Pokemon Court Chapter 805

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 805th chapter of the confusing retirement rumors, floating astronomy
    Before Terrance left the Saffron Hall, there were three figures in a corner that were moving around.

    James, Jessie, and Meowth, who came to contact Terrance by Giovanni's life, trembled, and did not expect to come to such a strange place with Terrance.

    "I said Jessie…Did he enter the Saffron Hall with the ghost doll? ”Meowth took a nap and Sabrina left a deep shadow on the three of them, especially after the rumors of Sabrina were heard, and the three were even more afraid of the Saffron Hall.

    Yes… …Jessie was full of black lines, and she didn't expect Terrance to come to such a sullen place. She couldn't help but turn her head and look at James. "What are you going to do?"

    "Relieve…It's impossible for Terrance to stay in the Saffron Hall. Hey, look, isn't he coming out? ! ”James suddenly blinked. "I said, let's go to Terrance first according to Plan A!"

    "Too good, I have finally started. We have been studying the contact plan for such a long time. It must be seamless!!"Meowth self channel.

    Terrance didn't know at this time that the Rockets should have followed Ash's team…Staring at yourself, otherwise he must be laughing and laughing.

    At the same time, leaving the Saffron Hall, Terranc, who was preparing to go to the Elf Center, was thinking about Kiria.

    Through this battle, Terrance became more aware of the gap between Kirlia and Gallade.

    Carbink, Kirlia, Ninetales, Pupitar…Ninetales' overall strength is currently the strongest, followed by Kirlia, then Carbink and Pupitar are half-pounded, but Pupitar is currently limited to morphological problems, in the accumulation stage, so Carbink wins more in the simulated match, but the gap is not too obvious.

    The strength of the strongest Ninetales wants to be close to Beautifly and Arcanine. They also have a big step to go, but Terrance has gotten a hundred years of Never-Melt Ice, and Ninetales' Ice Type ability Breeder measures a hundred years of Never-Melt Ice and snow. The secret should be able to improve quickly.

    Kirlia's Psychic Type ability Terrance doesn't worry at all. Calm Mind will continue to grow stronger. It is estimated that he will be shocked after the evolution, and he has a chance to easily become Terrance's next top force.

    As for the Breeder of their Fairy Type capabilities, Terrance intends to put it together with Carbink's mutation plan.

    That is, try Fairy Aura's secondary development to enhance their strength. As for Carbink, Terrance's priority is to make it abrupt. This has become the common goal of Carbink and Terrance. As long as it is a mutation, it is the squid squid, Contest's Transform.

    The growth of strength after the mutation is definitely much more than the evolution of Normal. They are more than Ninetales. They are not even dreams.

    "With float Stone, the breeder speed of the Pupitar phase can be accelerated, and the next step is to allow it to absorb the nutrient ore within the range it can digest, and when it evolves into Banguila, its strength will naturally change dramatically, Not only the control of Sandstorm can directly chase Ninetales to the use of snow and ice, but also have a special weight model as an aid, light and strength only in one thought! ”

    In the mind to rearrange the future training programs of these elves, Terrance probably has a direction in mind, and I am afraid that within a year, they will become the new main force of Terrance.

    The main force that can interact with the top Trainer.

    At that time, Terrance is not just a top-level Trainer, there are ten Elite-level elves, enough Terrance to face various situations, which also meets the average of the Elite Four honors, the powerful Trainer for Normal. There are usually more than two teams, and Terrance has suffered a late start loss, but now it is barely catching up.

    In the Elf Center, Terrance handed Gallade and Kirlia's Poké Ball to Nurse Joy, and after returning to them, they came alone to a hidden place and woke up Rotom Pokédex, who is traveling the data world.

    Oh…Rotto…"Rotom Pokédex woke up and looked at Terrance with dissatisfaction, seemingly blaming Terrance for disturbing its dreams.

    "You seem to be lazy recently. You can just fall asleep in such a fierce battle."Terrance snorted and smiled.

    "Not Rest, learning Rotto!"Rotom Pokédex broke away from Terrance's hand and said seriously, "Lazy and learning, this question is very important, I have to correct my character Rotto."

    OKTerrance reluctantly said: "Roody Teacher, what do you have to gain?"

    Of course notRotom Pokédex seriously said: "Are you not following the position of Elite Four recently? I have new news here, Rotto. ”

    "What?"A glimpse of Terrance.


    "Although you have not made a decision whether to challenge, but as an assistant for you, you must find out all the information in advance."Rotom Pokédex reveals all the expressions for Terrance, solemnly saying: "If you want to challenge Hoenn Alliance Rotto…"

    "You will face the evil master Sidney, the Ghost master Phoebe, the ice master Glacia, the dragon master Drake, and the four of them to fight, and then get the corresponding points according to the winning and losing situation to judge whether you can replace one of them. Elite, who lost your hand, became the new Elite Four master Rotto!"

    "Of course, before that, you have to overwhelm all the Masters contestants Rotto in the match points."Rotom Pokédex Road.

    The Masters contestants are almost all of the previous Region Conference Champions. They have won a championship every year. They have accumulated a lot of senior Trainers who want to challenge the Elite position. Breaking out from them is the basis for challenging the Elite Four. .

    Because the Masters contestants are mostly for the Region Conference Champion, the Masters is also known as the Champion Conference, Champion Alliance.

    However, Terrance has the identity of Trainer, and can avoid participating in the Region Conference program, directly participate in the Masters, and compete for the position of the Elite Four master, which is one of the benefits of each of the Region's pavilions.

    "But ah, if you want to challenge the Indigo Alliance, it's interesting to Rotto."Rotom Pokédex smiled and got a gossip from the Internet, and it is said to be very true. After all, few people dare to spread the false news of Elite Four.

    "Lorelei and Agatha masters of one of the Indigo Alliance Elite Four seem to have released the news that they will abandon the Elite Four. If they are retired, the Indigo Alliance will become much less difficult to become an Elite Four, even without other Elite. It is possible that the Four battles can directly fill the Elite position. After all, there have been precedents in the history of Rotto."Rotom Pokédex Road.

    “Lorelei Master and Agatha Master are going to give up the Elite Four position?!”Terrance was shocked. Master Agatha could understand that it is normal for the elderly to be old and want to retire. Can the Lorelei master not be at the peak?

    Rotom Pokédex is naturally unclear, and Terrance can't guess it. However, if both of them are retired, then the Indigo Alliance is not the only champions, the Elo Four's Bruno and…New Elite Four, Karen? !


    PS: Kanto Region is the Kanto Region, not the general term for the merger of the Kanto and Johto Regions.

    Both the Kanto Region and the Johto Region Region belong to the Indigo Alliance, and the two Regions share the Alliance facility with a total of one champion and four Elites.

    After the promotion of the champion, Lorelei and Agatha retired, Will, Karen, and Koga were successively in the ranks. Here, Karen was first promoted to become the champion, and Will and Koga have not yet become Elite.

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