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Pokemon Court Chapter 804

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 804th chapter does not enter the tiger's hole, how to become stronger, floating astronomy
    Terrance wins very well, which makes Sabrina a bit stunned.

    Since she developed the skills to increase Pokémon's strength with Psychic, Sabrina's serious battle has never been lost.

    But this time, Sabrina unfortunately met Terrance, who is expected to be one of the new Elite Fours and climb the top of the Trainer.

    After the end of the battle, the atmosphere of the scene suddenly became weird. Even Sabrina, who wanted to inspire Sabrina's ambition, saw the expressionless Sabrina stunned.

    "Isn't that going to play?"Mr. Cheng Ping coughed in his heart and wiped the scum on his face with his hands, trying to make himself Smelling Salts.

    Terrance looked at Sabrina and he didn't respond. He looked at Mr. Cheng Ping, but what they didn't know was that Sabrina was reminiscing about the game.

    Everything that happened after the first collision between Haunter and Kirlia…Sabrina's super-spiritual spirits have been memorized all the time, even in some details, more detailed.

    Slowly recalling this battle, Sabrina finally understood where he lost. From the beginning, he fell into the inducement of Terrance…


    Just after Terrance discovered that Sabrina's expression had finally changed, he appeared in front of a box in front of him, and the bullet flew over.


    After taking the box, Terrance's chest was a bit of a hammer. After he stumbled through the box, he found that it was not too light.

    It must not be Float Stone…Cough, unscrupulous business minds are all wrapped up.

    "I have left 3 Float Stones, you won the game, these are yours."Sabrina reverted to the expressionless expression.

    "Then I will accept it."Terrance is also unpretentious. This is said in advance, and he is also really missing Float Stone. It is difficult to acquire Float Stone in the channels he has access to. If there is no special opportunity, I want to collect enough Breeder Pupitar and Bangui. Pulling Float Stone is very difficult, and it takes a long time to collect it.

    This time, with these Float Stones, it is enough to overuse the Pupitar stage, and to stabilize and master the weight of the Banguila stage.

    "Hey, what about Sabrina?"

    When Terrance glanced at the box and looked up again, Sabrina had disappeared.

    “Just just left through Teleport.”Mr. Cheng Ping laughed and said: "But the owner of the Terrance, did not think that you can beat Sabrina so easily, it is awesome."

    Levelling as the father of Sabrina, naturally clear Sabrina psychic level and trainer strength, just now the battle, Terrance show the overwhelming strength is very frightening, as a young trainer, can have such strength is not easy, I am afraid that the whole world will not have a lot, in the face of such a young man, Mr. Levelling can not help but let go of the shelves of his predecessors.

    "Miss Sabrina's fighting style is very special. If she doesn't eat the low strength of Alakazam, I am afraid I can't win so easily."Terrance Road.

    If Alakazam's basic strength is comparable to that of Gallade before Mega Evolution, can Mega Gallade win easily with Sabrina's growth?

    WHAT IF…Alakazam is also Mega Evolution, and then through the growth of Sabrina, what is the strength?

    Sabrina's Psychic is significantly more advanced than his Fairy imprint. Even Bai Cheng's development of the waveguide is not as high as Sabrina's development of Psychic…If you can have this ability…Terrance envied and quickly dispelled this dangerous idea. He was lucky enough to be greedy. Terrance didn't want to eat greedy losses, wasting time investigating Psychic that he had no chance of being proficient.

    "After this match, I believe that Sabrina will face up to the Elf's Breeder."Mr. Cheng Ping’s mouth is smiling and looking at the direction of Sabrina’s departure. Although Sabrina’s own Psychic is powerful, it is an era of Trainer. As a slogan of the Saffron Hall, Mr. Cheng Ping hopes that Sabrina will carry forward the Psychic of the Everbright family. It has also become the first master of the Psychic department in history. At the very least, it is necessary to surpass Unova's Guardian.

    Can Assist Terrance, such a good young Trainer, to inspire Sabrina, and Cheng Ping feels that his decision is wise.

    After a few chats with Terrance, Mr. Cheng Ping learned that Terrance was coming to the Contest competition in Saffron City. As the host, he took the initiative to invite Terrance to continue to be a guest at the Saffron Hall, saying that there are still many rooms left empty.

    In the face of Mr. Cheng Ping's invitation, Terrance simply refused, not to mention that he had already booked the room. Moreover, Terrance, who lives in this place where the Psychic is everywhere, always feels weird.

    ButTerrance said that occasionally it will disturb the Saffron Hall.

    What are you doingWhen I heard Terrance, I was still disturbing. Mr. Cheng Ping immediately looked at him. He was just a slap in the face. Now, he began to suspect that Terrance was not thinking. "You will not be interested in my daughter?"

    Quietly posted to Terrance's ear, Mr. Cheng Ping said in a strange whisper, but also blocked his mouth with his hands, for fear that his voice was too loud.


    Terrance quickly took Mr. Ping's hand and made a "嘘" gesture. He said: "Mr. Cheng Ping, you think too much. This can't be said indiscriminately. I don't want to die young."

    "No, I don't want to see such a young and promising Trainer die young."Mr. Cheng Ping was relieved. If Terrance stayed in the Saffron Road Hall and couldn't go back and become a doll, he could imagine how much turmoil would be caused.

    Terrance also wiped a sweat, and Mr. Cheng almost scared him to death. Was it because Sabrina heard that he was lying down?

    He is only interested in the essence of Float Stone in Sabrina's mouth. If Sabrina made progress in the development of Float Stone, wouldn't it mean that Pupitar can also have a new direction of practice? ! In-depth study of the key points of the light and heavy mode, Terrance feels here at Sabrina.

    Upon hearing Terrance's explanation, Mr. Cheng Ping laughed awkwardly: "It turns out that, but this Breeder method relies on Float Stone…You are really awkward, I have to spend a lot of money to study it. ”

    "I don't know, the Breeder method was donated by a friend, and I just spent on the implementation."Terrance Road.

    Terrance's words surprised Mr. Levelling, but after the surprise did not say much, master the weight control skills of the breeder method, but also only for those rock system Pokémon useful, and very limited, as psychic, although he was curious about the nature of float Stone , but after all, less talented than Sabrina, unable to distract to spend time delving into new abilities.

    After determining the new interruption time, Terrance asked Mr. Cheng Ping to go to Sabrina to ventilate first, so as not to be welcome.

    “Do you both discuss the essence of Float Stone?! I don't know if Sabrina will agree, but your research on Float Stone may make Sabrina interested. ”After considering the situation, Mr. Cheng Ping nodded and agreed.

    In this regard, Terrance takes it seriously. Although Sabrina is very dangerous, it is said to have dual personality, but as long as normal communication should not be dangerous…And how to become stronger without going into the tiger's hole.

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