Pokemon Court Chapter 812

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 812 chapter light and heavy coexistence, floating astronomy
    Pupitar stands at Ground and looks at Sabrina seriously.

    When I heard Sabrina, even Pupitar, the Pokémon, was very curious and wondered what the harvest in Sabrina was.

    After a while, it seems that I have reorganized the information about this Psychic technique. Sabrina began to slowly open: "By watching the operation of the Float Stone in Pupitar, I successfully simulated the way Psychic works."

    Sabrina, a Teleport came to Terrance, and as the shadows in front of him swayed and felt the scent of the nose, Terrance took a step back.

    The next moment, Sabrina said again: "Do you want to give it a try?"

    "I want to do…Experimental product? ”Terrance gritted his teeth, should there be no accidents?

    Forget it


    Terrance fell, Sabrina nodded, her finger on Terrance's arm, and then Terrance felt a magical change in her body.

    Quickly running the Calm Mind method, wrapped the mental power in the eyes, and Terrance saw the mysterious field filled with arms.

    This gas field is not any kind of gas field that Terrance has seen before, but its degree of difference is not bad.

    这是Feeling the strange feeling of the arm, Terrance rubbed it hard, light and too light. At this moment, the arm didn't look like his own. He couldn't feel a little weight, even when the other arm moved. There will be a feeling of Mega inconsistency…

    "Let's compare it to you."Sabrina saw Terrance's gradual change of expression, and clicked on his other normal arm. The next moment, the Gravity field was filled, and the other arm of Terrance was given an unimaginable heavy feeling!

    It is like wearing an Oreburgh armor!

    The left arm was extremely light and the right arm was so heavy that Terrance had an unspeakable feeling. He looked at Sabrina and didn't expect Sabrina to do it.

    Gravity is a trick of the Psychic system. Carbink is very good at it. However, even Carbink, even the Pokémon of the Gravity House where Tianguan College maintains the trial, can never do the Gravity field.

    Their Gravity trick, can only directly cloth a specified range of Gravity field, can be large, small, Gravity degree can also be changed, but they all have a common feature, that is, the rules, the shape of the Gravity field, the scope of the incomparable rules, in fact, as long as there are complex changes, Gravity The field will be destroyed, because to maintain the Gravity field, psychic volatility must be allowed to reach a balanced contest condition, Terrance has always believed in this view.

    However, Terrance looked at the arm wrapped in his arm, just wrapped in his arm's Gravity field, silent.

    “Gravity tricks can be developed to the extent that the Gravity field is applied to the torso alone?”Terrance didn't think that this kind of development would be a human being…

    MaybeXerneas, who used to give Altaria a special training in Kalos, can do the same, or Mewtwo and Mew can do it, but I don't know if Carbink can master this skill…This has a lot of help for the use of Gravity tricks. ”

    "And not only that.

    “Even with Float Stone, Float Stone can only make the whole lighter. Even if Pupitar has a Float Stone organ, it can only directly reduce the overall weight, but if Pupitar can also control all parts of the body as much as Sabrina. What about weight change?"

    “The force that needs to be involved in the force distribution forces the body parts that cause the obstacles to let it go. So, after the evolution of Pupitar, will there be more combat skills?”

    At this moment, Terrance closed his eyes and added a picture to the brain…

    A monster like Larvitar, whose body size has been magnified dozens of times, stands on a plain.

    Around the desert tyrant, there are countless enemies gathered, but the huge tail spurs are on the ground, making Banguila look fearless. The waist and legs under the blue abdomen are full of powerful Power, let it stand firmly on the Ground, like a whole with the Ground, it seems that any attack can not let it fall.

    As Sandstorm smashed up, a desert knife was condensed in the air, and it was pinched to the hands by Bangui. The next moment…Hundreds of elves beat up, Banguila roared, holding the desert sword extremely dexterous hit back, its body is like a towering mountain, standing still, arms and like a dexterous branch, rapidly incomparable, at the same time, a steady stream of power from the next disk to pass on, has given Banguila strong the ability to continue to fight, composed of …Contains a means of attack with superb skills and strength!

    “The next step is one of the keys to creating strength and delivering strength. Perhaps, the nature of Banguila Assist Float Stone can make better use of this weight advantage?”

    Just as Terrance imagined, his two arms returned to the usual Contest Condition, which also brought Terrance Smelling Salts over.

    "Miss Sabrina, don't know if Pupitar can use Float Stone like you?!"

    "You mean…Let the power of Float Stone not be passive, but let…Pupitar can take the initiative to control the flow of energy? ”Sabrina calmly said.

    "Well, that's what it means. Now Pupitar has mastered the extremely light mode, the very heavy mode. The former is the Contest Condition after it fires the Float Stone organ. The body is much more flexible than the same, and the latter, because of its particularity, itself The weight is several times that of the same kind, and it contains quite a lot of power, so I am thinking…"

    “Can you let these two modes coexist?”Terrance's eyes are bright and exciting. As a Breeder, if you can improve a Breeder method that is already very powerful, the sense of accomplishment is hard to obtain in other aspects!

    Looking at Terrance, Sabrina was silent, and then said: "Pupitar is not a Psychic elf. There should be no means to drive Psychic energy. This is a complicated technique like Gravity. Even Psychic is not necessarily good. , not to mention Pupitar."


    Sabrina's words suddenly calmed Terrance down. Indeed, even if Float Stone itself contains Psychic fluctuations, it can be passively received and actively controlled, but two things…

    Kirlia can use Psychic to make Pupitar Teleport in the "Ally Switch" way, but Pupitar wants to control "Ally Switch" by himself, which is hard to do, Sabrina means.

    "Is there really no way?"Terrance's brow wrinkled, thinking of the extremely light, extremely heavy mode coexistence, he could not wait to perfect this technique, but Sabrina's reminder directly poured him a cold water.

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