Pokemon Court Chapter 806

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 806th faction, floating astronomy
    The words of Rotom Pokédex confuse Terrance.

    However, it is only a rumor that Lorelei and Agatha masters will retire afterwards. It is not confirmed that premature excitement is not necessary.

    He is Terrance – not a person who loves to be a small bargain, Terrance.

    But then again, he was born in Kanto, his parents are Kanto, and it is not impossible to become the Indigo Alliance's Elite Four.

    Moreover, as the owner of the Hoenn Region, he grew up in Hoenn and has a close relationship with the Hoenn Alliance. It is also promising to become the Elen Four of the Hoenn Region.

    In this way, Terrance can really choose between the two Regions.

    Although the decision-making layers in the Alliance's Alliance may be different, they are all part of the Elf Alliance, which is closely related to the same faction, such as the Joy family and the Jenny family. It is spread over many Regions, even where there is no Alliance. Their figure.

    Terrance remembers that one of the Hoenn Elite Four Glacia masters is not a Hoenn, she is an Elite seat that was directly challenged through the Evergrande Conference and the Masters.

    However, it is not easy to be a master of Glacia. If there is no faction behind it and support his own power, it is not easy to win the Elite Four.

    Terrance once communicated with Master Wicktor. In Normal, Elite Four is a competition for some Alliance factions. In Alliance, Elite Four and the champion have certain voting rights for Alliance decision, which is a semi-powerful person with significant influence. Although an open event such as the Masters was established, the procedural mechanism of the game was completely controlled in the hands of Alliance.

    The Masters system is very complicated and random, but it is within the general rules. After a match, a Trainer may take a week off to start the next game, but it is also possible to play against each other in a day. .

    This complex system, which was established from the beginning of the Masters, is a place where people can do things.

    If a civilian without any background wants to challenge the Elite position all the way, unless he really has the strength, far beyond the strength of all Rival, otherwise, you must join an Alliance faction.

    Otherwise, a rule change can make the opponent experience a duel like a wheel battle. Although it is not going to have two duels in one day, it is impossible to give enough rest time. During this time, the opponent's main elf is likely to be injured. Not fully recovered yet.

    Therefore, the position of Elite has always been a place where some Alliance factions and participating countries compete.

    Of course, it is not without the history of trainer, which has been hard to test with its own strength, but they will certainly be invited by countless factions in the process of challenging the masters, and most will choose a faction that suits them in the process, otherwise, become elite Four One after them for the better resources will also be close to the side, this is the general trend.

    Of course, Terrance doesn't have to worry about this. Since he debuted, he has been involved with many factions.

    For example, Ash, he has grown all the way, has been labeled with the "Professor Oak" behind him, behind the academic core of Professor Oak, know that Professor Oak can play a pivotal role in the academic world, as the Kanto academic center rainbow The University's special lecturer, Oak has taught a number of Professor-level researchers, all of whom are in various academic fields.

    Ash This kind of squat doll is inevitably labeled as a faction in the process of growing up. Terrance is even less likely to have no involvement. It is too difficult to grow up to know that they are civilian civilian Trainers.

    To say that Terrance is a disciple of Wicktor Master, it involves a lot of power.

    The first is the Breeder Association, which is an important member of the Elf Alliance, and the Wicktor Master is one of the Vice Presidents of the Breeder Association.

    In addition, Wicktor Master and Terrance are also from Tianguan College. Tianguan College has close cooperation with Breeder Association and is one of the investors of Contest. The Contest Competition is also a community of interests. Important member.

    Like the Breeder Association, the Contest competition, which is spread across Region, it is one of the more influential alliance members, in fact, more members of the Alliance are some influential members, such as Kanto Region, Hoenn Region, it also retains a few small countries that carry on ancient customs, most of which are Elves Alliance, but because many of them are out of the modern society, the influence is much worse than that of the contest competition community of interests and the Breeder Family Association.

    Therefore, the water in this is very complicated.

    It is impossible for Terrance to grow up all the time without any external interference. Terrance has not achieved so much alone.

    For example, the official Contest competition has a lot of support for the development of Terrance's pavilion and the Napru pavilion. Of course, Terrance is only a part of its shareholders. There are many investors behind the Contest contest, but the larger shareholders are still Pokémon. Club, Dewen Company, Breeder Association, etc…

    "Since Wicktor Master left the Rockets, I didn't say anything about my involvement in Trainer…Instead, I talked a lot to me. ”Terrance frowned.

    “Before Master, he was worried that if I only held an Elite position for an honor, I would waste a lot of time on some unnecessary tasks…But I don't value the honor that Elite brings, but I am curious about the secrets that Elite can reach, and the special places that can come and go. ”Terrance's curiosity about the Elite position is here, even if there is not much information from Steven, it is enough to cause Terrance's curiosity.

    Now, after being induced by Agatha Elite and others, Terrance is hard to think of…

    "I am only 16 years old now, and there are even a hundred years to squander in the future. Why do you still hesitate?"Terrance began to convince himself that after experiencing the heart, he might regret it for a while, but he might regret it for a lifetime without experience. Terrance still understands this truth.

    Several locations that can compete with many factions, in addition to real power, certainly have their own unique place, even the Mega rich second generation like Steven is also tempted…And Steven’s covet is definitely not the benefit and fame that the champion can bring…After all, the name of the successor of the company, and who can not talk freely?

    ButSteven seems to have the meaning of retiring in the vague agreement? ”Terrance recalled the conversation with Steven and felt that things were more complicated. After all, Steven didn't just take the championship for a long time. It is not a joke to retire.

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