Pokemon Court Chapter 798

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the essence of Float Stone, Chapter 798, Astronomy
    Terrance accepted Sabrina's invitation because he also wanted to take the opportunity to thank Sabrina's father, Mr. Cheng Ping, for his help.

    Behind this little Stephanie, who is not a living person, although it was strange, Terrance finally managed to lead her to the Saffron Hall.

    The Saffron pavilion was glanced at a Taoist apprentice wearing a Psychic suit, and immediately after seeing Sabrina's doll, he became devout.

    "Miss Sabrina, do you have a guest…Please let me lead the way. ”

    The change in the apprenticeship of the pavilion made Terrance feel familiar, as if the super-apprentices in the Saffron pavilion were awesome against Sabrina, it seemed to be a mold.

    This degree of awe, even beyond Terrance's visit to Anistar Gym, the super-apprentice's respect for Olympia.

    “It seems that Sabrina has left a shadow to these super-apprentices…”Terrance is in the dark.

    Under the leadership of the super-apprentice, Terrance entered the room smoothly, and Stephanie, a doll made by Sabrina Confusion, entered the room together. When using Confusion to put Float Stone on a cabinet, this girl Suddenly disappeared in front of Terrance.

    "This guest, please wait a moment, Miss Sabrina and Mr. Cheng Ping should come soon."After Sabrina's incarnation disappeared, the super-apprentice revered to Terrance.

    "Okay, thank you very much."Terrance nodded.

    After brewing tea for Terrance, the super-apprentice also retired, but after drinking a cup of tea, Terrance still did not wait for the living, which made him a bit uncomfortable.

    "Inviting me, the result is that no one is entertaining…"Terrance coughed in his heart, and if it was in other places, he would have been flustered in the Saffron Hall. He was uncomfortable, especially now he was alone in such a large room, and the atmosphere was even more It’s cold.

    Fortunately, the function of the Fairy mark has been restored. Terrance can communicate with Pokémon inside Poké Ball normally, otherwise he will be alive and suffocate.

    After a while, the door was finally pushed open and Sabrina took the lead.

    Sabrina at this time wearing a white trousers, a pink purple short shawl jacket set off her excellent figure, oblique Liu Hai Moderate just from the eyelids across, just can see her indifferent expression, Sabrina arm upper end of the shoulder dew right, the skin luster soft, in her wrist and waist, Each with a strange device similar to a wristband and a belt, the glittering gems on it sometimes twinkle, adding a charm to the super-capable girl …

    "No, it is more appropriate to say that the Super Queen is more than four years ago."Terrance sighed in the heart, Sabrina's own change was really big, with Sabrina coming in, and her father, Mr. Cheng Ping, when they came in, Terrance immediately got up.

    "Mr. Cheng Ping, Miss Sabrina, I haven't seen you for a long time."

    “It's been so long!

    Mr. Cheng Ping smiled and said: "I didn't expect to have a guest coming to the door today. When Sabrina just notified me, I was still wondering who it was."

    Excuse meTerrance laughed back.

    "Do not disturb, please sit."Mr. Cheng Ping said that after sitting down at Terrance, they both sat down.

    After sitting down, Mr. Cheng Ping looked at Terrance with amazement and smiled and said: "Now should it be called the Terrance owner? I didn't think that the kid who was at the door would now be the top Trainer, haha. ”

    "Fortunately."Terrance shouted.

    "But then, how did the two of you meet?"Mr. Cheng Ping looked at Sabrina, who had never said anything, and eccentrically spoke. Although the family of Saffron Road House restored the original life Contest Condition under the help of a Trainer named Ash, Sabrina's cold personality still survived, although Occasionally I can see a smile, but high cold is still Sabrina's first character.

    You know, Sabrina doesn't go out on weekdays. All of them are done by Psychic. It is not easy to meet Sabrina in such a situation.

    "In the department store."Sabrina suddenly spoke and moved the Float Stone box with Confusion.

    "Yes, I saw this thing in the department store at the time, but I didn't think Miss Sabrina had already booked it in advance."Terrance opened his mouth, but at the same time he was quite confused: "Miss Sabrina, I don't know what it is for you to buy Float Stone…"

    Float Stone ?

    When I heard Terrance's problem, Mr. Cheng Ping also looked at the box on the table with suspicion. Obviously, he was not very clear about Sabrina's intentions.

    “Is this something to be a strange stone for some amazing Pokémon?”Mr. Cheng Ping said.

    Sabrina nodded, looked at Terrance, and then looked at the box on the table. The next time, the box was automatically removed and ejected two Float Stones to reach Mr. Ping and Terrance.

    "You feel it with spiritual power."Sabrina said.

    This sentence was said to both Terrance and Mr. Cheng Ping. Although they did not understand Sabrina's intentions, they still did.

    Putting Float Stone in his hands, Terrance closed his eyes and felt it, but he didn't feel anything…

    However, Mr. Cheng Ping’s side is another situation. I saw that Mr. Cheng Ping frowned slightly as time passed: “It’s so!”


    "Mr. Cheng Ping…"

    The next moment, Mr. Cheng Ping, Smelling Salts came over and explained: “Float Stone contains a mysterious energy that may be an application of Psychic. You should have heard of 'Gravity' tricks? Gravity is physically the object's force due to the attraction of the planet, and Gravity's trick is to infinitely expand the effect of Gravity. ”

    “Float Stone, a substance that is the opposite of Gravity's trick, can reduce the effect of Gravity.”

    Sabrina nodded. "I found the unique energy inside Float Stone and planned to Assist Float Stone to practice the new Psychic skills."

    “Float Stone is indeed called pumice stone in the folk…In other words, the essence of Float Stone is an application of Psychic? ! ”Terrance was shocked and he heard this for the first time.

    “I didn’t think that this type of stone actually contained the way Psychic was used.”Mr. Cheng Ping is frowning. If it is not Sabrina's reminder, let him concentrate on his observation. Even the Psychic master who can easily use Teleport does not find the essence of Float Stone.

    "If Float Stone's mechanism of action is Psychic, then it can be said that it is a new academic discovery."Terrance slowly opens the way.

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