Pokemon Court Chapter 801

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 801th chapter Sabrina vsKirlia, floating astronomy
    Kirlia's Teleport moves are learned from Gallade. Although I got the true biography of Gallade, after all, the time spent on practice was too short to reach the level of Gallade.

    However, Kirlia has its unique Teleport skill, which is the Ally Switch move!

    Use the Ally Switch trick as a teleport!

    Kiria's current approach is to leave Confusion coordinates, swap positions by perceiving Confusion coordinates, and then compensate for Teleport's experience with his own powerful computing power.

    Exchange the Confusion coordinates for Teleport, determine the movement position with the perception of the enemy touching the Confusion coordinates, and think of the entire venue as a chessboard to think about how to attack. This is Kirlia's Teleport skill, its fighting style.

    Although Terrance has not experienced a true team battle, his position on Kirlia is very clear. It is not an attacker, but a core position. The popular point is the brain.

    In the battle, Kirlia can fully sense the change of the entire battlefield through Confusion coordinates, and then use the Fairy Aura and Fairy imprint as the medium, and use its Ability telepathy to let other Pokémon and Terrance get the same perception.

    Even in times of crisis, Kirlia can use Confusion coordinates as a Substitute to immediately transfer the buddy to other places. This is something that Gallade can't do because it doesn't have the power and power of Kirlia!

    With the excellent aid of the Fairy Mark and Fairy Aura, Kirlia is the equivalent of the Future Sight that gives the team a look at the situation!

    When Kirlia evolved, its mental power will increase, can assist teammates at the same time to pose a strong threat to the enemy, it can be said that Kirlia not only from another angle to serve as the core of the team, held the position of the second trainer, to make up for Terrance a person can not take care of the place, It is also a commanding officer with a strong power, perfect.

    itEven in the competition with Sabrina Psychic? ! ”Mr. Cheng Ping, who served as the referee, determined that he was not mistaken.

    As Confusion coordinates were placed throughout the venue, the two sides launched a battle of trapped beasts. Under the Confusion shield, Haunter looked helplessly and escaped. It felt like a doll at this time and was always mentioned by Sabrina. Like the line action, it is very uncomfortable.

    Hidden into nothingness, Haunter accidentally touched a confusion coordinates, kirlia the red pupil immediately filled with blue spirit of light, almost in Haunter touched the confusion coordinates of the moment, Kirlia In the mind on the independent construction of a huge three-dimensional space image, Haunter at this time like a pawn, constantly jumping on the board.

    The position that you can reach, the position of the enemy, the best offensive route, and the route that the enemy may advance, all come to Kirlia's mind.

    Terrance concludes that Kirlia's computing power is no worse than the ones in the Metaglos and Alakazam races. As a flash of light, Kirlia disappears out of thin air, forcing Haunter tightly, which makes Sabrina frown, and I don't know for a while. How to break the game.

    She can feel where the Confusion coordinates are, but if it is too unrealistic to avoid it, it will limit its actions, but if you don't avoid it, Kirlia will start to layout at a point and let Haunter fall into it quickly.

    Kirlia and Terrance know that Haunter's Confusion Shield is hard to beat, unless it's a hit to kill Haunter, it's hard to win this match, they have a way to win, but now is not the time.

    Sabrina didn't think of the method of cracking. Every time the command was careful, the Confusion shield was rebuilt immediately after Haunter was attacked, constantly consolidating the barriers she imposed on Haunter, trying to make Haunter absolutely safe.

    "This is not the way to go…If you try again, you should be found by the other party. ”In the heart of Terrance, Sabrina, Psychic, is really powerful. She is like a hand outside the board, constantly reversing Kiria's siege of Haunter.

    Every time Sabrina can sense Kirlia's Teleport position, the location of the trick, so that Haunter can reduce the danger by attacking or evading instructions, so it is very difficult to kill Haunter with Terrance's current attack method.

    Although there are ideas for observing Sabrina's fighting style, this process can't be too long, or Sabrina can see that his intentions are not good.

    At this point, Kirlia's mood is calm and her expression is calm. It seems very calm, but from its behavior, Terrance feels Kiria's desire to win, because the opposite Sabrina is a Rival, which is estimated to have aroused the interest of Kirlia. After playing with Psychic, Terrance suddenly felt that he was redundant…

    Haunter and myself are superfluous…The scene has clearly evolved into a battle between Kirlia and Sabrina. Is there anything more bizarre than this?

    On the site, the battle situation has reached a climax, four Kirlia will be surrounded by haunter, including three double Team, Sabrina naturally can easily see this trick, distinguish the true body is easy for her, but the previous battle has made her understand, These splits are kirlia pieces, also by the confusion coordinates, attack and do not attack are not the best policy.

    "Is it going to attack?"Sabrina Psychic was running, observing the battle, and saw that three Kirlias flew in three directions at the same time, which made the Sabrina expression more dignified.

    Which one is better to attack? Attacking the ontology, Kirlia can exchange positions with the Double Team in an instant, attacking the avatar, and the gap of the attack will definitely be seized by the other party for a crazy attack.

    This is a dilemma. Sabrina is obviously embarrassed. The previous one was okay, but now Kirlia has three avatars, which further confuses her eyes.

    "Sabrina is afraid of being anxious now…"Mr. Cheng Ping looked at Haunter with a flustered expression. He could clearly feel the powerlessness of Sabrina. It was Haunter's Attribute and strength, which limited Sabrina's play.

    At the same time, I met a enchanting Kiria, knowing that from the battle to the present, Haunter has not touched Kirlia, as for the Confusion shield, has been broken several times.

    "This Terrance…I didn't make all the effort at first, but I watched Sabrina's fighting style and wanted to use this advantage to speculate on the direction of the next key battle. ”Mr. Cheng Ping’s heart, he saw it, and Terrance wanted to pass this long battle and let the next game become a crushing game!

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