Pokemon Court Chapter 807

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the main text of Chapter 807, you took the wrong script, floating astronomy
    "Wait a minute, if the secret and special places that the champion and Elite Four can reach are limited, then when Steven knows this well, there is really no need to limit himself to a champion position. He can The champion position is thrown to an acquaintance of the same faction, and then he is chic…"Terrance's eyes suddenly widened, will it be Wallace? !

    Devon is the major shareholder of the Contest contest, and Wallace is the representative of the Contest contest. All this…

    "So speculative, it is entirely possible to have this…I don't know if I ask Steven, will the other person tell the truth…"

    Devon, now no less inferior to Silver's giant enterprise, and Silver, the world's top business giant, Steven can easily push the championship position, even under the operation of the Contest and Contest, and support one person to become the champion. It is not impossible!

    And this person is probably the Wallace who is the master of coordination and the master of the water system.

    "Healaches…"Terrance snorted, the water was so deep, I don't know if I guessed it.

    "Right, since the beginning of my debut, the Elite Four and the championship positions seem to be younger…"Terrance suddenly thought of saying that these young people could surpass the accumulation of older people in a very short time. He believes that this is possible. Identity, talents and opportunities may be the main reasons, but even so, it is not so young. Transformation…As for why these young people are going to take the position of Elite, Terrance guesses that there may be some hidden feelings.

    Is it difficult to cultivate a new generation, the older generation took the initiative to give up resources, have retired?

    "What are you thinking about Rotto?"Rotom Pokédex Watched Terrance squint and his expression became more and more complicated.

    "You said, will the world face an unexpected threat?"Terrance Ghost makes God the difference, the spiritual world, parallel time and space, where the aliens come from, it is conceivable that the elf world must be attached to a huge space-time system, even if suddenly a few different worlds emerge, and a bunch of monsters Terrance are not running out. I feel weird.

    These are all unknown threats, but the news about the spiritual world and the alien space can't be touched by ordinary people. Even if Terrance is today, he can only get a general information, even if it is a discussion in academia. Has been floating on the surface, no one has published information after in-depth research.

    Terrance I would like to ask, in the face of these unknown areas, if you are an Alliance power, you will definitely have the idea of exploration, rather than leave it alone.

    We must know that even in past lives, countries have never stopped exploring the universe. Although there are some differences in culture and unknown places in this world, can Alliance stop exploring the unknown? UNKNOWNIt represents a hidden danger.

    If you say that you are exploring…Obviously, these materials have not yet reached the point of publicity, so if you want to get in touch with that information, you have to have a certain status.

    For example, the Elite Fours who have real power in the Elf Alliance.

    Just as the villain was fighting in Terrance's head, the sound of the elf center suddenly came out, and it seems that the Pokémon he posted has returned to its original state.

    Quickly wiped a face under Smelling Salts, Terrance opened the backpack under Rotom Pokédex's helpless expression, and then Rotom Pokédex took the initiative to fly in.

    "I can say it, I didn't sleep…No, Rotto, don't bother me before Rotto. ”Rotom Pokédex said quickly before getting into the backpack.

    Sure.Terrance smiled and then ran to Nurse Joy to take the Poké Ball from Kirlia and Gallade.

    Later, Terrance came to the conveyor at the Elf Center and sent the Gallade back to the Nepru Road Hall, which had already been greeted.

    "The next words…"To do all this, Terrance walked out of the wizard center and meditated.

    “Grand Festival is approaching, special training for Ninetales, just use Never-Melt Ice…Also take advantage of this time to collect the ore with Float Stone and prepare to make Pupitar evolve! ! ”

    This stage of Pupitar differs from the stage of the Bug Type elves, but there are also similarities. They are all stages of accumulation of nutrients.

    That is to say, as long as you are willing to save money, you can shorten this stage. The wild Larvitar wants to evolve to Banguira and may have to eat several big mountains. It takes years, but in fact, there is not much nutrients in the mountains. Basically all ordinary sand, Rock…

    “However, it is not as difficult to collect other ore as it is to collect Float Stone, but it is not a simple one…”Terrance's heart.

    Just as he thought about the channels through which he collected, he suddenly had a glimpse of his eyes.

    SmallForrest ? ”Seeing the person in front of him, Terrance stunned.

    "court……tree? ”James also looked surprised and opened his mouth, as if he was very wrong to meet Terrance here.

    As the Mewtwo incident trio lost their memory, Terrance knew that James had remembered his last memory when he rescued them, but James appeared in Saffron City, which really made Terrance a bit more aggressive.

    According to the plot, the three should definitely follow Ash.

    "You are Terrance!"When I saw Terrance, James was surprised and immediately showed a surprise expression. She grabbed Terrance's hand and said: "The last time I thank you in Lampur, if I didn't have you, my partner and I might be eaten by the huge Tentacruel. Lost."

    NothingTerrance smiled. "But it's lucky to meet James here."

    "Well, um, I feel very lucky, yes. After you saved us in Lamppool, my partner always wanted to repay your life-saving grace, but unfortunately I have not been able to find you. Please be sure this time. Let's repay."James is serious.

    Are you serious?

    Terrance laughed in the heart. It was suspicious that the Rockets, which should have been with Ash, had come to face in front of him. Now, James has shown a completely different attitude from the new island. Terrance can almost conclude that this group is not doing anything…The idea hits yourself! !

    James couldn't think of it. Terrance knew their original itinerary. I didn't even think that before this, the two people in New Island had already seen one side. At that time, the Rockets could not show anything to repay. idea……

    you guys……Take the wrong script.

    "Unfortunately, if it wasn't for the plot and Mewtwo's help, I might have been fooled by the three of you. What did James come close to me?" Is it Giovanni's order? ”Terrance suspicion, and at the same time, the mind is calculated.

    There is one more, now in the code, if there is no more before 12 o'clock, and 3 more tomorrow, 4 chapters.

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