Pokemon Court Chapter 800

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 800th chapter of the powerful Kirlia, floating astronomy
    Venue: Battlefield venue at Saffron.

    Battle against both sides: Terrance, Sabrina.

    Competition rules: 2vs2.

    Referee: Cheng Ping.

    When everything was ready, Mr. Cheng Ping led Terrance to the battlefield of the Saffron Hall, where Sabrina had already waited.

    Mr. Cheng Ping took the initiative to take the referee. Terrance and Sabrina naturally had no opinion. Soon, Terrance on the eyes of Sabrina began to be serious.

    This is the first time he has played against the Psychic strongman, and he must be very careful. Moreover, with Sabrina's Psychic level, his play of Kirlia and Gallade may be greatly limited!

    "My first elf is it."Sabrina smiled and a Haunter appeared on the battlefield and threw a look at Terrance with its triangular white eyes.

    Funny guy!Also not the Psychic system? ”Terrance glanced at Haunter and probably guessed the origin of this guy.

    "Then my side is Kirlia."Think about it, Terrance sent Kirlia.

    Unlike Haunter's purple Ghost-like body, Kirlia is like a petite girl in a green dress, the two styles are very different.

    After Kirlia appeared, Sabrina immediately observed Kirlia, even Mr. Cheng Ping was no exception, this Kirlia…The feeling for them is very special.

    But where is the special place…Even Sabrina said it was not good.

    Maybe, only the battle to see!

    After Mr. Cheng Ping announced the start of the battle, Sabrina and Terrance each had different purposes and began to quickly issue orders.

    Only in the first round, the two elves lost their sights at the same time, the scenes were very different, Haunter concealed his body and wanted to make a fatal blow, while Kirlia was Teleport to the ceiling and overlooking the entire venue.

    “I remember that Haunter is more afraid of Cal than other Ghost wizards.”Terrance smiled and spoke. At the same time, Kirlia in the air with Confusion Flying stretched out his arm and stood in front of a Light Screen. The next moment, Dazzling Gleam's light reflected through the Light Screen to the audience.

    “Ewww.”After being swept by Dazzling Gleam, Haunter painfully emerged from nothingness, fled in madness, and didn't even want to open his eyes, but with Sabrina's faintness, Haunter immediately recovered, and when he did not know, Haunter was wrapped in a Confusion. It seems to be covered with a layer of Confusion shield to isolate the effect of light on it.


    Without the influence of light, Haunter immediately laughed and turned into a shadow to Kiria. At the same time, it doubled the shadow energy, left-hand shadow punch, right-hand shadow ball, and seemed to have no worries under the protection of Confusion shield. Boldly attacked indiscriminately.

    “Kirlia's Dazzling Gleam can't break the Confusion shield?”Terrance was shocked. Kirlia's Dazzling Gleam, after training by Fairy Aura, didn't know how powerful it was. Even a Conference Champion figure wouldn't be able to take it, but…

    It's really interesting.

    "Kirlia, Psychic."With Terrance's helplessness to accept the fact that Sabrina Psychic was too strong, his eyes flashed and he stared at Kirlia's savage, and saw a powerful Confusion wave erupting from Kirlia's little body! !

    "Don't think that only you will be Psychic."

    Kirlia's bright red eyes quickly smeared the blue awns and created a strong mental pressure. Almost in an instant, this Psychic beat Haunter like a torrent, let Sabrina bless Haunter. There is a crack in the Confusion shield.


    Seeing this scene, Mr. Levelling shocked to open his mouth, incredibly looked at Haunter body of the confusion shield cracks, he looked out, Sabrina very attached to this battle, for Haunter to hold the strongest confusion shield it can withstand, although it was haunter Attribute and strength of the impact, Sabrina no way to make their own efforts, but this confusion shield is also very scary, but, he can not believe that is such a confusion shield, unexpectedly by the same psychic Type trick to break.

    Even Sabrina himself, who couldn't believe it, looked at Kirlia, who was slowly landing, and was shocked by its sudden burst of powerful spirit.

    “This is just the Kiria form, will it not be stronger after evolution?”Mr. Cheng Ping was shocked.

    What makes it impossible for Mr. Cheng Ping and Sabrina to break his head is that this Kirlia has already had the spirit of ordinary Gardevoir during the Ralts period…It is the identification (phone number) that the called party sees when you call him.The failure of the Rockets Mewtwo experiment!

    Although it is a failure, but as long as the potential of one or two of Mewtwo is inherited, Kiria's talent is unmatched by the Psychic Pokémon!

    not to mention……

    "As an elegant commander, my Kirlia is not willing to fight in person."Terrance opens the way.

    Kirlia prefer to act as a brain, to play its superb computational power like a trainer, to direct Carbink, Pupitar, ninetales them to fight, to assist Ninetales and altaria to calculate the light of fairy, Ruin's point of view, but this does not mean that its own strength is weak, on the contrary, Terrance know that Kirlia's true strength is far more outrageous than the power data he records about Kirlia!

    Sabrina's Psychic has the potential to inspire the Psychic elves' potential, although other Psychics are better than Sabrina, but…

    Kirlia…However, the horror of Mewtwo and Mew, who are proficient in Psychic, evolved using Confusion baptism! ! Terrance didn't feel much at the time, but as Kirlia grew up, the more he discovered that the blessing evolution was not that simple.

    boom! !

    Under the Confusion shield, Haunter Tackle came to the ground and suddenly broke the Confusion shield. At the same time, the Confusion coordinates of Psychic flowed over the entire site. Seeing this scene, Mr. Cheng Ping and Sabrina were surprised again, this Kirlia How strong is the spiritual strength? Even dare to squander so much?

    Again.Sabrina Cold opening, the new confusion shield was again held by her on the Haunter body, Terrance expression calm, eyes glance at the whole field, all places have been kirlia cloth under confusion coordinates, the next venue is its chessboard, Terrance intends to use teleport to try to see how Sabrina will crack, the other side of Trump Card is certainly not this strength does not look good, is not psychic Department of Haunter, then Gallade will face a more severe battle, So Terrance have to observe the fighting style of Sabrina in advance.

    (Small voice: squatting for a ticket)

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