Pokemon Court Chapter 809

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 809th Return Rocket, Astronomy

    James, Jessie, and Meowth met each other and then reached a consensus.

    It sounds too easy to complete!

    "Give it to us, it’s nothing to help with this, compared to the help of life!"Jessie took the table and stood up, serious.

    "Yeah yeah!"James, Meowth seconded.

    "is this okay?"Terrance's eyes widened, revealing an unexpected expression.

    Next, after getting the Rockets' repeated requests, Terrance finally "worried" "sorry" and "satisfied" to write out a list of materials for them.

    Terrance was still worried about how to collect other rare ore. Now think about it, is it easier to take it directly from the Rockets?

    During the time when Mismagius sneaked into the Rockets, Jenny Lan and Joy Ling gave him a survey of the Rockets, including a detailed description of the task level.

    Like James, they are the executives of the highest BOSS. They can even mobilize some of the captain-level Rockets to complete the task and even apply for mission funding.

    This time, asking them to help themselves find the ore Terrance is the idea, at Mt. Moon's Rockets with several underground bases can monopolize a lot of ore business in Nibi. Since the trio has received Giovanni's orders, it is not difficult to transfer some resources from the organization.

    In this way, Terrance is interesting. Since Giovanni wants the trio to brush his feelings in him, he will push the boat and he will help solve the problem by himself.

    However, in order to send the Rockets a little longer, Terrance also compiled a name for the ore and accompanied it. In fact, the ore does not exist at all, and naturally it can't be found. If it can be found, it is a ghost.

    “With Float Stone, there is also a mineral ore, and the desert tyrant is just around the corner.”Terrance is looking forward to it.

    In fact, Meowth is also calculating the cost of the mission. This time they are carrying out the tasks personally given by Giovanni Boss. They have a heavy responsibility, and they have an inexplicable sense of superiority and naturally want to do something that is identifiable.

    "If you just collect things, the Rockets' huge heritage should be easy to find."James heart.

    At the same time, Terrance has not forgotten to remind: "These ore are relatively easy to obtain, there are relatively few, because I am eager to use, it is not necessary to take it all at once, rest assured, I will buy at the market price."

    "How nice this is, this is our reward, not a deal, Terrance, you can rest assured, we will all collect these ore!"James is also a channel, in order to maintain their positive image is also a fight.

    When I heard this, Terrance was quite weird.

    At this time, a few meals called by Terrance came up. The Rockets trio had not eaten such a grand and grand food for a long time. After seeing the meal, as Terrance moved the tableware, several people quickly gorged. stand up.

    But after eating, the Rockets' three big immortals suddenly realized that they had no money in their hands. If this meal makes Terrance please…They haven’t repaid yet, and they owe it to others. It’s not right.

    Seeing the embarrassment of the three people, Terrance certainly did not have an accident. This was originally within his plan. When he was full, he had a burden in his heart, and the other party could have enough strength and spirit to collect ore for him.

    With a slap in the face of a big meal, James, Jessie, and Meowth looked at each other, and Terrance smiled and went straight to the checkout.



    After dinner.

    James, Jessie, and Meowth immediately bid farewell to Terrance. They also wanted to complete the task as soon as possible, so they didn't dare to waste time and went directly to investigate the list given by Terrance.

    They don't know the ore on these lists, but this does not prevent them from collecting.

    after allEverything is for the mission of Giovanni boss.

    After considering it, James dialed the phone directly from the headquarters, and the secretary of Giovanni answered the bird.

    The woman with glasses and cold expression saw the figure of James and Jessie, and immediately showed a disgusted expression: "How are you?"

    "Hey, real bird, we will soon complete the task given by Giovanni boss, and you will not have much time to Power Trip."Jessie sneered.

    "Oh ?" Are you going to complete the task? ”The real bird reveals a puzzled expression, can these three people also become a thing?

    "The last step is worse. We have to apply for mission funding and some permissions."Jessie waved her helplessly, revealing a look that we were about to jump on your head, saying: "Hurry up and approve, or you can delay the loss of Giovanni boss's personal order."

    When I heard Jessie, the real bird had to look at James with a cold eyes across the screen, and they lost a few eyes. Who are the three big men who lost the Rockets?

    "What mission funding, is your mission not to get Terrance's trust?"The real bird frowned, and it was obvious that the trio was not right here, and there would be no more moths.

    "Everything is to better complete the task, if it is ordinary task we can certainly solve their own, but that took too long, this task is after all, Giovanni boss personally issued, the stakes are high, if we can open the Exchange authority, and have a certain amount of mission funds, easy to complete this task, Now that we have reached out to Terrance, we are short of the last step to get his affection, so don't procrastinate. ”

    "If it doesn't work, let's talk to Giovanni boss, let's talk to him personally."

    I don't need itThe real birds are still frowning. Like their direct task, they do have the right to get the task. The executive level of the boss is very high, but the identity of the trio is very special. At the beginning, Giovanni and her did not. I noticed this, until the three people took the initiative to mention, the real bird responded.

    Even so, she really didn't want to give the three people Help…Because of her, I always feel that the trio will be bad.

    This kind of application for the task and the opening of the authority did not disturb Giovanni, the real bird meditated, then took a deep breath, looked at James, Jessie, Meowth badly, said: "Since you are sure, then I will give You have enough authority, remember, this is the order that Giovanni boss personally gave to you, but don't mess up, or you know the consequences."

    Although I couldn't understand the three people, the real bird didn't want to see the trio's mission fail again, and the Giovanni boss was angry.

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