Pokemon Court Chapter 799

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 799th genius and genius, floating astronomy
    So,What do you want to buy Float Stone? ”Just as Terrance was amazed at the nature of Float Stone, Sabrina suddenly spoke.

    "It's for the elf in your Poké Ball. I feel the same Psychic fluctuations as Float Stone."

    Sabrina's words, Terrance's strange touch of Pupitar's Poké Ball, even across the Poké Ball can not hold this guy?


    "Exactly, my Breeder method of this elf relies on Float Stone."Terrance laughed and didn't hide: "It's too heavy compared to the same kind, and it may not work without seeking a new Breeder method."

    "it is as expected…"Sabrina nodded.

    At the same time, Mr. Cheng Ping also said: "Sabrina, have you used so many Float Stones to practice Psychic skills? It's better to give Terrance something extra. ”

    "I just found out that only one or two pieces is enough."Sabrina faintly said: "But I want to take things away from me, I have a request."

    "Miss Sabrina please."Terrance was happy, and Float Stone had a turn for the better. He had planned to give up before.

    "Play against, use the Ralts you brought for the first time to play against me, but at that time it has evolved into Kirlia, should it evolve again now?"Sabrina opening.

    The devil….I still remember the Ralts.

    Terrance smiled in the heart. At the time, Sabrina wanted Ralts to follow her, but she was rejected by Ralts. Now the Super Queen seems to want to see the strength of Ralts to satisfy her curiosity.

    "I accepted."Terrance said: "Is the game rules 1sts1 right? In other words, as long as I win, I can resell the extra Float Stone to me. I will buy it at the original price. ”

    "If you can win, you don't have to pay."Sabrina shook his head and pointed to another Poké Ball at Terrance's waist. What surprised Terrance was that this was not Pupitar's Poké Ball, but Kirlia's Poké Ball…

    "In addition to the original Kirlia, plus this Kirlia, you seem to like Ralts, and have conquered so many special Ralts…"Sabrina was flashing. After feeling the Psychic fluctuations inside the Poké Ball, she was surprised and found the particularity of this fluctuation. So, under consideration, Sabrina decided to play 2vs2.

    "Okay, then 2vs2."Terrance nodded: "But my Gallade is not on my body and needs to be transferred."

    "Well, I am going to wait for you."Sabrina didn't talk too much and disappeared directly into the room. After Terrance's glimpse, Mr. Cheng Ping explained: "She may be going to the battlefield to prepare for the battle."

    "This way…"Terrance sighs slightly and is Teleport, if his Psychic can reach this point too…

    "Would you like to go to the Elf Center? I just want to get back the elves and go with them. ”Mr. Cheng Ping said.

    "Alright!"Terrance nodded.

    In the process of going to the Elf Center with Mr. Cheng Ping, Terrance remembered Sabrina's intention to collect Float Stone. He couldn't help but ask: "Mr. Cheng Ping, is Miss Sabrina doing Psychic like this on weekdays? It's incredible to practice Psychic with Float Stone. ”

    After Terrance practiced the Calm Mind method, he also learned about the Psychic community. Almost all Psychic people practiced with Calm Mind. They studied the Psychic application in the Float Stone and the Gravity trick. Sabrina is too advanced. What is the real strength of the current Trainer at this Saffron Hall? Terrance is very curious.

    "Haha, it’s good to get used to, this kid has been like this since childhood."Mr. Cheng Ping shook his head slightly, and his heart was very complicated but very proud. After all, Sabrina is his kind!

    “Sabrina This child was born with no natural Psychic. I was very disappointed at the time, but then I found myself wrong. When she was doing Psychic practice from scratch, she showed a very high talent! Very forgetful! Sabrina, she…The first time I practiced Psychic, I easily bent the spoon. Then she became stronger and even could easily crush a house. At that time, she was only five or six years old, and the Psychic level exceeded me. ”

    "Miss Sabrina is really a genius…"Terrance immediately shouted in front of Mr. Cheng Ping.

    “Ha!She is indeed a kind of genius, but it is not a genius in the traditional sense of the Psychic world. I heard that a girl in the Unova Region is even more horrible. It seems that she was awakened without training to the strength of Psychic after she was born untrained. As you grow older, Psychic is getting stronger. ”Mr. Cheng Ping said with emotion.

    His old man in the Psychic world was very surprised by the talent of that person.

    "You mean…One of Unova's new Elite Four, Guardian? ”Terrance was amazed at the opening, and he also heard about the Trainer. It is said that there is still a rumor that the super-elite Elite has been able to control his powerful Psychic.

    “Well, Sabrina and her are two extremes. Guardian is born with a strong Psychic, but does not have the ability to control it. Sabrina has amazing talents in using Psychic's methods. Teleport, the idea of changing things, and changing the potential of the Psychic elves can be easily done by a child, not limited to Psychic. ”Mr. Cheng Ping said that these are not secrets. They have been widely circulated in the Psychic world, and even some unrelated people are aware, such as Terrance.

    "So, I probably know why Miss Sabrina is so strong…"Terrance smiled a little, and Sabrina's exploration of Psychic was really inexhaustible. The Assist Float Stone to think about Psychic's method of use shouldn't be the first time Sabrina did it. The other person's character, Terrance thinks it is better than Unova. The born Psychic is more likely to touch the pinnacle of Psychic.

    "But this child also has shortcomings, that is, too dependent on Psychic. Compared with Unova, Sabrina's Trainer level is not outstanding."Mr. Cheng Ping shook his head. "She just uses her own Psychic skills to strengthen the spirit of the elves to win. It is a trick, so the Terrance owner, if you have the chance, you don't have to keep your hands and beat her. Maybe this will make Sabrina correct. In the face of her own Taoist identity, she can only go further."

    "Of course, I will fight all my strength."Terrance nodded, although he did not recognize that Mr. Cheng Ping said that it was a good idea to use Psychic, but even if Mr. Cheng Ping did not remind him, he would win in order to get Float Stone.

    Superb queen Sabrina and faintly known as the strongest Elite's Guardian are the geniuses of genius. Although Terrance is not as good as the other side, it also has its own Trainer concept, which is definitely not easy to admit defeat.

    Therefore, this 2vs2 battle, triumphant and disappointing, still said bad.

    Upon arriving at the Elf Center, Terrance spent some time contacting Kathrine's sister at Fallabor Gym and letting the other person pass the Gallade, which was trained alone.

    Today, Gallade is as powerful as Elite's main force. The weird fighting style is even more tyrannical. This is not the Mega Evolution prop in Terrance's hand. It can be said that Gallade is the strongest elf in Terrance's hands except Altaria!

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