Pokemon Court Chapter 813

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 813th chapter of the blue magic stone, floating astronomy
    Sabrina was still looking at Terrance flatly, and she couldn't help but laugh when she saw that the Trainer who had beaten her was in trouble.

    “Terrance is an imaginative Trainer, Breeder, Coordinator. His Breeder philosophy is very special. This is all I know about him.”

    When asked about his father's information about Terrance, Sabrina only got the information.

    In fact, Mr. Cheng Ping is not particularly aware of Terrance, but Terrance can indeed summarize these keywords.

    At the same time, there are three professions: Trainer, Breeder, and Coordinator, and the branching professions of Breeder and Coordinator are studied to a high degree, which indicates that Terrance is very different from traditional Trainer.

    Influenced by Joan Teacher, Terrance has always been asking for "all-round" and not giving up every basic skill of Trainer.

    This…It also created the current Terrance.

    Terrance was really upset at this time, but in the face of Sabrina's reminder, Terrance did not choose to give up directly, he did not believe that there was no way.

    The so-called problem is to overcome…

    Even the "source of physical strength" skills that have been denied, have not been sublimated after five years of tempering, accumulating, and succeeded in being born? !

    Terrance has faced too many problems, so he has no idea to give up easily. Can Pupitar not control Psychic in Float Stone without Psychic Type?

    He does not believe it!

    "Miss Sabrina, can I have another trouble tomorrow?"Terrance suddenly raised his head and was cheeky.

    For Terrance, even if it is impossible, if there is a help from Sabrina, the Psychic master, there may be a turnaround.

    Sabrina looked at Terrance and said, "Don't you give up?"

    "Of course, the Gyarados of the water system can still master the tactics of the electric system and the fire system. The Pupitar may not be able to control Psychic. Don't forget that Pupitar's evolutionary Banjara has a Dark Type for controlling the flow of Psychic energy. Maybe you can change your mind…For example, containment, blockade, hindrance, restrictions! ”

    Terrance said four words in one breath. He didn't know what words to use. Anyway, his idea was to master Float Stone by restraining the Dark Type of Psychic Type. As for success, don't you know who?

    When she heard Terrance's thoughts, Sabrina noticed a glimpse, and then a smile appeared in her mouth.

    InterestingSince you are not dying, try to look at it. From Pupitar to the psychic skills, I will repay it in this way, I will help you. ”



    A few days later.

    Rotom Pokédex at the training ground reviewed the coordination skills of Ninetales.

    This coordination technique is ready to be displayed at the Grand Festival.

    Although it is already very familiar, it is necessary to practice it once a day.

    In the past few days, Terrance trained Pokémon while preparing for the Grand Festival, and discussed the situation of Pupitar with Sabrina. Soon, it was time for the Grand Festival.

    After attending this celebration, Terrance should leave Kanto to deal with the Naplu Road Museum.

    As for handling those things, Terrance has to face one of the most critical choices…Whether to compete for Elite seats, whether to compete for one of the Trainer's highest honors!

    If the challenge of the Grand Festival is a less stressful experience, then the process of competing for the Elite seat is a cruel and ruthless trial.

    Even today, Terrance has a good reputation, but still can't be arrogant when thinking about the stage that can play against many top Trainers.

    "So before you decide something serious, do your work first!"Terrance patted his cheek and stretched out.

    He has already decided that after finishing the Naplu Road Museum, he must give himself and the Pokémon a vacation.

    In the heart of the word "rest", Terrance suddenly noticed that the communicator was on.

    "Hey, there is a message."

    The number of this unread message was strange, but through the content, Terrance recognized James as they…

    "There are so many ore that I have only collected all these in a few days?"When Terrance saw the content of the message, he was shocked. It seems that James really used the Rockets' foundation. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to collect success so quickly. Even if he collects these rare ores through formal channels, it will never They are faster than James.

    "It’s going to go down, the value of this ore is not low, even if James thinks nothing, can…"Terrance scratched his head innocently, and this time, Giovanni boss should be more angry, it is estimated that the gas is itch.

    I…Can't be greedy! ! ”

    "There must be no flaws. I have to cooperate with James for their tasks. It is time to test my acting skills."

    The content of the message is very simple. It collects most of the ore that Terrance requires. It is also very large in number, but there is only one special ore. James almost went to outer space and found no information.

    And this ore is Terrance in order to delay the deadline for the Rockets to complete their missions.fabricated.

    In the absence of power, the trio were afraid that Terrance was in a hurry and planned to send other ore to Terrance. As for the rest, the trio may be forced to face the problem and repeatedly promised to Terrance that they will definitely find it. Even exaggerated the ingredients, saying that they have mastered the relevant clues…

    "There are ghosts when you master the clues!"Terrance is speechless, how can the fictional ore be found, after all, the ore is quickly set as the world's rare…



    Spirit flash

    Somewhere in the city of Nibi.

    James, Jessie, and Meowth looked at the drawings in front of them.

    I painted a heart-shaped ore. The color of the ore is red, but it is orange, but when I look closely, the orange light looks like a thorn of ore.

    Magic stone.

    The three pictures of this ore are written in the name of Terrance for this fictional ore.

    "It's so hard!!"Meowth glared at the bloodshot eyes, his claws across the table, and a loud cry.

    The other ores used the Rockets' advanced Executive rights to easily redeem them from various branch bases, but the Mega ore, called the Magic Stone, did not get any news through various channels.

    "A magical ore that has been handed down from an elf country named 'Grandi' in the Stone Age? It seems that it is hard to find now…"James's brows are tight, and it feels very tricky, especially when he sees the magical effect of the magic stone, he is even more desperate.

    Such a magical ore…Does it really exist?

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