Pokemon Court Chapter 797

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 797th chapter Stephanie, floating astronomy
    A few days later, Saffron City.

    Huge Silph Co. The headquarters building stands in the middle of the city. As the central business district of the Kanto Region, Saffron City, which has the largest infrastructure of the Region, has always been bustling.

    At this time, Silph Co. In a department store next to the headquarters, Terrance is arguing with a young saleswoman.

    "This gentleman, but this thing is really scheduled…"The young saleswoman explained helplessly, but her opposite Terrance was not willing to let go of this opportunity.

    After being separated from the Lorelei Master, Terrance returned to Fuchsia City from Seafoam Islands in order to participate in the upcoming Grand Festival in Saffron City, and then came to Saffron City.

    Arriving in Saffron City, in addition to solving the temporary residence, Terrance had to replenish it. When he left Cinnabar, the inventory was almost gone. Thinking of Saffron City as the Kanto business circle had more choices, Terrance was not in a hurry at Cinnabar. Island procurement, stayed until now.

    However, Terrance, who was only trying to buy some elf food ingredients, did not expect to find more than a dozen Float Stones in the department store.

    Sixteen…Good guy, if you can get it, then the Float Stone in the Pupitar stage is enough, no, even after using evolution, there should be no problem.

    Crucially, these Float Stones seem to have been booked, which makes Terrance untouchable. Saffron City's concentration of such stones is enough to surprise him, but even if someone needs this stone in large quantities, it will make Terrance even more I got it unexpectedly.

    However, the other party has not bought it, indicating that there is still room for competition. Terrance finally found such a large number of Float Stones and naturally did not want to give up easily.

    Although this practice is somewhat unethical, as long as the original buyer is satisfied, it should be no problem. When Terrance thinks about how to communicate with the original buyer, the saleswoman’s older sister’s eyes shine, because of a voice. Into her ears.

    "I am going to take Float Stone."

    The buyer came, which made the explanation for the half-day saleswoman big sister with Terrance happy to say: "She is coming, it is better for you to communicate first."

    The problem was thrown out quickly, and the saleswoman’s older sister was relieved, and when Terrance heard the other’s words, he also looked back at the man who wanted to buy Float Stone.

    However, this does not matter, directly let him shrink, the body slightly back.

    Looking at Stephanie in front of his eyes…Terrance suddenly felt a chill.

    From the perspective of age, the other party may be only 10 years old? It may not even be 10 years old.

    What surprised Terrance most was that he didn't feel any human breath from this Stephanie, and when he was running the Calm Mind method to attach his mental power to his eyes, he only saw a black mist.

    But before Terrance looked at it, his eyes hurt and he was forced to close his eyes. At the same time, Terrance wanted to release Kirlia, but all his Poké Ball seemed to be locked up by a mysterious force. I can't call Kirlia at all, even…Even the telepathy given by the Fairy mark could not be linked to Kirlia.

    "do not move…"Little Stephanie's crisp voice came out, and Terrance nodded immediately, while sipping a drop of cold sweat. He probably already knew who the other person was.

    This Float Stone, I don't want it, can't it?

    "I came to Float Stone."Little Stephanie slowly walked up and handed a Member Card. At this time, the saleswoman’s big sister looked at Terrance with a puzzled look. Seeing that Terrance had no reaction, she immediately forced me up. Didn’t you just need it? ? Why didn't you move now?

    However, the saleswoman’s older sister didn’t want to make this thing more troublesome. After all, this little Stephanie was the company’s goods ordered online. The deposit was paid. Now, after the card is completed, the purchase process is completed. These Float Stones are the other party’s. Trading is better than anything.

    "A total of sixteen Float Stones are relatively heavy. Can you take your little sister?"After sorting out Float Stone, the saleswoman’s older sister asked kindly.

    "En."With a large white hat, the little Stephanie, who covered the look, gently opened and then picked up the Float Stone box…To the surprise of the saleswoman’s older sister, she had a hard-working box to pick up, and the petite little Stephanie seemed to be effortless.

    What happened

    "Welcome to the next visit."Just when she was puzzled, she saw Xiao Stephanie turning around. The saleswoman’s big sister immediately shouted. Because of doubts, she also watched Xiao Stephanie leave the floor until the other person lost her figure…But at this time, she suddenly remembered Terrance, looked around and there is a silhouette of Terrance.

    As for where Terrance is now, of course, he is behind the little Stephanie.

    At this point, Terrance was behind each other with a sly look, saying: "Miss Sabrina, I didn't think you would travel in this way, scared me to jump, yes, I haven't seen it for a long time."

    "I remember you, the guy who was thrown out of the pavilion by me."Little Stephanie, wearing a white dress and a white dress, didn't look back, but Terrance had already heard what the other person said through telepathy.

    "You also learned Psychic?"Then, the other party asked again.

    "I only learned a little fur."Terrance is embarrassed to say that even Confusion will not be used. What is Psychic?

    "No wonder it is so weak."


    When I heard Sabrina's evaluation, Terrance comforted himself. I got it. This can be said to be the leader of Psychic in the world. The other party said that he could not refute it. After all, it is really weak.

    Terrance remembers that Sabrina should have returned to normal during this time, so he dared to follow up.

    Otherwise, if it was the former Sabrina, Terrance really didn't dare to touch too much. After all, even the Elite-level Psychic spirit, the use of Psychic is not as scary as Sabrina. In the past, Sabrina who turned the other person into a doll was not pleasing to the eye. Even if the Indigo Alliance receives numerous reports, it is not willing to take care of it. After all, it is too tricky.

    "Do you want this thing too?"Just then, Sabrina stopped with her own Confusion puppet, turned around and stretched out her arm, handing over the Float Stone box.

    "I did have the idea of buying, cough, but since Miss Sabrina has already bought it, I don't care here. After all, it is not particularly necessary."Terrance Road.

    “Um?But how do I feel that you still have some disappointment? ”Sabrina hesitated and noticed something was wrong.

    "But then, what happened to Kirlia."

    "It's ……"Terrance originally wanted to explain, but when he heard Sabrina change the subject, he suddenly grinned, the development of Ralts…This is definitely what Sabrina didn't think of. The original Ralts has now become a reliable partner!

    If Terrance chose to train Ralts for Sabrina, it should be different now.

    "It's good, I have found my way."Terrance smiled and was happy with Gallade.

    After hearing Terrance's answer, Sabrina's will also smiled and said: "Come with me, I will take you to the Saffron Hall."

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