Pokemon Court Chapter 803

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 803th chapter will kill, astronomy
    This is it…The threat that has never been felt since following Sabrina! !

    Key Stone's Lucas flashed and dissipated in the Gallade's head, marking the evolution of the Gallade. In the face of Gallade's changes, Sabrina's unmistakable corners smeared a curve.

    "Sabrina, she…Excited? ! ”

    Mr. Cheng Ping observed the expression of Sabrina. He was very surprised. What excites Sabrina, except for Psychic?

    "It seems that this match is really right. Sabrina has long been exposed to things other than Psychic."

    Alakazam, which was increased by Sabrina and her special equipment, and the Gallade after the Mega Evolution, stood in the same place, waiting for their own Trainer's orders.

    Gallade, with its blade of the arm, knows its fighting style.

    On Gallade, Sabrina didn't feel the power of power like Kirlia, the spirit of Gallade…Does not match the definition of the Psychic system sprite.

    "Melee?"When Sabrina judged it, I saw Terrance grinning.

    At this moment, Sabrina suddenly burst into the heart and felt that there was something that was not noticed. I saw that just entering the game, Gallade had a mysterious atmosphere and full of fighting power! !

    Terrance didn't plan to fight for a long time from the start. He wanted a strong offense, didn't give Sabrina any time to think, and didn't give Sabrina any chance to react!

    In the previous game, he already saw how Sabrina cracked Teleport, so this time, he wants to use this to attack!

    "Gallade !!"

    Terrance has a fingertip and contains countless information. Only the elves who belong to him can understand. The next moment, Sabrina's pupil shrinks. She didn't expect that this Gallade's Teleport is different from the one just Kiria. The speed of display, or the speed of space jump, is fast to the extreme, theoretically reaching a real "instant"!

    "This Teleport…"Mr. Cheng Ping’s brow is locked, and his heart is worried. Even if it is Sabrina’s Alakazam, does it have this Teleport skill?

    "Over there!"

    In the face of Rival's Sucker Punch, Sabrina's Psychic Locked On where it was before the Gallade had not appeared, it was Sky on the right side of Alakazam, not too close, and had a chance to counterattack.

    The idea just emerged, and Alakazam, who was able to communicate with Sabrina, understood Sabrina's intentions, turned his head sharply, crossed his hands and spoons, and prepared to release Psybeam.

    Also left a back road for myself.

    Sabrina's arrangement is arguably seamless. Even if Gallade just escapes Alakazam's attack, it can't stop Alakazam's second attack, and even if Gallade launches any attack from that position, Alakazam can escape safely.

    In a flash, Sabrina completed a complex pre-judgment.

    From this point of view, Sabrina seems to be in an invincible position, but when the Alakazam spoon successfully crossed and the Gallade figure gradually emerged, Sabrina suddenly came over with Smelling Salts.

    be cheated.

    It is clearly the Gallade that develops toward the strength of the body. How can it attack at that distance?

    If Kirlia will be Synchronoise, why not use it until the end?

    "Do you see it?"See Sabrina expression changes, Mr. Levelling underpasses, have synchronoise trick, Terrance unexpectedly save to the end to use, Mr. Levelling once again identified Terrance want to play through the game to observe Sabrina combat style ideas, otherwise by virtue of Terrance And Kirlia's background on the haunter of the beginning of the battle can be ended, although Terrance have some planning, but Mr. Levelling did not show out what unusual, a little performance is not, he is quite happy to see his daughter who relies on psychic eat flat.

    Sabrina, who only used his Psychic to control the elves to fight, obviously did not expect Terrance's thoughts.

    Now, Sabrina finally reacted at the moment of the Alakazam attack. She quickly ordered Alakazam to cancel the attack, and immediately Teleport escaped, but…Gallade is faster!

    Just the body just emerged, Gallade disappeared again, twice Teleport, almost zero interval, it seems to really jump in space Normal!

    "How is it possible, Teleport can actually…"As a master of Psychic, Mr. Cheng Ping is also an expert in training Psychic Type elves. He himself has a practice of Teleport, and even more than some elves, but this Teleport, he is the first time to see!

    Not only is it very low-cost, but it also contains amazing skills, such as this continuous Teleport, which he has never seen before. This Gallade shows Teleport…Don't you have to prepare in advance?

    Seeing this kind of Teleport like the instinct Normal, even Sabrina panicked.

    "Of course, the Mega Evolution and Totem gas fields, as well as Gallade's own abilities to Teleport…When all the miracles are in one, I won. ”

    Terrance calmly looked at the Alakazam, which had a huge amount of energy on the spoon. If this hit Psybeam, Terrance believed it would be a terrible blow, which not only contained the energy of Alakazam, but also the growth of Sabrina's Psychic, that special. The Psychic increase in the device, the power is probably only Sabrina himself knows.

    However, Alakazam has no chance.

    Gallade's speed surpassed the speed at which it canceled the trick, and even when the Gallade was pulled out, Alakazam was still dissipating power.

    "The reaction is good."

    When Gallade's Night Slash waved, a black man swept through it, but there was no Terrance's expected spike. With the intervention of Sabrina, Alakazam strengthened the remaining energy on the spoon when it was in the first round. hit.

    At this time, Sabrina's eyes were filled with enormous spiritual strength, and her hair was so deep that her hair fluttered. In order to block the previous blow, Sabrina's intervention was even stronger! !

    "Although the reaction is good, it can block the Mega Gallade's killing, but it is better to directly move Alakazam, after all, this attack is not over yet."Terrance seems to have expected this scene. The next moment, Gallade's Black blade dissipated, and a yellow glow filled it.

    The evil Night Slash moves directly into the Bury Cutter of Bug Type! !

    Energy switching skills, waterfall skills, the next moment, Sabrina and Alakazam feel the constant pressure from the blade!


    Under the multiple strengths of Fury Cutter and the waterfall, Alakazam's spoon was directly blown, and the Gallade's blade was also swung to Alakazam's body, and the Confusion shield on his body was easily crushed! ! !

    I…Lost? ”

    Sabrina looked at Alakazam, who flew out and lost consciousness. He returned to normality and his expression was very impressive.

    "Yes, you lost."Mr. Cheng Ping slowly opened his mouth and announced the result of the match. Then he came over and said: "You lost on your own Psychic. Too much reliance on Psychic has led to your failure. If you look closely at the situation, you may be Another result."

    Terrance took back Gallade and looked at Sabrina. Sabrina's Alakazam is not strong enough, but also the entry level of the Masters. But under the growth of Sabrina, it has the destructive power of Elite. This is enough to prove Sabrina's own strength, but…It does not mean that the battle she participated in can win.

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