Pokemon Court Chapter 802

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 802th chapter Mega Gallade debut, floating astronomy
    In the face of Kirlia's Teleport, Sabrina always senses the landing position of the opponent in a very short time and directs Haunter to avoid and counterattack in a very short time!

    What Terrance wants to see is the law of avoiding and countering these two commands!

    A few times down, Terrance finally found out that Sabrina's non-Destiny Bond order depends on where Kiria Teleport landed!

    If Teleport goes to Haunter to avoid re-attacks at close range, if Teleport goes to Haunter and attacks directly from a long distance, this command shows that Sabrina is obviously confident in his Psychic, confirming that his command will not be mistaken. Rival's Teleport position, even the top Trainer, does not have the guts.

    This point is in Terrance's point of view, it is undoubtedly playing with fire, as long as a mistake, Sabrina is defeated.

    However, Sabrina has not made any mistakes so far, even if Kirlia Teleport went to Haunter to use Magical Leaf in a very close position, it will still be resolved by Haunter and cannot be broken.

    Using Magical Leaf instead of sniper is Terrance's early simulation of Gallade's fighting style to see how Sabrina will react. In Terrance's view, it's not difficult to defeat this Haunter without a good Breeder, but if Sabrina sends a careful Breeder Psychic is an elf, so that's not sure.

    "That is to say, if it is Gallade's Teleport sniper, she is very likely to predict and avoid."Terrance muttered in his heart.

    Can't gamble on the other side can't escape!

    Although the escape speed of Haunter can't escape Gallade's attack, who knows the strength of Sabrina's next elf? How strong is the Confusion shield?

    Compared to Kiria's fighting style, Gallade's fighting style is directly incomparable, there is not much change, and the pursuit of one-shot killing. If this fighting style is seen by the Psychic master of Sabrina, then Terrance will be in a disadvantageous situation.

    Therefore, Terrance must pass this round of Sabrina's command style to determine the next round of combat strategy, to achieve the effect of one hit and kill, not give the opponent the opportunity!

    Haunter, Night Shade!

    At the same time, on the battlefield, Haunter turned into a huge shadow, Sabrina finally decided to attack the avatar, she came up with new skills, Confusion shield is like a telescopic cloak, wrapped the whole shadow, strange Very incomparable!

    However, seeing this scene, Terrance was unmoved, and the three Double Teams were still thrown away by the suicidal shadow ball.

    This is the promotion. When the Shadows swallowed three Double Teams, the three shadow balls easily hit the target, but did not break the Confusion shield. The shield was once again re-boiled by Sabrina and returned to the Contest Condition.

    But at the moment Sabrina has a faint expression. She has been distracted to feel the position of Kirlia's body. Even if Kirlia sneak attacks, her Night Shade shield can continue to change and defend, but…Just a moment ago, she lost her perception of Kirlia. Although this time of loss of perception is very short, it does make Sabrina lose her heart. It is only this gap that determines the outcome of the battle.

    When Kirlia appeared behind Haunter, Sabrina re-locked on Kirlia, but it was too late. Originally Sabrina was lucky enough to think that even if it was sneaked, Kirlia couldn't break the shield to kill Haunter, but this time she made a mistake. Once Kirlia broke out with a tremendous force, almost instantly crushing the shield, and then the huge Confusion swallowed up towards Haunter.

    这是Mr. Cheng Ping looked at Haunter who slammed into Ground and fainted, and stunned.

    "Synchronoise trick?"Using Synchronoise disturbed Sabrina's judgment of position for a moment, and then the nature of Assist Synchronoise caused great damage to Confusion Shield, which is a good move for Sabrina, perfect!

    "There will be this trick."He is amazing.

    At the same time, Sabrina also felt the energy of Synchronoise, looking at the fainted Haunter, she was silent for a while, then took out the Poké Ball and took Haunter back.

    "Your strength is the strongest person I have ever seen in the challenger of the Saffron Hall."Sabrina slowly opens.

    "I am not a challenger."Terrance is helpless in his heart. He and those people are not a level, but from the perspective of Sabrina, this comparison is also understandable.

    At the end of the battle, Terrance also took Kirlia. In the match, it was not fighting with Haunter. Instead, it was fighting Sabrina. After a battle, Kirlia was tired after being injured. Terrance did not intend to let it. Participate in the next game.

    See Terrance Retract Kirlia, Sabrina and levelling no accident, two people can also feel kirlia consumption is not small, at this time Sabrina has been aware of what is wrong, but as an insider, she is in a high-tempo battle can not be distracted to think about too many things, And out of confidence in his next elf, Sabrina has put other concerns behind him.

    This is a human-shaped elf with yellow feet. The beard is long and the ears are very pointed. The chest and shoulders are wrapped in brown armor. The wrist has two brown objects like wrists. The hands with three fingers hold a spoon and look very sinister!

    Psychic Department, Alakazam.

    "Sure enough, Alakazam."Terrance saw Sabrina's new elves, and also threw out Poké Ball. Gallade appeared on the field. After Sabrina saw the Gallade, she could clearly see that Gallade was not moving towards Psychic.

    At the same time, Gallade also recognized Sabrina and recognized the Psychic who helped it evolve.

    "Next I will do my best."

    Sabrina's words fell on her wrists and waist, and the gemstones on the strange devices like wristbands and belts screamed intensely, as if they were in harmony with Sabrina's Psychic, which turned into a Lucas. Covered by Alakazam.

    At this moment, Terrance found that Alakazam's momentum was significantly stronger, its spiritual power…It was like a sea at this time, and it was much more horrible than Kiria.

    Gazing at the strange device on Sabrina, although Terrance didn't know it, he could guess that Sabrina had prepared an instrument to strengthen the Psychic spirit.

    Will this be made by Sabrina himself?

    Terrance didn't know, but he didn't worry. Looking at the strength of Alakazam, Terrance smiled slowly: "It really surprised me, but I will make the best, Miss Sabrina, you heard that it was circulated in Kalos. Is the ancient legend of the Region?"

    SupportMega Evolution. ”After Terrance finished, he took out his own evolutionary Key Stone, and Gallade also extended his arm to reveal the Mega Stone tied to it. The next moment, under the unexpected eyes of Sabrina and Mr. Cheng, Terrance repeated the reinforcement process on Sabrina. However, the changes that have occurred in Gallade are significantly larger! !

    Mega Gallade, debut!

    White blade, red blade tip.

    The white body and the white cloak that flutters in the wind!

    As the Gallade completes the Mega Evolution, Gallade stretches out his arms and stands with his hands on the knife. At this moment, Alakazam feels a strong threat! !

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