Pokemon Court Chapter 808

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 808th chapter of the second pit, floating astronomy
    "You must investigate clearly!"

    Terrance thought about it and immediately had a plan in mind.

    To talk about how to investigate, it is undoubtedly the best choice to use Mismagius' illusion hypnosis.

    When you find the right opportunity, God will let the three people tell the truth without knowing it. Whether it is a coincidence or a deliberate approach, it will suddenly become a reality.

    Thinking of this, Terrance said: "What is too much to say is too much, but recently there is one thing that makes me feel a headache…"

    "No problem, just give it to us."James’ eyes brightened and he patted his chest.

    He didn't expect the reality to go well beyond the planned progress, and Terrance spoke directly in the original script.

    "It is more trouble to explain…It's better to go to the companion first, I will go to the Elf Center and go to find you. ”Terrance looked at James in casual wear and said.

    "Alright!"James nodded and couldn't wait to tell Jessie and Meowth about this good news.

    When Terrance made an excuse to go to the Elf Center again, James ran back to Jessie and Meowth.

    Both Jessie and James wore casual clothes that were prepared in advance, and did not wear the uniforms of the Rockets. Even Meowth was dressed as a human being, wearing clothes and making people look like dogs…

    Seeing the return of James, Jessie and Meowth immediately showed a sinister smile and whispered: "Is it smooth?"

    "You're done."James smiled at the corner of his mouth: "I said it would be a good idea to use the previous Bluepool event as a touch point…In this way, we can not only shape us into positive figures who know how to be grateful, but also increase the favor of Terrance to us by rewarding each other's kindness…"

    "That means success?"Meowth grinds the Hone Claws and licks his lips. "What should I do next?"

    "Yeah, what should I do next?"Jessie said.

    "Terrance seems to have encountered some difficulties recently. We just need to help him solve the difficulties. It should be able to complete the task of this stage that Giovanni boss gave us…"James said.

    Oof…Jessie and Meowth understood it, but James was afraid they didn't understand it and explained it again.

    "Just use video games as an analogy. Giovanni boss gave us the main line task. The task completion condition is to brush up the high degree of Terrance. If you want to brush up the high degree of Terrance, we have to complete the side task of Terrance. ”James took the experience of playing the game console when he was a child and felt that he was very witty.

    "It turned out to be like this!"Meowth patted the two cat's palms. "I shouldn't have doubted you before."

    "The thoughts of the young master…"Jessie licked her face.



    It took a long time for James to wait until Terrance, mainly because Terrance passed Mismagius and spent some time.

    By the way it came to the previous position, Terrance saw the Rockets trio at a glance. The characteristics of the other side were too obvious. James was fine. Jessie's hair and Meowth's head couldn't be recognized.

    When Terrance walked over, I saw Jessie smearing two tears in his hands, making prayers in his hands, muttering in his mouth: "Bene, I finally saw you…"

    "Yeah, oh…"Meowth also did the same thing.

    On the side of James, look at this scene, and look at it one by one, and pick it up in his heart: "I don't see Jessie is very powerful…She said that if she wants to become a well-known Actress, she is not talking about it. ”

    All of this is theoretically fine, but it’s clear that Terrance, the three guys, is awkward.

    A few people are not in a script at all, and the other party’s acting in the eyes of Terrance is like a performance.

    That…Hello , everyone !Terrance Road.

    "Terrance, you are finally here, I am coming to introduce you, this is the companion Jessie and Meowth I met after I traveled."James quickly introduced the enthusiasm.

    Terrance, who was interested in contacting the Rockets, also greeted James's introduction and talked with Jessie and Meowth. From the conversation, it seems that several people seem to get along very well.

    This steady development has made the Rockets trio a happy…Yes, it’s right, it’s this feeling.

    Soon, after thinking of being familiar with Terrance, Jessie smacked over Terrance's neck and said, "I heard James say that you have encountered some difficulties, don't worry, give it to the big sister, and everything will be solved smoothly. ”

“???”Terrance, this is a mixed-race…

    On the surface, however, Terrance continued to play with the three guys. At this point, he has almost determined that the three intentions are not as simple as Return, although the trio sometimes makes silly things to do, but most of them Time is still a bad guy.

    The way of acting is a special bad guy.

    They can be moved by a little thing, to help others, and even to save the world, but they can also hold the innocence of Snatch as an elf of friends and relatives.

    This is the place where Terrance is speechless. It may be because of feelings. Terrance still likes these three guys. Although it is a bad guy, he has his own Flash point, especially James. It was Terrance six years ago. A better memory…So, Terrance dismissed the idea of giving three people to Officer Jenny.

    Anyway, even if I gave it to Office Jenny, the three guys will definitely escape.After all, facing the pursuit of Elite Four, they are safe and sound.

    "The three bad guys who have never succeeded in doing bad things have even hit their minds on me, or they have to be a little Punishment."Terrance is not the first time to pit the Rockets. At Kalos he let the three guys be scapegoats…As for now, Terrance has a better idea.

    Quickly pushing Jessie, Terrance laughed and said: "This is a bit complicated, so go to the restaurant over there and we will sit down and talk."

    When I heard Terrance's words, James, Jessie, and Meowth nodded and waited for Terrance to lay off the task.

    And by the opportunity to go to the restaurant, Terrance deliberately took a three-person circle, this time…Under the hypnosis of Mismagius, Terrance has got the information he wants.

    "Sure enough, Giovanni's order, then Giovanni did not choose Revenge but sent someone to contact me, what is the idea?"The darkness in Terrance's heart was really guessed by Agatha Elite. Giovanni, the man's chest is really not normal.

    After a while, in a restaurant of a low grade, Terrance talked about his "difficulties" and the three.

    "I have to take the time to train because I have to participate in the next Contest contest, but my Pokémon Breeder has some problems and urgently needs a special batch of materials."Terrance frowns.

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