Pokemon Court Chapter 796

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 796 Lorelei's thanks, floating astronomy
    Between the crises, Carbink's deeper understanding of defensive moves is the opportunity for its mutation, and Terrance is inspired by its form.

    With Carbink's knowledge of Light Screen, you can build a prismatic python with Light Screen and wrap yourself in.

    Then Assist Ninetales's ice moon allows Carbink to act as the core of the ice moon, transforming it through Fairy Aura, and enjoying the huge Fairy energy that gathered in the past.

    This method, let Terrance think of the word "topping", with Fairy Aura responsible for the transformation, this should be regarded as an energy empowerment.

    Be aware that in addition to the few Pokémons with rare Ability, the energy between Pokémon cannot be transmitted to each other.

    Of course, there are exceptions to everything. A legendary Pokémon Victini with a Psychic Type and a Fire Type has the ability to directly transfer energy from the body to other Pokémons by touch!

    Legend has it that Victini's Trainer will never fail, because Victini's body can produce endless energy, so that the power of the companion is infinitely expanded. It is because of this ability that Victini is known as the star of victory, Legendary Pokémon!

    In fact, Xerneas' Fairy Aura is similar to Victini's ability. However, neither Xerneas nor Altaria have the ability to generate endless energy from Victini, so Victini will be so special.

    However, Terrance has mastered the ability to decompose and aggregate Fairy energy through the icemoon with Fairy Aura. Then why can this energy not be re-used by Pokémon? Terrance thinks boldly.

    There has been a technique developed by Trainer to let the grass spirits swallow the Energy Ball extracted from nature, which can achieve a short-term strengthening effect, but this is a great burden on the body, not the right way…Now,Terrance wanted to reproduce this technique in terms of Fairy Type.

    Let Carbink assimilate the Fairy energy released from each elf and strengthen itself! If the absorption of the ice moon, the decomposition of Fairy Aura, and the assimilation of Carbink through defensive tactics, can it be achieved?

    Such a huge Fairy energy is absorbed by Carbink, and it's time to change!

    Even if it's not 100% effective, even if it's only 50% conversion rate, it's definitely better than the one that is only enhanced by Fairy Aura.

    After all, for the assistance of Fairy Aura, Carbink, Kirlia, and Ninetales have long been resistant. After using Fairy Aura for a certain number of times, the effect has been weakened. It is not a long-term solution, so this time Terrance sees Carbink taking Light. Screen tricks to create a defensive space to wrap yourself, will be so happy.

    If it goes well……On the basis of Fairy Aura, he will create a new way to assist Pokémon to absorb Fairy energy faster!

    Even with media, Terrance can also create artifacts with Fairy energy through this method!

    Fairy Gem This kind of thing…Almost as much as you want, this is much more horrible than the simple Fairy Aura enhancement.

    Thinking of this, Terrance smiled smugly, but Lorelei didn't care what Terrance was thinking, but instead smiled and felt the movement behind him.

    "Continue to retreat."


    At this point, Terrance had already collected Pokémon, leaving only Kiria to assist them to retreat. Lorelei also had no elves left except Articuno.

    Under the leadership of Lorelei, the two men and Kirlia sat on the back of Articuno and quickly flew up from the underground cavern. At the same time, the sound of the cave collapsed.

    "Kirlia, dispelling the snow."

    During the Flying rise, Kiria performed a powerful Confusion shield to protect them as the airflow stirred the surrounding walls and the unstable ice and snow swept through the air.

    After a while, the two returned to the ramp when they entered, and after arriving here, Terrance suddenly felt the temperature around it was colder.

    “It seems that the break of Never-Melt Ice has re-raised the Seafoam Islands, and the change is slowly going on…”

    Lorelei looked back inside and felt a little emotional.

    "Terrance, you leave, go outside and wait for me."After confirming that it was completely safe, Lorelei turned to look at Terrance.

    "Yes, Master Lorelei, you are careful."Terrance nodded, but his reminder was superfluous. A Seafoam Islands is not expected to put a top power hazard.

    Later, Terrance quickly returned to the outside route. At this time, many people have already rushed inside the Seafoam Islands. Obviously, most people have heard the movement just now, and even some people have discovered it. Subtle changes in Seafoam Islands.

    This change is not obvious now, and it must be long enough to show up. Unlike the human hindsight, the elves around Seafoam Islands feel this change more clearly than humans.

    Seafoam Islands had a wonder when the Human Trainer entered the Seafoam Islands one after another.

    Numerous ice systems and water elves peeped out from the bottom of the sea and formed their own troops and began to log in to Seafoam Islands.

    There are so many elves, and Terrance was shocked when he walked out of the cave. This scene is like the crab disaster in the past. The scale is so large that the Trainers are afraid to act rashly. They can only look at it quietly. The group sprite moves past.

    The duration of this process is not long, and it is short and short. After the Trainers reacted, these elves have already withdrawn.

    Although there is no intuitive experience of what has changed in Seafoam Islands, most of them are aware of the unusualness of seeing these water systems and ice elves as pilgrimages to the Seafoam Islands.

    Lorelei found Terrance when the photos of the Elf Island in the Seafoam Islands were sent to the Internet by a heartfelt discussion.

    "What about Articuno?"Terrance asked.

    "It has been arranged."Lorelei smiled and lost an item by the way.

    After rushing to take over this horrible thing, Terrance looked at the color and looked up: "Never-Melt Ice?"

    "You came for this? Although there is no Never-Melt Ice or Millennium Never-Melt Ice, this one-year Never-Melt Ice is more suitable for you. Although it is not the longest in the Seafoam Islands, the energy inside is the right place. At the peak, I asked Articuno to find out, even if it was given to you. ”

    With the size of this fist and no temperature flowing out of Never-Melt Ice, Terrance smiled. "If that's the case, then I'm welcome."

    Indeed, this century-old Never-Melt Ice, although there is no such a thousand years of Never-Melt Ice on the Internet, and even the most end of the Seafoam Islands, the Never-Melt Ice is shocking and precious, but it is also a rare treasure. It's definitely not the artificial Never-Melt Ice that Terrance acquired. With this, Ninetales has the next enjoyment.

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