Pokemon Court Chapter 811

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 811th chapter sees Sabrina, floating astronomy
    Saffron Hall.

    The apprentice who is responsible for the gatekeeper is still yesterday.

    When he saw Terrance, he immediately showed a surprised expression: "It is you again…"

    It is rare to visit such a diligent person at the Saffron Hall.

    "Haha, hello, I am looking for…Hey, look for Miss Sabrina. ”Terrance just spoke up and suddenly realized that he was looking for Sabrina, and immediately changed his mouth.

    "Okay, wait a moment."Super apprentice said: "Miss Sabrina should be practicing Psychic. I have to tell Miss Sabrina first."

    After Terrance expressed his understanding, the super-apprentice began to turn around, but after halfway through, his body slammed and a lot of information appeared in his mind.

    That…Without notice, Miss Sabrina has just told me through telepathy that you can enter, please come with me. ”Turning over the body again, the super apprentice snarled.

    So far distance can also be telepathic?

    Terrance looked into the depths of the pavilion and suddenly wanted to see Sabrina and Mewtwo PK.

    If you let Kiria summon Mewtwo and fight Sabrina…Will it be fun?

    This thought has just risen, Terrance is violently annihilated. This kind of thought of dying is still not to think about it. If it really turns into reality, then it must be him who hangs…

    Following the super-apprentice came to a special room, Terrance walked in under the direction of the other party.

    This is not the reception room that Terrance has been waiting for, nor the lounge, nor the battle room…When I saw the various equipment inside, Terrance had a judgment in mind, and Sabrina was practicing Psychic in this place.

    Many of the equipment here looks like it was built to aid Psychic.

    While seeing all kinds of equipment, Terrance certainly saw Sabrina sitting in a distant swivel chair and holding Float Stone…

    Sabrina looked very focused. A long leg in a white stocking was placed on the other leg, leaning back, holding the Float Stone parallel to the line of sight, and did not seem to notice the arrival of Terrance.

    "Miss Sabrina…"Terrance saw that the other party did not move and opened the way directly.

    "Can you let me observe your elf?"After Terrance opened, Sabrina then spoke, and the other side said, let Terrance give a slight glimpse, then then understand, this guy…

    That elf…Of course it refers to Pupitar.

    Terrance shrugged helplessly. "Of course, after all, the topic we are studying is Float Stone. It is naturally inseparable from the Pupitar that has mastered the Float Stone ability."

    Sabrina slowly lowered the Float Stone in his hand and silenced it: "Thank you."


    This thank you, it really makes Terrance unable to understand the mind, after getting used to the cold and cold Sabrina, the other party is so polite, he is really not used to it, but Terrance has no time to think about anything else, directly into the theme, will Pupitar Poké Ball take out.

    When the insect-like Pupitar appeared in front of Sabrina, the Super Queen frowned, and then used Confusion to throw a chair to Terrance.

    "I want to check its body with Psychic, rest assured that it will have no effect on it."Sabrina spoke and asked about Terrance.

    "Hold on a moment."Terrance straightened the chair, didn't sit up, but communicated with Pupitar. After a while, Terrance said: "No problem, but after you use Psychic to check out the information about Float Stone in Pupitar, can you share it?"

    "Mm."Sabrina nodded.

    At the same time, Terrance called Rotom Pokédex. After seeing Rotom Pokédex, Sabrina was clearly stunned. She obviously didn't feel the extra life…ButThis guy like an electronic device suddenly seemed to "live" from the "dead" Contest Condition.

    Of course, Terrance also noticed Sabrina's expression changes, but only thought that the other side was surprised that Pokédex would fly. If Terrance knew that Sabrina saw the boundary between "life" and "death" in Rotom Pokédex, it would be very aggressive.

    because……The previous Rotom Pokédex is in the “semi-shutdown” Contest Condition for power saving.

    Slightly surprised by Rotom Pokédex, Sabrina recovered and began to transfer Pupitar with Psychic.

    Suddenly, by Teleport, Pupitar was shocked. Even Kirlia's Ally Switch didn't have this stimulus. This transmission didn't give him a chance to react.

    Fortunately, Pupitar has already made it clear that it may have already attacked Sabrina…

    At this point, after Pupitar was sent, Sabrina held it in his arms. Terrance had a weird look. At this time, Pupitar should be very heavy. Even if he was struggling to hold it, Sabrina could not seem to hold it. obstacle.

    "Is it with Psychic?"Terrance's heart.

    After picking up Pupitar, Sabrina immediately began to detect Psychic energy in Psychic.

    After a while, she can clearly see the special stones like the heart Normal fixed in Pupitar.

    This stone has been very different from the Float Stone, but on this stone, Sabrina can still feel the scent of Float Stone, which belongs to the fluctuation of Psychic energy in Float Stone…

    "How did he do that? Let the energy of countless pieces of Float Stone converge at one point and merge into something like an organ. ”

    Sabrina is very curious.

    After a while, she wanted to know how Psychic worked in Pupitar and started talking to Pupitar: “Can you mobilize the energy in your body?”

    Pupitar naturally understood the meaning of Sabrina, nodded and ran the special organ, then…Sabrina can feel that Pupitar's weight is easing at an alarming rate…

    InterestingWhen Pupitar lost weight, Sabrina looked at the special organ and observed its movement.

    Sabrina had his own elf wearing Float Stone and then inspiring the power of Float Stone. At the time, Sabrina could feel that Float Stone and Pokémon resonated with a gas field similar to the Gravity field but oppositely wrapped in Pokémon. Its weight loss, but such observations, but Sabrina did not have a half harvest.

    just like……Only glimpsed its shape, but did not see its essence.

    However, Float Stone's Psychic works in Pupitar, but Sabrina gets unexpected gains. Compared to using Float Stone directly, in Sabrina's view, Pupitar's method of using Float Stone is obviously more advanced, and more exposed to Float Stone. The essence!

    Slowly putting down Pupitar, Sabrina suddenly closed her eyes. After a while, she opened her eyes again and stared at Terrance, who was also staring at her.

    "There is already gaining."

    "Congratulations!Terrance smiled and waited for the other person's words. However, Sabrina only gained something with a short touch. This Psychic…It is cheating than scientific instruments.

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