's flame had caused such a big chain reaction."Terrance's brow wrinkles, fortunately, and it seems that Carbink has broken through the limits.

    And, as he communicated with Carbink, Terrance smiled. This time he lost the opportunity to let Ninetales take it a step further, but it also gained something. Carbink's mutation opportunity finally came.

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