Pokemon Court Chapter 810

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 810th chapter Never-Melt Ice usage, floating astronomy
    On the other side, the trio was sent away and Terrance began to calm down.

    Regarding the Grand Festival, he is not ready yet. Next, he needs to train Ninetales for a period of time. The main exercise is the control of the ice system.

    Ninetales' control of the ice system is of course very powerful, but it has not reached the top level.

    Terrance and Rotom Pokédex speculate that if Ninetales has a higher affinity for the ice system and has a perfect grasp of the snow, its ice system's ability is expected to reach the top level.

    In order to train the Pokémon, Terrance is preparing to rent an open-air training ground in Saffron City. The interior of the training ground is similar to the battlefield. It is an artificial simulation environment.

    Inside, you can change the site to the terrain of the ice, the Rock site, etc., so the rent is not cheap.

    However, compared to the special training in the wild, it is obviously quieter and more comfortable. Saffron City is a big city. Since this service is provided, Terrance will naturally not feel bad about it.

    One day later, in the training field.

    Feeling the cold around, Terrance nodded with satisfaction: "Let's just rent it for 7 days."

    "Okay, register for you now."After the service staff expressed their understanding, they were familiar with Terrance for the rental process.

    After completing a series of procedures, Terrance watched the other party leave. The next 7 days, this place belongs to him. Although there is no colder cave in Seafoam Islands, the snow and ice venue here is not bad, at least, from the reaction of Ninetales. Look at it is quite satisfactory this place.


    Looking at Ninetales, Terrance took out Never-Melt Ice.

    This is not the first time Ninetales has contacted Never-Melt Ice, but…It was the first time to contact Never-Melt Ice for a hundred years.

    Don't look like the Never-Melt Ice and the Never-Melt Ice for a thousand years. Never-Melt Ice sounds too good, but the Never-Melt Ice is a rare treasure. It’s not so easy to buy a piece. of.

    This Never-Melt Ice contains far more energy than the Blaines that Blaine gives to him.

    "Ninetales, you feel it."Give Never-Melt Ice to Ninetales, and Terrance lets it feel it first.

    Although the ice energy in Never-Melt Ice is tightly blocked due to the special structure of Never-Melt Ice, it is very simple if the ice Pokémon uses the trick to mobilize the energy in Never-Melt Ice.

    The older the vintage, the more complex the structure of Never-Melt Ice may be, making it harder to mobilize the energy inside, but these are not problems for Ninetales.

    However, simply using the energy in Never-Melt Ice to enhance the power of ice is not the primary purpose of Terrance. This is a waste.

    After watching Ninetales for a while, seeing its expression change, Terrance laughed.

    "Must you know how to use this special Never-Melt Ice to practice it? Feel the amazing energy inside? ”

    “呜~~” Ninetales nodded hard, and it had a snowy special training with floating bubbles, naturally knowing how to make the most of Icy Rock, Never-Melt Ice and other treasures.

    Directly when the consumables are used, they also have a little effect on themselves. When the energy bonus in the elf absorption treasure is on the trick, Pokémon itself will also receive the baptism of energy. Although it is very weak, it is good for the elf.

    However, the efficiency is too low, and all the energy is added to the trick to release it. It is not very effective to enhance Pokémon's own strength.

    So, Terrance came up with a way to turn the energy inside the treasure into Pokémon's own ability, which is the four weather secrets.

    The key point is the four tricks to change the weather.

    Prayer, Hail, Sunny Day, Sandstorm.

    If the moves like Blizzard and the frozen light are released by Pokémon with their own power, then the weather-like moves are released by Pokémon through their own power and communication. It is a skill of Assist Nature.

    The reason why the floating bubble is known as the Pokémon that can use the great power of nature is that it can learn all four weather styles.

    It is also because of the characteristics of the floating bubble itself that it is easier to use weather-like moves than other Pokémons.

    Although Ninetales is not as good as the type of weather that can be mobilized by floating bubbles, its Ability snowfall makes it impossible to lose to anyone in a single snow day control.

    “Snowfall and Hail are techniques that use your own energy to communicate the energy of ice and snow in nature. What you have to do now is to communicate the energy inside Never-Melt Ice through these two abilities and treat the whole Never-Melt Ice as a whole. A nature that evolves its internal ice and snow energy into a snowy day…"Terrance Road.

    In this way, not only can Assist Never-Melt Ice's special structure reduce the waste of energy, but also through the process of communication, let Ninetales's will always get the baptism of ice and snow energy, and enhance its own affinity for ice and snow energy. In addition, this also indirectly practiced its use of snow days.

    This is one of the six rings of Snow Heaven's Secret. The other five rings involve Icy Rock, Ice Gem and some strange materials, and even airflow skills. Only when the six rings are integrated into one is Terrance's top level. The secret of Snow Day, relying on Never-Melt Ice at the moment, can only play such a point of practice.

    However, to find with the century-old never-melt ice corresponding icy Rock, ice Gem and other materials is not easy, at least in the short term is not possible, so Terrance gave up this intention, century never-melt Ice energy Huge, It may be possible to play a big role alone, but in the course of practice, although it will not consume the energy of Never-melt ice as much as the release of the trick, but it will also speed up the passage of never-melt ice Energy, so how long this never-melt ice can be used, Terrance also do not know, but with this never-melt ice inside the huge energy point of view, enough ninetales on the ice and snow affinity, the use of snowy days is more superior.

    Of course, the use of Never-Melt Ice training is not for everyone. First, Pokémon does not control the energy. It is better to destroy the Never-Melt Ice structure and waste energy. Secondly, simulate inside Never-Melt Ice. Hail operation, snow and sky changes, is not that simple.

    This requires cumbersome pre-training and relies on other training methods. These training methods, Ninetales, have already been practiced with floating bubbles.

    Arranged for Ninetales' training mission, Terrance took the remote control and changed the other half of the ice field to the Rock site, leaving Pipitar, Kirlia, and Carbink for training.

    Needless to say, Kirlia and Carbink will directly follow the Altaria accumulation of Fairy energy. By the way, Kirlia will be distracted in the process to practice spirituality through Calm Mind. As for Pupitar, Terrance just wanted to give him a training assignment, but suddenly received Mr. Cheng Ping. Message…

    "Sabrina…agreed? ”Looking at the message roughly, Terrance was happy. It seems that Sabrina is not so unpopular. It is good for everyone to discuss the essence of Float Stone. After getting the message, Terrance plans to visit the Saffron Hall now.

    If the essence of Float Stone is really Psychic, then it is interesting. It is entirely possible for Terrance to further perfect Steven's Float Stone Breeder method in this view, so that the future Banjara is even stronger! !

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