Pokemon Court Chapter 814

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the role of the body of the 814th chapter of the magic stone, floating astronomy
    Two days before the opening of the Kanto Grand Festival, the Rockets trio came to Saffron City and sent Terrance a rare ore of large boxes.

    Seeing that the trio is so hard, Terrance has some disappointments…

    However, the Rockets trio are very happy.

    Because they are only one step away from their task, compared to not knowing when it is the end of the Pikachu plan, it is obvious that the tasks of Giovanni boss and Terrance are simpler.

    "Terrance seems to be very happy. It seems that as long as we find the magic stone, we can harvest his friendship, and it is still a very deep friendship."Meowth licked his paws and couldn't wait to get Giovanni's award, and was stunned by Giovanni…

    "Meowth, what you said is easy, but until now we have not found any information about the magic stone…"Jessie is helpless.

    HmmmAt this moment, James and Meowth suddenly giggled.

    Jessie looked at their weird smiles and was annoyed: "What nerves do you make?"

    "Jessie, actually, Meowth and I have a clue."James seriously said: "You look closely at the role of the magic stone."

    After that, James took the previous drawings again and said: "The magic stone is a perfect medium of light, which can absorb most of the light, and can warm the light inside the rock, Purify, The light after Purify can be integrated with various energies…"

    James read nearly 10 light-related magic brakes in one breath, and his expression gradually became serious.

    Although I don't know why such a light-related stone has the name of a melon skin, James has already had an idea. It is a bold idea and an immature solution.

    "Even if we can't find the magic stone, can we not create a stone with the same effect with our ability?"James told Jessie.

    "It's easy to say what you are, what the light is, Purify, it sounds like a mess."Jessie airway.

    "No…MaybeReally can do it. ”James and Meowth contemplate: "Some of them seem ridiculous, but they are not impossible. The key is that the light energy after the Purify of this stone can react with other energy. We think this is the most Special place."

    "If this mechanism is solved, other things will not help us."

    "It’s hard not to be your plan…"Jessie jerked out her hand and pointed at them tremblingly, not thinking that James and Meowth were going to fool Terrance in this way.

    "If the stone is found to be a fake, the goodness of our previous brushing can be wasted."

    "As long as the perfect restoration of the magic brake stone is not good, now…We only have this method! ”James is helpless.

    "Yeah, everything is for the boss of Giovanni. It's a fight."Meowth Zheng focus.

    If Terrance is here, knowing what the Rockets trio is going to do, it will definitely get rid of the chin, and he certainly won't think that his own Solaceon fictional ore has inspired James and Meowth's creative desire.

    They are planning to…Create a magical stone that does not exist by the fictional effect that Terrance gives!

    This magic stone was given a bunch of effects by Terrance, but in summary…Terrance is inspired by the Z power system!

    The role of the magic stone is not the idea that Terrance suddenly has, but…Have long thoughts.

    Now, the Totem gas field in Beautifly is about to dissipate. Except for Altaria, which has completely absorbed the Totem gas field through Fairy skin, the Totem gas field on Beautifly, Gallade, Arcanine, Mismagius, and floating bubbles may not last long. It will disappear, of course, including the little Beautifly of the Naplu Road Museum.

    From the beginning of Terrance's research on the Totem gas field, the Totem gas field gave the technology imperfect. Initially, a Sparkling Stone could only sustain a Pokémon with a Totem gas field of about a year or so.

    After perfecting with many researchers at Interpol, this time has been extended, but still has time constraints.

    To this day, Terrance has felt that the atmosphere of the Totem gas field on his Pokémons is getting weaker, so that in a few months, the Totem gas field on them will disappear completely.

    Although Terrance's Pokémon is now very strong, it is not so demanding, but Terrance can't completely abandon this technology.

    Since Terrance has entered the top-level, Elite level, both the Totem gas field and the increasing type of moves have only played a role in icing on the cake.

    The Totem gas field and the increase type move have a common feature.

    Their degree of reinforcement is like a parabola with a downward opening.

    When Pokémon is too weak to use, it will be ineffective because the body can't withstand the effects of the increase and the Totem gas field.

    However, when the strength is too strong, the reinforcement effect of the increase type and the Totem gas field is not enough to make a very obvious improvement on the already strong individual basis.

    Therefore, the Totem gas field and the increase type move are the best for the Pokémon with medium and upper strength, and may even double the strength of Pokémon!

    When Beautifly, Mismagius, Gallade, Floating Bubbles, Arcanine's own strengths rushed to the Elite field, the Totem gas field was not very effective.

    In other words, Terrance's Pokémon has reached the point where it is no longer so dependent on the Totem gas field.

    But this is not to say that the Totem gas field has no value for Terrance. Although the Totem gas field has little effect, it can also play some role. This is not a big effect, and it is likely to determine the outcome of a match.

    Secondly, Terrance has more reasons to abandon the Totem gas field. The source of Beautifly's physical strength cannot be maintained without the Totem gas field. Also, the illusion of Mismagius, if it matches the Totem gas field, hypnosis will be better, and Arcanine. Its monster body shape is simulated by the Totem Elf Breeder. It loses the Totem gas field and has a great influence on it.

    However, although Terrance would like to continue to let these elves own the Totem gas field, he also knows the preciousness of Sparkling Stone.

    At the beginning, he took advantage of the opportunity to get a few Sparkling Stones. It was given by the international research organization when he studied the contribution of the Totem gas field, but if he had to come 5 or 6 again, Terrance would have been a time. I really don't know where to go, even if I want to come, I can only maintain it for a year or two.

    So Terrance was thinking, if there was an infinite energy Sparkling Stone, so he could have the Totem gas field without limit.

    It was with this idea that Terrance set up a magic stone, and Terrance was not enough. It added the most excessive effect. The light energy after Purify stone and other Attribute energy fusion…

    This is another way to understand…Z-Ring without Z pure crystal!

    In other words, the magic stone is a fantasy item that can absorb energy from the outside, has a partial Z-Ring function, and can release the energy of the Pokémon Assist light.

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